Thomas Re-writes the beatles

Brilliantly reinventing the music of the beatles

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This site has been known to spend a lot of time portraying the beatles in a less than positive light. It pains us that this needs to be done, that everyday innocent people fall prey to the hype, conditioning and brainwashing which has created the beatle brand. Quite frankly, music is subjective and we don’t really care if there are those among us who wish to self-flagellate their senses with overrated, overplayed, corporate sponsored bubblegum rock, just leave us out of it.

What really drives us is the fight against the extreme musical fundamentalists this band produces, a group whose ideal is musical totalitarianism, a group which won’t stop until every book, record and movie not pertaining to or portraying their idols in a positive light has been destroyed and perpetrators are put to death by having brick walls toppled down on them.

Good music by the beatles, I don’t believe it!

This is why when we hear somebody breathe fresh life into the musical sarcophagus the fab four have left behind, somebody who can take a song and re-invent it so brilliantly that it leaves us astonished this is the same band we’ve spent so much time trying to put into perspective, it really makes us rethink our entire position.

Without further ado we’d like to introduce the musical mastermind Thomas, whose fresh take on the music of the beatles has shaken and inspired us. Please enjoy responsibly:

Click here to listen to the MP3

(This will open a streaming mp3 player. If for some reason it doesn’t work find Thomas’ songs on this page and use the Flashplayer instead.)

If this music makes you want to run out and buy the latest Let it Be remix, Re-un-naked with new spring fashions #13943, take your money and put it instead towards an independent, non-commercial radio station. I think we can all agree the beatles have enough money by now.

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5 thoughts on “Thomas Re-writes the beatles

  1. John

    Will he be touring soon? Send him down here Xas, because the sheeple of the United States of Amnesia demand MO’ BEAGLES!

    If ol’ Mr T could find a way to combine his brilliant interpretations with a few NASCAR inspired car racing songs, I think we’d be talking Solid Krugerrands, and that ain’t hay, bubba!

    hmmm… Hay Bubba..sounds like a good name for my new band, which (just coincidentally…) combines NASCAR racin’ fightin’ and a cheatin’ songs with the plaintive melodic warbling of high Ringo period beagalmania… covers of Amerikanski C&W songs..Act Naturally, Matchbox, et al. We looking for a “canadian” to ‘be’ want in? Big Bux, Buddy!

    hmmm…big bux there’s

  2. Das Post author

    JP, how the hell are ya?

    I first heard of Thomas after he accepted the award for best new artist at the Grammy’s this year, so I’m sure there will be a huge tour to follow.

    Your offer is tempting, but the only way I can accept is if you throw some Monster Truck references, a six pack of Krystal Burgers wrapped in bacon and a big ‘ole jug of iced tea party.

  3. DogShit

    I can imagine that the smell of his microphone can be admissable in a court of law on a hash bust.


    I bet his girlfriend and friends are passed out in the background and her dreads are full of all of their jizz!

  4. E Fish

    The best thing about the link provided is that you get nearly two hours of WFMU airplay. WFMU is the longest running “Free Form” non-commercial (but also non-public)radio station in the U.S. When I lived in New Jersey for a long 6 months — Oh the humanity! — WFMU was my link to sanity (and healthy weirdness).

    For you haters out there, WFMU is pretty much a Beatles Free Zone except for stuff like Thomas’s “rewrite.”