Fan Mail #6 – pauls left testicle could kick ur ass

You don’t know that the beatles you say is actually you

beatles on the phone

It’s been a while since our last Fan Mail extravaganza. This is not because of a shortage of messages, but because FF fans seem to share a universal mind and vocabulary. When not writing endless streams of books and articles idolizing this heinous musical abyss, they write to us. In fact, the final message in this post was taken directly from the opening chapter of ‘A Hard Day’s Write: The Stories Behind Every Beatles Song.’

We were asked recently by one of the few coherent folks who write in what percentage of messages are illiterate death threats. Roughly it can be broken down as 94% ignorant rants, 2% intelligible rants, 1% ignorant supporters, 2% intelligible supporters (this last percentage may be exaggerated).

u r an idiot with no taste of music.

We’ve stopped responding to the majority of messages because these people usually leave incorrect contact information (or more likely can’t spell out their email addresses). The time not wasted writing responses has been put to much better use, mainly playing beatle monopoly.

Here’s a slew of recent mail. Please enjoy responsibly

Ringo wrote:

You guys are faggets. You don’t understand music. your brainwashed by this new garbage. You all obviously have no lifes if you make a sight about how the beatles suck and make fucking t-shirts? your fucking retarted

John wrote:

Why do you have to ask me what 4+25 is MOTHERFUCKER! This website sucks, you fucking sucks, the fans here suck. GO FUCK YOURSELF SUCK ASS MOTHERFUCKER AND FFFFFFUUUUUCCCCCKKKKK YYYYOOOOOUUUUU!!!!!!!

I agree, math is hard.

Pedro Gonzales wrote:

You people are pathetically jealous because the Beatles had talent and you cretins have nothing. I laugh at your site! The Beatles will live forever while your infamous site will be regarded as incredible Losers with a capital “L” are hated. Get a Life! I really consider it a waste of time even bothering to comment on your Loser site.

Yousuck Yourass wrote:

Beatles are great. You don’t know that the beatles you say is actually you. Why don’t you change the site to That’d be better. The Beatles are better than any sucking satanist music you listen. So, as i said before, YOU SUCK YOUR ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dany wrote:

hey, to hate that much the beatles you must be the kind of guy that was traumatized and fuck by your sick beatlemaniac father, poor bastard, instead of wasting time doing shity web pages telling how much traumatized you are why you just dont do something it can be comparable to something that the beatles did…jajaja thats a joke by the way, i hardly believe you can do something bigger than the guy that sells hotdogs in the avenue

Whatever man, selling hotdogs is hard.

Loyd Mcmullen wrote:

i saw your profile and i think i like you do you want to see my picture?

Oops, how did this get in here?

oscar wrote:

ojala sepan espaà ±ol. Me parece una tonteria su pagina. Talvez odien a
los beatles pero le dedican tanto tiempo, saben de sus nombres, saben de sus discos, tienen noticias de ellos. Les dedican mas tiempo que un fan.
Busquenlos en enciclopedias, pregunten a verdaderos musicos y artistas, y demas gente culta y todos los admiran. Uds. me parecen unos idiotas que los aman sin darse cuenta. Van a morir con el odio y desprecio que mas bien se sienten a sus propias miserables vidas. cuanto gastan en los beatles, cuanto tiempo invierten en ellos? cuantas canciones se saben? la verdad es que le dedican mas que un fan. Son unos retrasados y se que no va a cambiar nada mi correo, pero miles de personas admiramos su musica y van a trascender muchos aà ±os. Van a sequir siendo los mejores despues de que uds. mueran

Besame Mucho el culo!

