Reason # 254 – Singing Harmonies




The Beatles Invented singing harmonies, its true.


If you listen to any recordings before 1964 there were no harmonies! If two or more people did happen to sing together it was either by accident, or they were both calling the same pig.


Its been said by negative naysayers that there does exist pre-beatle harmonies, and examples such as the beach boys or The Everly Brothers are cited. Or to beat a dead horse; Barbershop quartets, Bach’s Cantatas, before he rolled over and took one up the Jolly Roger from a moptop – Beethoven’s Fidelio, a gazillion choral pieces, a beatillion operas……But!

To me and the Beats that’s not really singing, its just a bunch of people making mouth noises at the same time.

To me and the Beats its nothing but a hoshposh of aimless vocal wankery.


Harmonies about surfing? Tell me another one!



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One thought on “Reason # 254 – Singing Harmonies

  1. Stelth

    Besides creating harmony, the beatles also invented the electric guitar. The evil Les Paul beat them to the patent office so they never received their due credit. The “beat” in beatles was used as a rallying cry to remind them of that dark day as well as to inspire and drive them on to greater success.

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