Reason #742 – Rare Outtake Video Surfaces

Our next installment of rare outtakes designed to showcase the beatles technical prowess in the studio is a double treat. Please remain seated, if you pass out from the excitement of this moment its best to stay safe.

Here we have not only takes four and five from the I’m a Loser session, but also a rare video chronicling the event! Yes, for the first time in the history of mankind this groundbreaking video will finally be seen. Once again SMB has come through with the FF goods, you can thank us later.

Rare I’m a Loser Outtakes

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Not really the self-help guide you’ll need after watching this, but every little bit helps:

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3 thoughts on “Reason #742 – Rare Outtake Video Surfaces

  1. Stelth

    Good video. Also, another example of the beatles lyrically revealing who they really are.

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