Reason #901 – The beatles bring UK postal system to its knees.

The Royal Mail ground to a halt this month when its workers staged the first nationwide walkout since ’96. As the toll from the strikes mounted, small firms struggled to cope and thousands of missed NHS appointments because hospital letters were stuck at sorting offices, mail order business stocks plummeted, consumers who tried to pay off credit cards and bills by posting cheques were hit by late payment penalties, and an estimated backlog of more than 200 million letters now clog the postal outlets.

The reason for these wildcat strikes seems to revolve around the Governments decision to issue 2007 beatle stamps. It may seem like a mindless way to gouge the ever open wallets of the beatle-brained public, in the process generating some much needed funds to fill the void as more people choose paperless communications, but the reality is far more treacherous. The postal workers knew the deeper truth, and damned if they were going to let it happen again!


Crack open your history books, get a newspaper and a globe, and take a look at the repercussions of what happens when you issue a beatle stamp. The list of countries foolhardy enough to have succumbed to this epidemic is mind-boggling.
Somalia. Angola. Nicaragua. Chad. Zaire. Ghana. War. Unrest. Genocide. Corruption. Crisis. Massacre. Dramatic and horrifying turmoil and upheaval follow these little rectangular papers, causing large scale destruction with a tasty adhesive aftertaste.


So far the valiant postal workers in the UK have stuck to their guns, refusing to abandon dreams of safety, happiness and a world free of the FF menace. They’ve even turned down a pay increase of 6.9 per cent over two years, an extra tea, and the offer of not being treated like ‘slaves.’

Unfortunately, these stamps were issued months ago, so even though we might admire their position, the timing leaves a little to be desired.

It still remains a good lesson for the rest of us:
The beats aren’t licked, until they aren’t licked.


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