Reason # 313 – Genius is Pain! The Magical Misery Tour

Normally, the butt-nuggets dropped in the Inspired Lunacy category are the worst (…best?) examples of beatle inspired offenses that we can find. This clip is an exception.

Taken from National Lampoon’s 1972 album Radio Dinner, this track brilliantly combines quotes taken from Lennon’s infamous 1970 interview with Rolling Stone’s Jann Wenner, with music that sounds like a rejected track from the Plasic Ono Band.

The lyrics were assembled by Christopher Guest and Tony Hendra (most recognizable as Spinal Tap’s manager Ian Faith), the latter also channels Lennon on this recording. The music was performed by Melissa Manchester, who also provides the Yoko imitation at the end, shortly after the primal scream session.

Please enjoy responsibly:

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For an exhaustive explanation

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7 thoughts on “Reason # 313 – Genius is Pain! The Magical Misery Tour

  1. john

    ohh..thank you for finding this Tas..the whole disk is brilliant btw..especially the Graret morris bits about paying for the goddamn stamps…

    I think Mr Lemons would appreciate your site..and speaking personally for him and his estate, I would like you to go to the window, where a member of Al Klein’s staff has a subpoena for ya!

    As Sarah Palin knows..Genius is Pain!
    u betcha…etc.

  2. john

    gebus, that’s Garrett Morris..what time is it anyway?

    or is Graret actually the..French Canadian way of spelling it?

    Ask around, ok?

    hey dare..etc..

  3. Das Post author

    Grarethh is the proper French Canadian pronunciation. Thanks for talking me up to the estate, we could use a few bucks around here. Where have you been? I thought McCain must’ve lured you into the deep-fryer dungeon.

  4. JP

    I have been trying to figure out how to make $0.25 playing music.

    Still figgerin’. I have been denied my own $123.78 claim from the bailout too.

    maybe “Genius is Pain” should be Sarah’s new motto…though

    more like McCain is Pain, and that almost rhymes, yo.

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