Beatles cover band destroys town

Breaking news!

Sometime last year an unknown ‘the beatles’ cover band descended upon a small town in southern Ontario, Canada. The horrific events were captured by the local news station, but seconds before the devastation could be broadcast, the station was demolished, survivors were burned to death.

All taped evidence was quickly disposed of by beatlemart. The town of Liverpool, Ontario, does not even exist on maps anymore. This is one of the worst cases of beaticide on record, yet until now it has gone unnoticed.

Somehow this tape has survived and managed reach us. Please view responsibly, and remember our fallen comrades.

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5 thoughts on “Beatles cover band destroys town

  1. jp

    lak dis a compleate fake, piano is lak whit guy, no billy prestin, and lak u kan tell lol itz all fuced up, and lak ware u been Xas, i tought u got kilt.

  2. tj

    The beatles are cool. You must be on something. They created rock and roll. They did nothing to you, so you have no reason to hate them. They were a good band and people loved them. Go make a crapy website about something else.

  3. Das Post author

    I was going to make a ‘crapy’ website about people who post idiotic comments on otherwise great websites, but this site seems to have that covered as well.

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