Free Beatles Christmas Cards 2008

Howdy Friends,

The holiday season is looming just around the corner, and once again we’re here to help. Put away that wallet! Get ready to wow your loved ones and impress your co-workers! Be the life of the party! Impress your brother-in-law who plays in a world renowned beatles tribute band! Steal the heart of that girl who you pretend to like the beatles for! Earn the respect of your enemies and make new friends! Be the man every woman loves and the woman every man wants to be!

Thanks to the overwhelming popularity of last years extravaganza, its time for the second annual installment of SMB’s Free Christmas Cards! New and improved, extra strength, doctor recommended, 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. Need more Calgon? The wait is over! Sample something new, or stick with the tried and true.

To download printer-friendly, full sized versions of these incredible cards, just right-click and save this handy little file:

Free Beatles Christmas Cards 2008!(.rar, 1082kb) Right Click and ‘Save As’ If the server is too busy you can still get it here: Beatles_Christmas2008.pdf

These cards will print out perfectly on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. Its as easy as Print and Fold.

Killer Beatles Christmas Card

Beatles Christmas Ipod

Beatles Christmas Bags

Beatles Christmas Card

Beatles Christmas By the Fire

Beatles Christmas Card Horse

Beatles Christmas Card Roasting

Beatles Silent Night Christmas Card

George Harrison Christmas Card

Brian Epstein Christmas Card

Beatles Mailbox Christmas Card

Beatles Christmas Card

Beatles Drummer Boy

Beatles Yuletide Christmas Card

Merry Christmas!

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10 thoughts on “Free Beatles Christmas Cards 2008

  1. Alex

    wow, what kind of asshat would actually send these cards ? or is this just some sort of elaborate joke, with the witty slogans aided by an intermediate knowledge of ms paint ?

  2. Edward

    I smell a lot of envy.
    Just that and nothing less.
    To hate to somebody better than one is easy.
    To do something better than they is imposible.
    Keep showing your stupidity, is funny and doesn’t harm any one.

  3. Norcs

    Edward you deluded fool, I fear you may have had too much Xmas spirit!!

    Alex, I did, and they went down a storm!!!

    F U, on what do you base your informed opinion? It must have taken a while to come up with your witty moniker and response!!

  4. jean

    Te lo diré en otro idioma para que te ilustres un poco: Eres gilipollas, ¿pareces gilipollas?, quizá ¿eres tonto del culo? o tal vez un idiota relamido. Me temo que estos términos no aparecen en google traductor. Aprende otros idiomas. Además te lo crees ¿eres gracioso? sí como la puta tonta que te parió ¿Cómo te ganas la vida? ¿Eres el gracioso oficial del manicomio? quizá ¿el único habitante del manicomio? Chaval, haz que te lo mire un siquiatra. Si no fuera porque das pena yo mismo te pagaría las sesiones de electroshock. Anada, graciosillo sigue respirando y comiendo, que es lo único para lo que vales.

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