The President of Canada is a huge pianist?

Beatlemart strikes again.

It’s sad to see a once proud nation driven into the ground at the hands of a deranged leader.

The Beatles & Stephen Harper

The Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper last year cut $45 million in arts funding. His freakish appearance at Ottawa’s National Arts Centre has given horrified Canadians a preview of what the country has to look forward to as a result.

Earlier this year the staunch conservative momentarily spread a message of hope amongst anti-beatites around the world when he denounced ‘the culture of the beatles,’ blaming them for the disintegration of our morals, and helping to create all of the drug addicts in the world. Unfortunately, this incendiary propaganda was merely a ruse intended to disguise his paranoid prohibitionist party and their ‘death to the demon marijuana’ platform.

It’s obvious the all-pervasive fingers of beatlemart slithered tightly around his neck one dark evening, and whispered words of wisdom into his cowering ear. Weeks after declaring war on the most addictive and hateful of all vile drugs (weed?), he’s now gone after music, good taste and common sense by singing a song about…getting high(?).

*warning – don’t watch!*


“Stephen Harper is singing a song about an act, passing a joint, that would under C-15 qualify him for a 6 month Mandatory Minimum prison sentence for ‘trafficking’ marijuana” said Jacob Hunter of the Beyond Prohibition Foundation, “This Conservative government wants to throw people in jail for an act as simple as passing a joint, yet has no problem sending it’s leader out to sing about it; the hypocrisy of this government is astounding”

Read the full story “Hypocrite Stephen Harper Sings About Getting High” at Cannibis Culture.

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