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39 thoughts on “Reason # 361 – The beatles are full of crap!

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  2. fanofthefab4

    You,your totally stupid inaccurate web site and anyone who supports you is what is full of total crap! And you are really making a fool of yoursel!!

    Even, Ozzy Osbourne said in an online 2002 Bender Magazine interview that The Beatles Are The Greatest Band To Ever Walk The Earth! He’s been a huge fan since he’s been a teenager and he says not loving The Beatles is like not loving oxogen! The Rolling Stones were very good friends and fans of The Beatles and Mick Jagger was at 4 Beatles recording sessions and Keith Richards was at 2 of them with them!

    Also,The Beatles even wrote one of The Rolling Stones first hits with the song,I Wanna Be You’re Man in late 1963. As for the other inaccurate comments that some people say The Beatles didn’t even stay together for 2 decades,well they didn’t have to because they did about 50 years worth of innovative,creative,diverse,prolific great critically acclaimed popular songs and albums in just a remarkable 8 year recording career!

    The Beatles are in The Song Writing Hall Of Fame &The Vocal Hall of Fame,and As The All Music Guide says in their excellent Beatles biography,”So much has been said and written about The Beatles and their story is so mythic in it’s sweep that it’s difficult to summarize their career without restating cliche’s that have already been digested by tens of millions of rock fans ,to start with the obvious,they were the greatest and most influential act of the rock era ,and introduced more innovations into popular music than any other rock band of the 20th century.” “As vovalists John Lennon &Paul McCartney were among the best and most expressive in rock and the groups harmonies were intricate and exhillirating.”

    And music critics as well as brilliant classical composer Leonard Bernstein called John & Paul the most brilliant song writers of the 20th century when they were still a band . As for The Beatles playing live,they sounded pretty good playing live considering that when they were playing in 1963,1964,1965,and 1966 the sound systems back then were very limited and primitive,they only had 100 watt amplifiers,no feedback monitors so they couldn’t even hear themselves play and sing,yet they amazingly played in tune and in sync anyway,and at the August 1965 Shea Stadium concert which was the first big outdoor rock concert with over 55,000 fans,they were plugged into the PA system that they announce baseball games with plus the screaming crowds drowing out their great music! Can you imagine The Rolling Stones and The Who playing on these very limited primitive sound systems? They wouldn’t have sounded much better!

    Thats why they gave up touring,because they were serious music artists,composers,and musicians and they wanted their great music to be heard and valued. It would be like Beethoven playing on these limited primitive sound systems and screaming crowds! Also they were now writing music that was too complex to reproduce on stage at that time.

    On the roof top concert in The Let It Be Film,they sounded great,because by January 1969 the sound systems had improved somewhat(although not anywhere near the 1970’s,1980’s,1990’s and especially today’s!) and they had changed and people had changed so there were no more screaming crowds so they could be heard.When I was a teenager I met 3 people who saw The Beatles in concert two of them were teachers who saw them in 1966 and he and she told me they were great,and my cousin saw them at age 16 at The Baltimore Colsieum in 1964 the year before I was born,and she said they were great.

    Former Kiss guitarist and grammy winning producer Bob Kulick who made the heavy metal Beatles tribute album Butchering The Beatles last year,says in an online interview,that he saw The Beatles at Shea Stadium in 1966 and that he could only make out pieces of the songs because of the screaming,but he could make out the songs Baby’s In Black and Paperback Writer and he said they sounded amazing!

    He also calls The Beatles The Greatest Rock Band Ever! George Harrison at only age 14 would stay up playing his guitar until he got all of the chords exactly right and his fingers were bleeding! And One of The Beatles engineers Geoff Emerick says that in early 1966 when The Beatles were recording John’s song I’m Only Sleeping,George Harrison played backwards guitar the most difficult way possible even though he could have taken an easy way,and it took him 6 hours just to do the guitar overdubs! He then made it doubly difficult by adding even more distorted gitars and Geoff says this was all George’s idea and that he did all of the playing!

    Eric Clapton said in a 1992 interview when he and George were asked what they admired about each other during their Japan tour,that George is a fantastic slide guitar player. He and George were very good friends and they obviously admired and respected each others guitar playing and George played guitar on Cream’s song Badge.

    Roger McGuinn of The Byrds says The Beatles used unusual folk rock chords in their early music and that they invented folf rock without even knowing it! He started to play a 12 string guitar after he saw and heard George Harrison playing one in The Beatles great film A Hard Day’s Night in early 1964. In an online Eric Clapton interview called,Eric Clapton In His Own Words he says that John Lennon was a pretty good guitar player and he would have known since he played live in concert with John as a member of John’s 1969 Plastic Ono Band!

