Reason # 510 – Ringo is busy…being delusional

Please, everyone, stop sending Ringo fan mail. The man is very busy with his…well, thats irrelevant. Lets just say Ringo hates you. So please, just leave the man alone. Continue to buy his merchandise, but leave him in peace with your money.

Incidentally, it makes you wonder what’s worse – sending fan mail to the drummer of a pop band that broke up nearly forty years ago, sending fan mail to Ringo Starr in 2008, or Ringo actually answering it?


In other words,

Peace, love, and piss off.

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5 thoughts on “Reason # 510 – Ringo is busy…being delusional

  1. wesleman

    Love this site and also (still) enjoy the Beatles. Guess a good sense of humor helps.

    Ringo’s prolly pissed that his species has been almost completely replaced by drum machines. Not to mention, he’s as old as my dad– and he won’t answer your mail either!

  2. sam

    I read about your site on Auntie Beeb & thought how wonderful! Then I read further down the article & saw that you sometimes get death threats.
    This prompted me to voice my support!
    Not everybody loves the Beat Less – in fact not everyone even likes them.
    & for the muppet who commented (& I quote from Auntie Beeb) “If you like popular music of the modern day, to say that you don’t like The Beatles is kind of absurd. It is the fount of popular culture.”
    I don’t like modern popular music either & I *know* I am not the only one who deplores the ‘bland pap’ that is foisted upon us.

    So, to get back to my point – good on you – keep up the good work & remember you are really not the only one.
    Girly hugs & stuff

  3. Patrick V.

    Yeah, Yeah, I’m a Beatle fan since they arrived in the states. Always enjoyed their music. I enjoy your site. Maybe you caught me on a good day. Especially enjoyed the 100 reasons why they suck. I know plenty of friends who never cared for The Beatles, and most certainly never will. Who cares? Rock on!

  4. Stelth

    It’s OK that he’s being a dick because he repeated “Peace and Love” several times.

    As an aside:
    He wears sunglass inside his house; just like Jim Jones.

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