Reason # 414 – Fit to be Necktied

Beatlemart is finally putting out something of value, a John Lennon Necktie!

In honor of this historic release we’ve designed a new style of knot to accompany it, the Knot Again. This is destined become an incredibly popular fad, like the ZZTop dance or the pet rock. If you want to be cool like all your FF lovin’ pals, you’d better learn how to do it now.

Its actually quite easy once you get the hang of it, just follow these simple instructions and you’ll be the coolest moptop on your block in no time!

The Knot Again

1) The wide end should extend as far past the narrow end as possible.


2) Turn the wide end back underneath the narrow end.


3) Continue by sliding the wide end over in front of the narrow end again.


4) Pull the wide end up and through the loop around your neck at hard as you can, really force it.


5) Hold the front of the knot tightly and bring the wide end down through the front knot.


6) Tighten the knot to the collar and pull up toward your chin using a liberal amount of force in order to get as much length as possible, at the same time find a chair to stand on.


7) Find a tree or a beam to fasten the other end to and jump. If you’re too afraid to jump by yourself call 1-800-chair-go and one of our associates will be only happy to assist.


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4 thoughts on “Reason # 414 – Fit to be Necktied

  1. Das Post author

    The neck is no problem, but getting it around that inflated head might be cause for concern.

  2. Here's Your L Bro

    Haters gonna hate, lame ass. Can’t believe you waste money on this website. Beatles fans everywhere laugh at you.

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