Deanna Golden wrote:

Beatle Fan, young girl, very excited to see the band. Or something.

ok first off u r an idiot with no taste of music. the beatles have been around since 1958 and the living ones are still in the music industry. and unlike the shitty musicians of today, they dont do it for the money. they do it because they love each and every one of their fans. they have written so many legendary and wonderful songs from I Want To Hold You Hand, all they way to Let It Be and even after the band broke up, they will still producing phenominal music in their solo lives like Lennons Imagine, and McCartneys Band On The Run. not only were they amazing hot but they were also sensitive and caring men, (unlike urself). They have made 5 amazing movies that would kick ur movies ass any day, they are better looking than u, and they have millions of fans around the world.
anyone who does not like them is crap, and people who dont like them r concieded freaks who sit in their mums basement with their crackpipe listening to screamo shit all day long. and yes some of their songs were in 4/4 and 3/4, but thats all everyone knew in that time and as their career as a band progressed, they stopped using 3/4 and 4/4 time. and u sit here and say oh they suck they suck but i bet u have never took a moment of ur time to even listen to them. if u heard one song u would be immediately hooked and shit if u saw their faces u would melt so apparently ur blind and deaf. u say the hell wit the beatle lovers and fanatics but when u post absolute shit like this whole site, be prepared cuz ur dealing with about 1/6 of the population that loves them. and also they were so talented that even pauls left testicle could kick ur ass. yes i said his TESTICLE! so overall ur just a blind deaf retard that has never lived cuz u have apparently never listened to the beatles

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58 thoughts on “Fan Mail #6 – pauls left testicle could kick ur ass

  1. Box

    I don’t know why people are wasting they’re time (or me) but seriously; This guy is entitled to an opinion. Why the the FUCK should you be arguing over what someone else should be listening to in their leisure time. If you don’t agree with him, bugger off.

  2. Das Post author

    Thanks Box.

    I can’t understand why people are frightened of new ideas.
    I’m frightened of the old ones.
    -John Cage

  3. Stelth

    I still marvel at the oblivious way so many beatle fans launch into vitriol and death threats. They seem completely unaware of their hypocrisy. I’ll wager most of them tout their phony granny-glasses wearing savior for all his “work” towards world peace, tolerance, and open-mindedness; then without missing a beat switch gears and start angrily spewing death threats to anyone that dares disagree with their opinions.
    What a laughable bunch.

  4. anne

    That’s a lot of words and flinging spittle just to say, “I strongly disagree with your opinion on this matter.”

  5. Stelth

    anne says: That’s a lot of words and flinging spittle just to say, “I strongly disagree with your opinion on this matter.”

    Yes, to someone who thinks a song with na, na, na, na, hey jude repeated endlessly(the beatles’ longest single) is good songwriting, it would SEEM like a lot of words. Sorry for hurting your head. 🙂

  6. Beatle fan

    I’m listening to the festering turd of an album Sgt. pepper, umad bro? Seriously people are allowed to have opinions as opposed to your elitist asshole views on the beatle’s. You guys actually take time to go on a blog and bash the beatle’s, so glad to see your amazing contribution to society, go outside and talk to a girl for once.

  7. DogShit

    See, we here at do not care how people self depricate themselves with those festering turds. Just as long as they keep it to themselves, and off the airwaves and out of public earshot. We come here almost as a support group to find others like us on this planet so as to be assured that this shit hasn’t brainwashed the entire population yet, and there are still normal people left in the world. It’s also kind of fun to read the beatlemanics posts, especially when they get violent. And my wife told me one time I could talk to a girl, but she reniged when she started to sober up.

  8. Beatle fan

    We all have a freedom of speech and that applies to both of us, whether it be our choice of music or rants on a blog, and neither are harmful, I just hate the elitist attitudes of the assholes on this site. Its cool and all to sit on your ass and hate the beatles’, but unless your actually performing music or making any significant contribution to society, then your just complainers no one likes,
    “Critics are like eunuchs in a harem; they know how it’s done, they’ve seen it done every day, but they’re unable to do it themselves.”
    Btw, I hate when beatle’s fans spew off threats as it goes against every thing they preached.

