Reason #302- Cirque du So Lame

Viva Las Vegas! Step aside Celine Dion, there’s a new freakshow in town.
Cirque Du Soleil, the acrobatic dancing troupe who’ve conquered the world with their unique blend of breathtaking aerial performances, lavish costumes and live music have decided to take it to a new level. Thats right, the $600 million they grossed last year from their shows, combined with the development of TV specials, womens clothing lines, spas and restaurants, just ain’t cutting it.

When you’re a huge entertainment empire and you need some fast cash, just utter the magic word and before you can wiggle your tinsel glittered tootsies the beatlemachine will be there to assist you, for a small fee of course.
The new show is themed around George Martin’s latest offering of refried beatle droppings created specifically for this end, LOVE.

Drawn from the poetry of the lyrics, the show explores the content of the songs as interpreted by innovative performances from a cast of 60 international artists. It must have been a big job trying to explore the deeper meaning behind songs like, I Wanna Hold Your Hand and Octopus’s Garden.

The reviews for this spectacle have been mixed, it seems to depend on either how brainwashed your are, or what your tolerance for pain is. Most of the positive reviews seem to start like this, ‘First, I need to make it clear that I’m a Beatles fan.’ NO, REALLY? The rest of the reviews all use words like, Awful, Terrible, Extremely Disappointed, Didn’t Love, Save your money, Wost show in Vegas, and my personal favorite, As Uninspiring as A Ringo Song.

Remember when kids used to want to run away and join the circus? This ought to cure them of the urge.
I hope this what they meant by what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Morbid curiosity must be eating away at you right now, so here is a sample. Just please be careful and have your mouse hovering over the stop button, we can’t be held responsible for what happens once you decide to watch.

If you’re incredibly bored, go here and find your own favorite reviews and post them in the comments section.
LOVE reviews

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7 thoughts on “Reason #302- Cirque du So Lame

  1. Rebecca

    I love The Beatles. They’re not the only band I listen to or anything, but I deeply enjoy their music. You, my good sir, are an asshole.

  2. Dogshit

    OPB, (yes, I’m from Oregon where most hippies live) had a special the other night for FIVE HOURS with the beatles movie, biography, time life reruns, website for buying beatles shit towards the end,etc,….. and then even had the BALLS to ask us to call a number to pledge money to keep OPB going! They put shit like this on their Network and want me to pledge?????????? And you Rebecca, call us assholes???????? The irony!

    I’d rather give money to a childrens burn unit or hospital. At least they have hope of doing something for the world in the future, instead of beating a dead horse that couldn’t really run very fast to start with.

  3. Stelth

    Remember those Reese’s Peanutbutter Cup commercials from the 70s? Two great tastes that taste great together….this cirque/beatles conglomeration is the polar opposite; it’s two horrible piles of excrement that are even more feculent when spewed together.

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