Reason # 517 – The Beatles Carnival of Light is Incredible.

Apologies to all of our colleagues, fans and supporters.
We’re eating crow.
The new beatles epic ‘Carnival of Light’ is probably the greatest piece of music ever written.

If you haven’t heard, this is a 14 minute improvised track recorded in 1967. Immediately after it was recorded, it was buried. Many thought the song nothing more than a myth. The FF thought it too adventurous. It would hurt record sales. Whats worse, is it would offend their fans – the screaming pre-teens who spent their allowances on each new single. If this happened, they could snap out of their brainwashed stupor and buy Play-doh, mood rings or Slinkeys. There would be no more tea with the Queen.

Paul is convinced that this composition will show the world that they were much more avant-garde than given credit for. More than purveyors of a musical black hole, which we gave them credit for. “I said all I want you to do is just wander around all the stuff, bang it, shout, play it, it doesn’t need to make any sense,” said McCartney of the sessions. “I like it because it’s The Beatles free, going off piste.” (for those who don’t know this expression, it refers to skiing on an un-groomed slope. Quite adventurous!)

The other beatles were equally as excited about this piece and found it hard to contain their enthusiasm, years later they still marveled at its brilliance. When assembling the tracks for Anthology, McCartney wanted to include “Carnival of Light,” but said the other two Beatles thought it was “rubbish.”

Sir George Martin who oversaw the track has described it as ‘one of those weird things. “This is ridiculous. We’ve got to get our teeth into something a little more constructive,” Martin told Geoff Emerick during the recording session.

George Harrison dismissed it, saying “avant-garde a clue“. Twenty years later, when reminded of the sounds on the tape and asked whether he could recall recording it, he replied “No, and it sounds like I don’t want to either!

Ringo was too busy threatening fans with autographed memorabilia to comment.

Beatles fans came close to hearing ‘Carnival Of Light’ in 1996 when it was considered for inclusion in the exhaustive Anthology compilation. “I said it would be great to put this on because it would show we were working with really avant-garde stuff … But it was vetoed.” Reminisced McCartney. “The guys didn’t like the idea, like “this is rubbish.”

Unfortunately for the world this track will never officially see the light of day. At least not until beatlemart needs a new winter home in Puerta Plata. To be released McCartney needs the blessing of Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono and George Harrison’s widow Olivia.

Thankfully we have a copy, and our lucky readers are for a treat.
Here, for the first time ever, is the first three minutes of Carnival of Light. To prepare yourself, please constrain your excitement and remember: this is serious music, not some go-go boots giggle-a-thon.


For a deeper analysis of beatlemuppets, please read The Letter ‘B.’

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8 thoughts on “Reason # 517 – The Beatles Carnival of Light is Incredible.

  1. Plato So

    hahaha this is funny
    who really recorded this? its funny that someone is trying to show that the beatles’ suck

  2. Das Post author

    McCartney wanted to include “Carnival of Light,” but said the other two Beatles thought it was “rubbish.”

    Yep, sounds great!

  3. bikram

    Carnival of Light is superb.It’s not available in the market as it’s unreleased.It is perfectly psychedelic.The beats and the way Lennon & McCartney repeat the words ‘barcelona’ and ‘are you alright’ is hypnotic.It grows on you.You might not like it the first time you listen to it.The beats aren’t just random.It can be downloaded from the russian site “” if not found anywhere else.

  4. Stelth

    Ya know, my computer has been running too well lately. A free download from a Russian webite may be just what it needs!

  5. Das Post author

    Yes, and sometimes I forget the word Barcelona and need to hear it repeated over and over.

  6. DogShit

    Yeh Bikram, you said a mouthful. Psychedelic. That’s what we want our kids listening to. And it’s not random beats because the beatles are whacked out on psychedlics, and they CANNOT FUCKING PLAY TO START WITH!

  7. Paul Oliverio

    Not since”Paul is Dead,” has such a Beatles’ hoax been perpetrated.
    Carnival of Light is the inebriated brainchild of Maurice Gibb and some Australian musicians. Their band was called FUT.

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