    On an excellent site called,The Evolution Of Rock Bass Playing McCartney Style by Dennis Alstrand Stanley Clarke,Will Lee,Billy Sheehan,Sting,George Martin,and John Lennon are all quoted saying what a great,melodic,influential bass guitar player Paul McCartney has always been! The 1992 Rolling Stone Album Guide calls Paul a remarkable bass player and rightfully calls John &Paul the 2 greatest song writers in rock history! Both Phil Collins and Max Weinberg both Beatles fans and both praise Ringo’s drumming and Phil Collins says that Ringo’s great drumming on A Day In The Life can’t even be repeated even by him!

    Also on Rankopedia The Beatles are # 1 Greatest Rock Band,# 1 Greatest Most Innovative Rock Band,John &Paul are # 1 Greatest Rock Song Writers,John &Paul are on The Greatest Rock Male Vocalist list,and Paul McCartney is # 2 after John Enwistle as Greatest Rock Bass Players,John Paul Jones is # 6,and Bill Wynman is # 20! And on Digitaldreamdoor where many musicians post,The Beatles are # 1 Greatest Rock Artists,John &Paul are # 1 Greatest Rock Song Writers,they are both on The Greatest Rock Male Vocalists list,and Paul McCartney is # 8 out of 100 Greatest Rock Bass Players,John Paul Jones is # 21,and Bill Wynman is # 95! George Harrison is # 54 On The Greatest Rock Guitarists out of over 100.

    And there are many music professors teaching music courses at good universities on the brilliance of The Beatles especially of John &Paul,including by award winning music professor and composer Dr.Glen Gass,who has been teaching a course on The Beatles and rock music at Indiana University since 1982.

    On his web site for his course it says the main purpose of this course is to get students to have a better appreciation of this extraordinary group and their remarkable recordings. Dr.Gary Kendal’s Beatles course is the most requested course at North Western University. And a music professor by the last name of Heinonen teaches a Beatles course at JYVASKYLA University in Finland,and the university of California also teaches a Beatles course etc.

    Also check out Keno’s Classic Rock n Roll Site he also runs a Rolling Stones &John Lennon fan site. And he made a Top 10 List and voted and the fans voted. He voted John &Paul # 2 after Bob Dylan as Greatest Rock Song Writers,the fans voted them # 1! He voted Paul McCartney # 2 after John Entwistle as Greatest Rock Bass Player,the fans voted Paul # 3. He voted John Lennon # 2 after Keith Richards as Greatest Rock Rhythm Guitarist,and the fans voted John in a tie with Jimi Hendrix and Brian Jones at # 4 ! He voted John Lennon # 1 in a tie with Elvis as Greatest Male Rock Vocalist and the fans voted John # 1,he voted Paul # 6 and the fans voted him # 7.

    Ken says Darn The Beatles were one great group in his review of The Beatles album 1967-1970,and he also says that John on Get Back showed why he should have played lead guitar more often because he did such a good job! He also said that John on their hard rocking great 1968 single Revolution,played one of the first and best acid guitar parts.And he also said that John played a pretty good slide guitar on George’s For Your Blue. And he says in his review of The Beatles 1962-1966,that if you don’t love or at least like The Beatles and their music than you are not a true rock fan and more than likely will never get it.

    And Brian Wilson said on a 1995 Nightline TV Beatles tribute show,that Sgt.Pepper is the single greatest album he ever heard,and he played With A Little Help From Friends on the piano and he said I just love this song. He also said he thinks John Lennon & Paul McCartney were the 2 greatest song writers of the 20th century! He also said when he first heard The Beatles great 1965 album Rubber Soul,that he was blown away by it,he said all of the songs flowed together and it was pop music but folk rock at the same time,and this is what he couldn’t believe. He said this inspired him to make Pet Sounds. Elton John said in a 1991 CBS morning news show,when he was asked who he musically admires,he said You can talk about your Rogers &Hammerstein but for the quality of quanity songs that Lennon &McCartney did in that short period of time,they were the 2 greatest song writers of the 20th century!

    Most music artists want to believe and want the public to believe that *their* the greatest so when they say other music artists are the greatest it really means a lot! The Beatles are also the most covered music artists of all time with everyone from Motown,jazz,classical,and even heavy metal music recording their great diverse music!

