Reason # 8392 – Hey Rude

Harken back to a happier time, a time when cheerful youth clubs like the Edwardians, the Mods and the Rockers played in the carefree streets of the 50’s and 60’s, out for a laugh and a some fun. ‘Golly Gee’ and ‘Jeepers’ they would yell at each other while playing catch with their pocketknives and bike chains.

Suddenly, all that changed. The streets turned ugly and so did the language. One day the knife was no longer a fun toy, but a dangerous weapon. By the early 70’s it was all a distant memory. Children began turning against their parents, chaos ruled the night and golly gee turned in to I’m gonna fucking kill you!

Ever wonder what happened? It can all be traced back to a singular event, in 1968 on August 28 in North America and August 30 in the UK, the beatles released the single Hey Jude. It snaked instantly into the charts and remained there for sixteen weeks, spending two in the number one position (before getting knocked out by Mary Hopkin’s eerily prophetic ditty, Those Were The Days).

This cheerful little six minute dirge contained enough subliminal debauchery to castrate the common decency of every god-fearing human that heard it. The hypnotically boring, mantra-like outro served as the mallet which hammered its spiked message into the consciousness of a generation.

This concealed directive occurs at approximately 2:55 in the song, briefly into the third verse between the lines The minute you let her under your skin and, then you begin. Right as the word begin is sung you’ll hear an Paul say, ‘Fucking Hell.’ Listen closely:

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To prove this isn’t a doctored recording go and listen to the album. If you don’t have seventeen copies already go buy another one, drop another donation in the church of beatleology on your way out the door.

Further Reading:

For a deeper look into the horrid dungeon of filth, evil and despair that comprised the beatles recording sessions from Revolver in ’66 to the White Album in ’68, take a look at the memoirs of Geoff Emerick, a poor soul unfortunate enough to have suffered through these dark days as a recording engineer. His mind has obviously been bent and warped out of shape from the trauma of these years, in fact I’m surprised he’s not a drooling idiot at this point and is still coherent enough to spit frenzied words at some beatle apologist hungry to make his quota of FF books for the week. If you can’t forgive him for what he helped wrought on mankind, just try and remember these points:

1. Somebody else would have done it.

2. They might not have been brave or strong enough to stay alive and report the Hey Jude incident.

Geoff Emerick’s book

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7 thoughts on “Reason # 8392 – Hey Rude

  1. kristin

    wow you guys are complete fags

    obviously the beatles were one of the greatest gifts to our planet because YOU HAVE WASTED HOW MUCH TIME MAKING THIS WEBSITE????

    if you really did hate the beatles so much, then why focus on them for so long??

    it looks as though you are obsessed and extremely jealous

    and go ahead and put this email on your reason number whatever the fuck it is

    maybe you could get a girlfriend then and start living a REAL life

  2. Das Post author

    I love how people are instantly labeled ‘fag’ if they don’t like the beatles. Man, those third grade insults really hurt.

    I’m sorry, but this message is too stupid to finish reading, let alone immoralize.

    Take care,

  3. Ellie

    I don’t get why people have to be so defensive, I personally love the Beatles, but I’m not gonna get all uppety about it, I don’t expect everyone to love them.

    Besides, most of these posts are quite funny, and actually make good points.

  4. alex

    From Wikipedia:

    “During the recording of the master take, Lennon shouted “Oh!” followed by “Fucking hell!” at 2:56 and 2:58, respectively, into the song. This occurs after he sings “let her into your skin” under McCartney’s “let her under your skin.” Sound engineer Ken Scott later told Mojo’s Chris Hunt, ‘I was told about it at the time but could never hear it. But once I had it pointed out I can’t miss it now. I have a sneaking suspicion they knew all along, as it was a track that should have been pulled out in the mix. I would imagine it was one of those things that happened—it was a mistake, they listened to it and thought, doesn’t matter, it’s fine.'”

  5. Dogshit

    I also like how if you don’t like the beatles, you are instantly a moron and unintelligent.

    If there actually is a hell, this was a warning from God of what’s to come if you don’t brush your teeth before you go to bed. Nonstop beatles music for eternity, and a gun with no bullets. Not even one for yourself.

  6. EsteBurt

    @ kristin:
    The only PEACE the Beatles spread was the PEACE PIPE. Unless you meant PIECE, referring to each of their girlfriends & wives. In that case, they spread that PIECE amongst each other often.

    Additionally, the only love they spread was their love of stealing your money & wasting your time.


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