  9. DogShit

    Actually beatle fan, that was the most coherent logical diatribe or argument I have heard, EVER, from a beatles fan! But, even though I cannot and do not play or sing music in any music business, I do have an ear for it. It’s kind of like Carlos Mencia stealing and plagarizing other comics, turning it around, then fucking it up even after he got good well thought out material. That my friend, was, and is still the beatles. THEY JUST WON’T FUCKING GO AWAY, like SNL. Even the best Sitcoms on TV still retire and know their time is up and can retire it at a mid or high point. The beatles pushers are dragging it like a dead horse, that never could run or gallop to start with, and that cadaver smells more and more rank every day.

  10. Beatle fan

    Why thanks, um dogshit…. I strongly dislike most metal and things I hear on the radio (radio especially since I hear it over and over and work, so I can empathize with you on the fact that its overplayed) but, I do have a tremendous amount of respect for anyone making music as it is a lot of work and they’re making contributions to music which is the whole point of music, to expand and grow, as opposed to me who is not making any contributions to society yet. You can say you have an ear for it, but what do you have to show for it, like if a comedian said he had a great ear for comedy but didn’t apply it at all and criticized other people who actually are such as (insert any talented comedian) But yes the beatle’s are over marketed, (yellow submarine diaper bag, really??) but i still don’t let that disturb what I enjoy in music. Musicians (hell anyone that dies) are over marketed and dragged when they pass, it just happens, people need to just chill and accept other people’s opinions with out spewing off inarticulate threats and arguments.

  11. Beatle fan

    Another thing, it doesn’t matter if you say you have an ear for something, if you don’t have something to show for it, it doesn’t matter at all. You could be a damned Einstein but unless you have the grades to prove it or apply it in real life, typically it doesn’t mean anything at all. Thats just the way or society is.
    I do personally think that most the Beatle’s were assholes, most of them at least, John had abandoned his child among other things, paul was seemingly in it for the money with all the incessant love songs, and were all full of themselves. George had a charity concert (despite the fact it was only one if i’m correct) and its hard to criticize someone that does a thing like that. RIngo was well, Ringo….Regardless of that, it doesn’t change the fact that they had (opinion) great music.
    Out of curiosity, when people dislike the Beatle’s in general or just as a band? In my opinion, Beatle’s aside, working class hero, Imagine, and jealous guy are some of the most profound songs i’ve heard.

  12. Das Post author

    beatle fan, I agree with pretty much everything you’ve said regarding the beatles. You seem to see through the global saturation, nostalgia, hype and marketing created by beatlemart to push the band on the feeble and helpless.

    I also agree that if I was forced at gunpoint to listen to any FF creations, I would choose Lennon’s solo work. I even agree with your evaluation of the individual beatles. Personally, I don’t hate the individuals but the malodorous legacy, their egg salad fart of music which won’t leave long after we’ve opened all the windows. (although Paul really gets under my skin)

    In fact, I’ll go on record as saying I could stomach some of their material if it wasn’t presented as the ‘Greatest thing that ever was and ever will be.’

    Which begs the question: what exactly do you get out of their music? You haven’t had beatlemart’s negative experience as we have and that’s great, but as on open minded-music loving person, how can you enjoy listening to that music when you know it’s just the sugar-coated tip of the iceberg? It’s like listening to Green Day covering the Sex Pistols covering the Monkees. A child might not know that it’s an overproduced cover by a corporate band of another bands cover of a fabricated band, but you and I should see it for what it is and seek out the source, leaving this for the children it was written for.

    /2 cents

    Yer pal,

  13. Beatle fan

    Do you agree with anything else I said though? I’m completely fine with disliking the Beatle’s but its just when you say things like “feeble and helpless” as if you did something to make you seem better than anyone else, thats just not right having such an elitist attitude.

    I honestly hate them (not all) more so then they’re legacy, just read anything on Lennon’s relationship with his kids, and yes Paul irks me as well.