    And in 2001 VH1 had a panel of well known musicans and music critcs,that voted The Beatles The Greatest Rock Band Ever,and in 2004 Rolling Stone did the same thing and several people said on message boards that Rolling Stone had a recent panel poll like this and The Beatles were voted # 1 again and for darn great reasons too! Nobody created as much innovative,creative,quality,critically acclaimed,popular diverse songs and albums in such a short amazing period of time as The Beatles and thats why most people know that The Beatles Are The Greatest Rock Band That Ever Was Or Will Be!!!! Oh and A Day’s Night is a great pop rock album!!!!

    And even Bob Dylan said decades ago about The Beatles early music,that their chords were outrageous,and the harmonies were wonderful and they were doing things in music that nobody had done before,and music critics of The London Times were praising their interesting and unusual chords that they used even in early songs like She Loves You & I Want To Hold Your Hand. Which were not as simple as they seemed and had clever subtleties in them.Infact Bob Dylan said in a Rolling Stone interview this Spring that he’s in awe of Paul McCartney and he said he’s the only one he’s in awe of. He said that Paul has the melody,he has the rhthym and he can sing the ballad very good,and he can play any instrument.

    He also said there were no better singers than John Lennon &Paul McCartney and he said if George wasn’t stuck in the shadow behind John &Paul and he said who wouldn’t get stuck,he would have emerged as a great song writer in his own right anyway.

    And by the way I have read some people saying on message boards that they don’t think The Rolling Stones were the best technical musicians,and many even some fans have said they haven’t done anything good in 35 years, and that their overrated and I have also found many people saying they hate or don’t like The Rolling Stones and many people say the only Rolling Stones song they like is Paint It Black! Oh and by the way,in every major poll of The Beatles vs The Rolling Stones,The Beatles always win as # 1 even on sites and message boards that are not Beatles fan sites!

    And when we look at the solo career comparison of Mick Jagger’s and Keith Richards solo careers with John,Paul &George’s,the facts are John Lennon’s first brilliant solo album,and his second great album Imagine are rightfully critically acclaimed, and I love John’s Walls & Bridges album and Paul McCartney’s first solo album McCartney is very good,and he played every instrument all by himself at age 27,and he played so many different instruments great! Wings 1975 Venus & Mars is a great rock album too!

    And he and Denny Laine are the only musicians on Paul’s great 1973 Band On The Run album,which is critically acclaimed and popular,and he played every instrument by himself again on McCartney 2 in 1979,and most of the instruments on his 1997 Flaming Pie album,and his 2 recent acclaimed popular albums,Chaos And Creation In The Backyard,and Memory Almost Full.And John Paul Jones,David Gilmore,John Bonham &Pete Townsend all played on 2 songs with Paul and Wings on the last Wings album Back To The Egg, in 1979,and they played in the last Wings concert too in December 1979.

    You know I have found over 50 former Beatles haters on many message boards and web sites that are noe HUGE Beatles fans and many say they are now their favorite band and that they were the Greatest Band Ever! I didn’t communicate with these people but they said in their posts that they had a lot of inaccurate misperceptions of The Beatles and they hadn’t even heard most of The Beatles great songs and albums!

    Most people don’t hate The Beatles in the first place,most people of all ages all around the world love or at least like their music,but it’s really something for former haters to turn into big fans and it just goes to show how Great The Beatles music is!!!!

  3. kiara

    wow! congrats you guys gave a lot of effort in putting up your very awesome website. and even spent money maintaining your own domain just to spill all your hate with the band. it must be very strong. that envy. that looooove.. haha. but it can’t be denied that you’re truly entertained with their music, their being, everything about them that you comment about. you really give them time. that’s really something. wow. truly amazing acutally. and not only all the haters out there are your target visitors but all their GREAT FANS as well! you’re only making them even more popular.. known to the newer generation.. and oh i have to say thanks your efforts do help spread their popularity ;D keep it up!

  4. Phil Redmond

    The Beatles are CRAP!
    Over commercial pap, about as stimulating as old newspaper.
    Just look at that old fart Mccartney making a complete idiot of himself knockin out the same painfully old songs, the best thing he ever did was frog song! You could ask him what time it was and he’d end up talking about how great he is, the egomaniac asswipe should just retire!
    The only two beatles who had any talent are both dead.
    Time to move on folks!

