When the Beatles roamed the earth

A History Channel Documentary

1000 years ago today, the Beatles roamed the earth.

This video is not meant to be a joke, but a warning. The beatle-blind masses have already begun re-writing history to deify not only the music and lives of the Fab Four, but every fuzzy dinky drizzle of banality as well. Each doodle and every shopping list ever jotted down by a Moptop is in the process of being bronzed, framed or sold on the black market to mongoloid billionaires and helpless, brainwashed addicts.

Click here to watch the horror unfold: A History Channel Documentary from the Future: Beatles 3000

Thanks to our friend Bobby for the link.

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10 thoughts on “When the Beatles roamed the earth

  1. Person who is going to put this site into perspective.

    OK so you made a whole sight on why you don’t like The Beatles and then call THEM gay? If you don’t like them your missing out but seriously a WHOLE SITE on why you don’t like them? That article, I bought the magazine not knowing what it was about, it was £7.00 and 99% adverts that have NOTHING to do with rock. Actually read the article is a single one a valid reason? Is there hell? I get wearing a band t-shirt but wearing an anti-band t-shirt this is just pathetic.
    Do as a favour and go and play with yourself rather than posting on the internet.
    Not cool. Seriously.

  2. ZoSo

    all the haters don’t even know how much The Beatles have done. There’s a reason why they are cited as the most critical and influential band of all time from artists of numerous genres. I bet you The Beatles’ music will last longer than your life. And yes anti-band shirts are pretty stupid, $30 anti-band shirts are just a scam.

  3. Das Post author

    Yeah, lets go pay $30 to beatlemart for a shirt instead, they could use the dough. Be sure to pick up some McDonald’s and Walmart shirts to complete the ensemble.

    Maybe you should go listen to Stairway some more, the present is no place for a kid.

  4. leale

    get outta here you bloody basterds. if you no all this about the beatles, than you r creeping them to

  5. Jack

    Brilliant because it’s so random in places, especially the bit about Orson Welles at the end. I actually thought the “recreated” Beatles Music was an improvement on the likes of “Octopus’ Garden.”

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