Reason #263- Perspectives

John Lennon's Stigmata

One of the main goals of this site has been to put the music of the beatles into perspective. We wish to staunch the flow of blood from the eyes of St. John’s statue, to bring St. Paul down from the mount. It worries us when we overhear people in the street saying things like, “I bear on my body the stígmata of the moptops.”

Admittedly, we continue to fall short of our goals. Some might even say we’ve failed miserably. According to the gospel of St. George, ‘Life goes on within and without you,’ so we’ve decided to give voice to two some visitors to this site. Please allow them to whisper words of wisdom into your ear. Carefully consider both sides of their arguments, try and understand where the speakers are coming from. Step outside of the beatle regime, or step inside, and please listen to both perspectives with an open mind.

First we’ll hear Alissa’s incisive thoughts:

k so fuck you. the beatles are the best thing music has ever seen. fuck everyone who disagrees. and fuck this page.

you gotta have no life to accually start a page on anti beatles. come on, get a life.

And secondly, Peter’s argument:

A lot of music has been made since the beatles heyday. music that is far more harmonically refined and melodically intricate. as far as i can tell beatles fans are desperately hanging onto some banal musical ideal that has more to do with a cultural (not musical) phenomenon and the cult of personality. most of the people i know who are beatles fans are the following –

middle aged men who have not applied themselves to any form of musical training (formal or otherwise) who spew out crazy statements to make them feel they have some authority.

people who have taken WAY TOO MANY drugs in the past(and present).

when pressed, people who have little to no opinion about other musics. or opinions with any kind of musical depth.

people who still buy paul mc cartney solo albums and say they are garbage but cannot get past their obsessive compulsive disorder with everything that is the beatles.

music is not merely a treat for a gourmet. it is an art form and at the heart of that form are ideas. the ideas behind the beatles are pretty simple – it is pop music. music that was made for a short time in the history of music a long time ago. stop being myopic and go listen to A LOT of different music. ALL music will be better for it.

As you can see, we’re faced with two side of the same coin. Consider these arguments carefully and make an informed decision.

Suck my beatles would like to thank Alissa and Peter for participating.

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11 thoughts on “Reason #263- Perspectives

  1. Doctor Faustroll

    Hey Goombah – WTF?

    I left a post here a couple of days ago agreeing wholeheartedly with Alissa and Peter, or maybe disagreeing with caveats, which are sort really old and shriveled sturgeon eggs that are cured in salt made from painful sweat of tortured gunnies, the scrotal sacs of which are used to make, well, you know, but that doesn’t matter. What does matter is that whatever I posted that didn’t matter didn’t take, like talking with the help desk at Mr. Microsoftee and having to press on the any key to continue, you know?

    If the next pope after Eggs Benjy Dick is named George Ringo, will we all have to hold hands with some old pedophile dressed up for Easter mass and sing I WANNA BE YOUR MAN?

    Disquieting pataphysicians need to know.

  2. Das Post author

    Honorable Doctor,

    I forgot to mention that in accordance with the policies handed down from the Infinite Church of the Divine Octopus’s Garden, unless the context otherwise requires, words importing ‘pope’ shall include the word pedophile (or pedometer), and words importing the masculine gender shall include the feminine, unless for obvious reasons this doesn’t apply.

    This must be what happened to your previous entry, sorry for the confusion, but god don’t fuck around.

  3. Doctor Faustroll

    Ah. That explains it. Does god suck as bad as the Beatles?

    Oh, shit. I’m having reCAPTCHA withdrawal.

    I’d pay real money to see Mohammed Ali do the rope a pope and pump up his rump, pump up his rump, pump up his rump.

    Your pal, the little thumper boy.

  4. ChicagoCliff

    This post illustrates quite well why *you* suck.

    Not that I have a problem with adding perspective to fads and pop culture movements. Quite the contrary, I actually applaud honest efforts to do just that. But you, sir, are not honest.

    I actually read the thread from which you scraped Allisa and Peter’s posts. The thing that struck me about the thread was that, whether they were for against the Beatles, the vast majority of the posts were crass, ignorant and added little to a coherent discussion. There were occasional posts from both sides which warranted a good read, but the majority were just terrible, stupid and vicious.

    But the point that you took away was: Beatles fans are ignorant a-holes and the people who hate the Beatles offer incisive, thoughtful commentary. In other words: despite any evidence to support your view, you cartoonishly stereotype anyone who happens to be a fan while putting your own kind on a pedestal.

    Sorry, bud, but this site is proof that despite different tastes in music, blog writers and the people who comment on them are overwhelmingly hateful little people trying to shove their opinions down others’ throats. Your attempts to characterize your side as civil, thoughtful people is as transparent, wrong-headed and fruitless as your attempt to brainwash people into your warped style of anti-Beatles thinking.

    Just stop, man. Your efforts are embarrassing.

  5. Dave

    Just popped in to say, yeah, I can’t stand the Beatles’ music, but even worse are the sanctimonious morons who can’t believe that somebody doesn’t like their revered Flab Four, but instead must be “hateful little people trying to shove their opinions down others’ throats”. I DON’T LIKE THE BEATLES. I’M NOT ALONE. GET OVER IT.

  6. MichaelWH

    You know, much of what you say about the Beatles (which I agree with, incidentally) I say in a similar spirit vis a vis William Shakespeare. I mean I don’t really like Shakespeare as an ENGLISH writer (with some minor exceptions, just like there’s some minor Beatles exceptions). Compare him to some of the literary greats in other languages (Goethe leaps to mind, as does Cao Xueqin) and the claims of his grand stature as a playwright and poet become openly risible.

    I think the Shakespeare cult started in about the same way that the Beatles cult did: an island nation of people who suck at most anything artistic clung to one of their own who somehow achieved great success (with Shakespeare it was through the Elizabethan equivalent of fart jokes; with the Beatles it was flagrant theft from talented black people) and then just bulldogged them into “the greatest EVAR”.

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