  5. Tyler

    Day in the Life”, “I am the Walrus”, “Within You, Without You”,
    “Strawberry Fields”, Tomorrow Never Knows”… not really blues tunes, are they (Doh?). They
    were able to draw from diverse sources, like Indian classical music
    (Within You uses a raga-like form that contains both major and minor
    thirds in different octaves, kind of a combination of mixolydian and
    dorian modalities). Lennon used forms similar to Tibetan chants.
    McCartney and Lennon were both versed in the same types of cadential
    cycles that had evolved from Dixieland and Tin Pan Alley, the pop
    music of the previous era (and also a primary underpinning for jazz).
    And they invented many new forms in between.

    The Beatles 1965-1969 style of music bridges elements of Progressive Rock and Avant into mainsteam Pop Rock arena. This type of music will encompass easily accessible melodies with Progressive Rock hooks and styles. I say genres like Experimental Rock and Progressive Rock were more influenced by the Beatles than I would say Zappa who was more Avant in his tastes. All of the first generation of Progressive Rockers like King Crimson, ELP, Pink Floyd, Moody Blues, and Yes all cite the Beatles as a influence.

    The Beatles “I Feel Fine” first rock song that combines feedback, distortion, and guitar riff as its central theme. Duh!about 90% of all rock songs today have that. “Tomorrow Never Knows” electronic music, sampling, backward and forward music, processed vocals and odd sycopated drum beats is considered an important influence on various Modern Dance styles.

    IOW, while most other bands of that era were still working within
    simple I-IV-vi-V frameworks, the Beatles had assimilated musical
    forms, languages and rhythms from around the world. They built their
    own unique musical sounds, and wrote some of the most widely recorded
    music in history. Hardly a trivial accomplishment.

  6. maccartneedy

    Beatles were this, beatles were that… influential, innovative, been said, doesn’t need arguing… so let’s talk about maccartney and his amazing life as a musical fraud. The man is crap. His ability to paint like a retarded child just about reflects his musical creativity. The bits maccartney ever wrote in songs are obvious, all the crap bits. Think frog song, you can spot em a mile off. Live and Let die, nice brass arranging paul, great orchestration, decent tune, catchy, poweful really really nice well don…ahhhh this bit’s yours: the gay frog bit in the middle. McCartney, without Lennon, producers like George Martin, talented prodessionals and hype professionals… would be nicking car stereos in Toxteth.
    Shouldn’t that be I-VI-IV-V frameworks anyway Tyler? You aren’t McCartney in disguise are you, praising yourself and getting musical stuff wrong? Maybe not, McCartney wouldn’t know a mixolydian if it knocked on the doorian, and thinks Aeolian comes in cans kept in the fridgean.

  7. starrmccartneylennonharrisonfanbiach

    what the guck is this bullsdhit suppossta mean? go see a neuroligist, you dumbass

  8. starrmccartneylennonharrisonfanbiach

    what the guck is this bullsdhit suppossta mean? go see a neuroligist, you dumbass

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  10. spottyenglishchap

    Credit where credit is due. When other spotty english boys were busy ripping off the blues the beatles had the vision and creativity to start ripping off eastern stuff, oh no, hold on ..Davey Graham had already done that… yes you’re right, they were crap

  11. Jungle

    BTW, if i ever see anyone wearing a Beatles ‘suck’ T-shirt round my way, they will be picking their teeth out of the gutter. Just a thought…

  12. Killerbeatle

    This web site is a waste of time, you guys are a bouch of loser with no life, because attack a group that harm nobody it’s insane.

    That’s my opinion

  13. Andrew Lennon

    Your all loser with no lifes, no girlfriends and no prospects of anything, In a way it’s musical jealousy, You see a man walking down the street whose better looking than you and you think “I hate him”, same with this, your listening to your SHIT music like the stones or zeppelin and you hear a far superior Beatles song and think; “I hate them”.


  14. Dogshit

    “BTW, if i ever see anyone wearing a Beatles ’suck’ T-shirt round my way, they will be picking their teeth out of the gutter. Just a thought…”

    But….but….but….the beatles are about peace, love, and non violence!!!! Oh, I forgot, even Christians don’t abide by thier set of rules either. Far out man, I’m stoned and gonna kill YA!

    This is why I have a license to carry in 37 States, and you probably couldn’t get a license in 1 because of your past record.

  15. Nik

    I didn’t think this site was very funny until I read the comments of people defending the Beatles.

    “Even,[sic.] Ozzy Osbourne said in an online 2002 Bender Magazine interview that The Beatles Are The Greatest Band To Ever Walk The Earth!”