    Again, I wouldn’t let others opinion defer my opinion on something, that makes you as bad as the feeble minded as you put it.

    I do strongly dislike much of they’re early work. It’s not necessarily the beatle’s I like, it sounds good, it doesn’t matter who it is or any thing. Please any other references to some holy music would be appreciated.

    I would also disagree that its for Children, (anything on The White Album) would be very unsuited for children, so how can you say its written for children? I’m not saying its the greatest album ever, but i’m not gonna say its for the children. Again, don’t criticize something unless your actually able to have something to show for it.

  14. DogShit

    I think he means children as in feeble and helpless. Like trying to sell popcorn and lollipops for 50 years, and you don’t focus much on the adults you sold to 20 years before, unless they show up out of the blue because their minds never matured.

    And I’m not saying you are not mature, because at least you give a great well written argument without vitriol, typos en masse, or type in almost all caps.

    I used to love Winnie the Pooh, but I only watch it when my children watch it, but I know it is not real anymore like Santa Claus and the Easter bunny. Shit, now I’m depressed. Back to Jim Beam and listening to some Metallica or something similar.

  15. Das Post author

    BF: When I say ‘feeble and helpless’ I’m referring to those who are swayed by popular opinion, unable to form their own ideas, and those fallen prey to the propaganda which keeps ‘tweens’ walking around with Abbey Road tattoos.

    And by propaganda I mean the systematic propagation of a doctrine or cause or of information reflecting the views and interests of those advocating such a doctrine or cause. ie: Beatlemart.

    Speaking of the White album, maybe it’s not written for children, but who are the target audience for songs like, Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da, Rocky Raccoon, Bungalow Bill….in fact what songs on that album aren’t suitable for children?

    At any rate, you are one of the rare intelligible fans we’ve encountered and I appreciate your messages.

    DS: Sasquatch is real though. Right?

  16. Beatle fan

    There’s nothing wrong with listening to public opinion, as long as you don’t take it to an extreme and only listen to the public opinion.

    That definition was so vague, I would say that any successful band is guilty of that.

    Your just as bad as those who cherry-pick the bible, blatantly ignoring the wrong and hand picking verse’s that are fine for sunday sermons. Revolution 9 (not that I like it, just not for children) While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Helter Skelter and Yer Blues are not for children, a child could listen, but not tailored to children. Revolution 9 scared the shit out of me as a kid, so a terrible parent would let their kids listen to that.

    Thanks, but one thing, is it the music in general you hate or is it the mass marketing? I strongly dislike marketing in general, but if musics good, I can tune the marketing out, i’m just kinda not caring about some stuff.

    Also, try and figure out what exactly you hate, and is it the musical abilities you don’t like or lyrics or what?

    Btw, Metallica is another band that suffers from the marketing plague such as the Beatle’s, only to a lesser degree. And thats my opinion, i’m not boasting myself as an elitist asshole because I think metal caters to ADHD riddled masses, but I understand that it takes skill to play it and people like it so I respect that and don’t go cry on a blog about it, live and let live, understand others have differing opinions and don’t act like your any better because of a choice of music.

    Cheers!, Beatle fan.

  17. Beatle fan

    I do apologize for any perceived hostilities, it is still your right to not like a certain band in america, is it is my right to disagree with that.

  18. Das Post author

    I hope I don’t sound like an ignorant ass, but I do have a hard time arguing these points because I’ve had the same conversations several thousand times, and the answers you seek are all over this site.
    I will happily continue this conversation, but I ask in return that you take a quick look at a few short, poorly written and barely coherent articles:

  19. Beatle fan

    To be honest you do sound like an ignorant ass, those articles basically state the same things. At least answer that last paragraph. I see the anti-advertising message your saying and how it pollutes the masses (very similar to Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club honestly, not that your coming up with anything original, just attacking a different media outlet). But why the Beatle’s? Old Spice for example is a product, its marketed like hell, you see ads for it, yet its a good product in my opinion and people don’t randomly hate that. At the end of the day any form of media is a product and marketing is a part of it. Hell, look at Janes addiction, they held a concert for that 3D HTC phone and it was mainly for the phone and used as a large advertisement? Why not hate on them? Hatred on the Beatle’s just seems rather arbitrary. And that first article makes you seem like a conspiratorial jackass that thinks the waters fluoridated and wears a tinfoil hat.

