Reason #267 – The Beatle Ford Clinic

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

If you’ve ever searched for an excuse to drink on a Monday, today is for you.
Tip back a few yards of your favorite poison and don’t forget to drink to your pals at SMB.

Just be sure to avoid any noxious concoctions like the Brandy Alexander (Brandy and Milk?!?) which Lennon loved so dearly, or you may wind up in the Beatle Ford Clinic. This is a fate far worse than death, which the following video proves conclusively.

(warning – don’t watch)


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4 thoughts on “Reason #267 – The Beatle Ford Clinic

  1. jp

    Finally something useful! An ad for a ’65 mustang! man, that’s some old footage, where did you EVER find it?

    hey! wait a minute..that wasn’t the beagles!! what are y..wha..

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