    Yes, the Beatles did steal music from all over the world and make it shitty and monotonous enough for people who don’t really know anything about music to worship it because they (or their parents) grew up listening to them. That’s all. Their music sucks balls and people who worship them need to be ball-smacked promptly.

    “But….but….but….the beatles are about peace, love, and non violence!!!! Oh, I forgot, even Christians don’t abide by thier [sic.] set of rules either.”

    Maybe that’s because both the Beatles and Christianity are about MONEY and not that other stuff.

  16. Mitch

    Beatles suck. Even Ozzy rates them. PMSL.
    Is one of them still alive? Shame. Still
    he’ll be gone soon enuff.

  17. MVB

    ungle Says:
    November 2nd, 2010 at 7:36 am

    BTW, if i ever see anyone wearing a Beatles ’suck’ T-shirt round my way, they will be picking their teeth out of the gutter. Just a thought…

    You take a swing at me and your family will be attending your funeral tough guy.

  18. Simon

    Well, 90% of what the beatles made was crap, about 10% was passable, nothing more..

    Just a bunch of mediocre musicians.

    The beatles being an innovative, great band will prove to be the biggest joke in the history of pop-music.

  19. Moishe Pippick

    On this site, it’s probably not worth noting that the Beatles organization had nothing to do with that ad, as they don’t own the song publishing rights. Blame Sony/ATV/Jacko’s-corpse for that, but what the fuck, there ya go.

    The Beatles are awesome of course, and someone else said it here before me – they don’t need defending, especially against such a ridiculous, hilarious site like this.

    This site is funny as shit. Come on fellow Beatle-fans, it’s a joke, full of made up none-sense. What do you expect from a site whose premise is that the Fabs suck? Anyway, they’re the god damned Beatles I think they can take it. Christ, y’know Lennon himself could be writing half of it. Some of the funniest posts are from Beatles fans, especially that idiot who threatened to beat up someone wearing a ‘Beatles suck’ t-shirt.

  20. DogShit

    So, how much weed, mescalin, peyote, and heroin do I need to partake of to think that the beatles are awsome?

  21. Stelth

    DogShit Says:
    November 5th, 2011 at 10:02 am
    So, how much weed, mescalin, peyote, and heroin do I need to partake of to think that the beatles are awsome?

    None… you can be insane and believe that too.

  22. Vote for Macca to be raped live on TV

    Laughing @ fanofthefab4. That was an epic response. I started to read it but the 2nd paragraph start off something like…..
    “Even, Ozzy Osbourne said…” he likes to suck Sir Maccass dick between hamster shagging……

    Who gives a fuck what Ozzy Assbourne thinks about anything? Can he even think? It’s nice that they let him on TV now and again but what if they did that with every retarded person? TV would be….a lot like it is today….only more-so. Anyone who cites him to defend any band deserves a complete frontal lobotomy, although they have probably already had one.

    I grew up on The Beatles and love some of their music but the talented ones have been murdered and the decent thing for Paul & Ringo to do (especially Paul) would be to offer themselves for slaughter.
    I have a little sympathy with Ringo because of his good work with Thomas the Tank Engine…..but Mucca!!! That useless twat soaks up all the undeserved adulation. The best thing he did since the Beatles was the Frog Chorus. Proof that Satan exists in itself. I pray to Satan that when he takes Muckass (and he will) he stuffs his rectal passage with those fucking frogs and leaves them there for an eternity singing that fucking travesty of a song. I also ask that he makes it a duet with Michael Jackson. I wonder which one would be fucking the other first. I think the idea of Paul with an ass full of frogs would be too much for Jacko to resist for more than a few minutes whereas Paul would love to go frog fishing in Jacko’s ass but would probably pretend he wasn’t interested because that’s the kind of full-of-shit cunt that he is.
    The End

  23. eh

    why is everyone saying John and George were the talented ones? Everyone knows that the only ones who could actually play their instruments were Ringo and Paul

  24. DogShit

    Either you are high from smoking dried rolled up dogshit, or you are just trolling. I’m guessing a little of both maybe.

  25. mccartneedy

    Ha ha ha ROFL – let’s bring this mccartney-life-as-a-musical-fraud bang up to date. I just watched the 2012 olympic opening ceremony and witness mccartney forgetting that he was miming ‘hey jude’ and coming in one bar before the click and singing the first 8 bars out of time to the rest of the band…and NOT EVEN REALISING!!! Fuuuuuccccckkkkk meeeeee that is SHIT! OMFGG [laughing on my own vomit now…]

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