  20. Beatle fan

    After searching the site there’s really no credible, intelligent arguments that any one with any knowledge and talent for music would agree with, its just a bunch of cute, childish images slopped together in photoshop almost just put together just to rile people up. Its not the fact that the beatles are my favorite band, (they’re not) I just stumbled upon this site and thought it was ironic how intelligent you boosted yourself up on an ego trip but the content on the sites painfully childish.

  21. Das Post author

    It’s understandable that your judgment is clouded when reading anything on this site because you’re looking for flaws or loopholes, and it’s obvious you skimmed over the content after gazing in awe of the beautiful photoshops. I would do the same if I was reading the latest beatle fan fiction in the Rolling Stone.

    The reason we don’t dislike Old Spice is because it doesn’t claim to have revolutionized the after-shave industry. It’s not made into little dolls for kids. It’s not sprayed on you as you walk down the street, ride in elevators or stand in line at the bank. If you turn on the radio or tv at home your not likely to be bombarded by documentaries about it.

    And here’s what saves your dopey analogy: if you say you don’t like the smell of it, people won’t call you a moron! Smell, like music, is subjective.
    You are free to have your own opinion and listen to whatever the hell you want, as am I. I don’t think there can be any argument that the FF have been hyped, glorified, beatified and mass-marketed since the day Brian Epstein dressed them in suits and made them smile all cute-like.

    It’s very small minded and ignorant to assume that since someone doesn’t like what you like that they have no taste, no knowledge of music, talent or culture. In my case it’s true, but most people who dislike the beatles do so because they see through the charade and would rather listen to something that nourishes their minds and spirits, something true.

    I do apologize if I appear intelligent, it was not my intent to mislead you this way.

    BTW: The beatles are the ‘Sex Panther’ of aftershave.

  22. Stelth

    But Old Spice revolutionized cologne! All colognes that followed owe their scent to Old Spice. Geeze, some people just don’t get it!

  23. Beatle fan

    Like I said, the beatle’s aren’t even my favorite band, i’m not biased against them, if you look at my earlier posts, I even bash them a bit. In all honesty, your judgements more clouded against your site.

    Old Spice may not claim that, but its recent ads have been hailed as great ones as far as ads go. I do see it on sale along with Beatle’s albums in the same store, and do smell it obviously, and see the ads regularly on youtube or the tv, but its a good product so i’m not complaining.

    There is an argument to that, i’ll argue to anything. Have you ever thought that theres a reason they’ve been hyped up to?

    Hell, Metallica is hailed as one of the earliest metal bands, I see them on t-shirts, cups, ads and its to a lesser degree but still, I don’t see nearly the amount of hate.

    I don’t think that if someone dislikes the beatle’s only the reasons they don’t like them. I’m sure you would assume that person is devoid of culture or intelligence, I know you would, so that would be a level of hypocrisy on your part. You said that most people don’t like them for that reason, what about the musical part to it? Has anyone hated on Mccartney’s bass playing?

    Often times i’ll hate a person because they have achieved something greater than I have, that hatred is just not forgiving myself for not achieving that level of success, you can mock that with cute sarcasm, but think about that.

    Don’t worry, you haven’t came across that way at all. Cute sarcasm though.

  24. DogShit

    He’s a troll DAS, no beatle fan could speak or type so eloquently. He doesn’t care either way! He also puts themes, venues, and people together with big mistakes, which I don’t have the time to point out, so it’s best you just focus on the true beatles lovers, and haters.

