Reason # 851 – Chryslers, Condoms, Aliens and…Ringo?

We’ve been getting a lot of flack lately for insinuating that the FF were merely pawns controlled by a gigantic bankroll known only as beatlemart. After many long and heated debates we’ve decided to distance ourselves from this line of investigation. To make it up to the powers that be, we’ve put together a short video apology.

Chryslers, Condoms, Aliens and…Ringo?

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Yeah, sorry beatlemart.

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2 thoughts on “Reason # 851 – Chryslers, Condoms, Aliens and…Ringo?

  1. bryan

    LOL! it keeps getting better. and i cant get past a juke box without putting in some ff. shouldnt i HATE you guys? no, i do see the big picture. thanks for the perspective. cheers!

  2. Das Post author

    Glad to be of service my friend!

    The next step is to keep those coins in your pocket, or at least divert them from the FF.

    Does the word ‘laundromat’ mean anything? How about Parking Meter? Pay Phone?

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