Reason #517 – You Say Good Buy, I Say Hell No.

This is a clever tactic, a new form of some sort of Gonzo Advertising. Target has not only advertised a product, but simultaneously created a demand for it.
By the end of this thirty second spot you will definitely need to run out for a fresh supply of toilet paper. Talk about squeezing out a winner, they’re shitting gravy!

This is marketing at its finest.
(warning – don’t watch)


Target should do some ads for earplugs next, using that song they’re guaranteed to corner the market.

In fact, this could be beatlemarts next big push:


For more scatological beatle ads follow this link:
The beatles are full of crap!

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3 thoughts on “Reason #517 – You Say Good Buy, I Say Hell No.

  1. DogShit

    What you just said makes absolutely no sense at all. But then again, I’m talking to a beatles fan.

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