Reason # 4297 – Rare Lennon Recording saves Christmas!

Breaking news! The fine folks at Saachi and Saachi have done it again, and just in time for Christmas!

Not content to sit back and bask in the glory of their world-renown diaper commercial The beatles are full of Crap, this brilliant ad company has figured out a way to cash in on a dead man and his love for his wife.

Thats right, straight from the hands of the loved one in question, an unreleased private demo of John’s recording of ‘Real Love’ has suddenly found new meaning.

This is even better when the Fab Three hobbled into the studio to re-record it a few years back for their ill-conceived reunion. It appeared shortly afterward on Anthology, which Radio 1 wisely excluded from its playlists citing, ‘Its not what our listeners want to hear.’ Unfortunately in doing so they awakened the sleeping beatlebeasts of the UK, whose incessant whining and crying got the song on the air, where it stayed for an astounding couple of weeks, never to be heard from again.

Watch. This is important. This will change lives.


Beware, this is no ordinary group of money-hungry leeches. This is a new breed of superhuman genius leech, destined to take over the world.
Oh yeah, they pretty much have.

“Wave to the nice man in the Range Rover Jimmy!”

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One thought on “Reason # 4297 – Rare Lennon Recording saves Christmas!

  1. Stelth

    Wow I hate john lennon! From his effeminate granny glasses, to his grating sing-song way of speaking, down to his ever-present smug/insolent grin. This guy is such a total phony! The part that bothers me most is how so few see what he was really all about: He was a violent, money grubbing, hands-off father (totally abandoning his first son) yet he is remembered by many as the polar opposite of the truth. He deserves to be forgotten.

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