  25. Beatle fan

    Umm, try 16 not 60, your all trolls, judging by the comments successful trolls at that. Hell i honestly dislike them i’ll go as far as to say. Still what mistakes? i could point out numerous mistakes on this site too. Focus on the people and highlight those who could point out valid arguments.

    Another example is the Fender P-bass. Evolutionary in the electric bass field, thats a fact that would be very hard to disagree with. Not saying its the first but it helped bring electric bass to the fore. I see ads, bumper stickers, tee’s and everything for fender, squire’s are even made for kids. Fender’s hailed as the greatest guitar manufacturer (arguably) how come you don’t hate them or similar companies? If you disagree with that fact of how revolutionary the bass was, general consensus is that you would in fact be wrong.

  26. Beatle fan

    What don’t you comprehend? Don’t lose any credible intelligence you had. The tutu’s every night btw.

  27. Das Post author

    Comprehension isn’t the problem my young friend, its the direction you’ve taken. Fender makes good instruments, I can understand their popularity. I’m more of a Gibson person myself, personal preference. I don’t disagree that the light bulb was a nifty invention either. Your comparison of the beatles to products like Old Spice and P-Basses is rather apt.

    I doubt many people walk down the aisle of their local supermarket and think to themselves, ‘Damn, I love that Mr. Clean song!’ While those very same people will hear Golden Slumbers over the muzak and feel a sudden urge buy whatever brand of diapers beatlemart was advertising that week.

    I don’t hate the beatles for their success any more than I hate U2 for selling iPods, the Rolling Stones selling Macs, Kiss selling McDonald’s burgers, Led Zeppelin selling Cadillacs, Bob Dylan promoting banks, Lou Reed selling Honda, the Stooges selling Nike, Iggy selling carnival cruises (?!?), etc…

    “Have you ever thought that theres a reason they’ve been hyped up to?”

    Yes, I’ve given it a lot of thought. It can be summed up in three parts, nostalgia, marketing and misconception.

    “Has anyone hated on Mccartney’s bass playing?”

    It might lend a little more credibility to beatle enthusiasts if they had some perspective, rather than claiming he’s better than Jaco, Flea, Mingus, Entwistle, Wooten and every other bass player in the world:

  28. Beatle fan

    As its your personel bias against the Beatle’s, its still a matter of opinion, as I believe gibson’s quality control has disintegrated rather steadily lately and is strongly a matter of opinion, some say the same about Fender. Your hatred of the Beatle’s is rather (repeating myself) arbitrary. The comparison is that, the Beatle’s Old Spice, and Fender are all good at what they do, they make products and what the public opinion is not up to them per say. Many people are opinionated about all those things and both sell well, I do agree that the Beatle’s are marketable, over marketed, doesn’t change the fact that people feel as though they have great songs and skill. Hell, read about how many guitarists picked up the guitar because of them. Music isn’t a matter of absolute’s, its a matter of opinion and room for co-existence and can use others as inspiration.

    Nothing wrong with nostalgia. Marketing is used to many bands, and thats strictly opinion.

    You can;t judge a whole crowd of people by the majority, some do have more of a musical knowledge. I personally believe Sid Vicious was quite the bassist………

    Seriously though, its not a matter of who’s best, despite what some may say, there’s room to call them all great bassist’s not saying Mccartney’s better then Flea, Jaco or Entwistle, but doesn’t change the fact that Mccartney had a semblance of skill on the bass, along with all others mentioned.

  29. Das Post author

    So what exactly is your point?
    It’s starting to feel like your running around in circles throwing girly punches.

  30. Das Post author

    Naw, we’ve got enough of that around here already.
    What I’m saying is we can parry these points forever, and neither of us will ever be satisfied because we’re just going around in circles.
    I don’t really understand where your coming from, or what your trying to achieve.
    We see eye to eye on some things, ass to ass on others, and that’s fine.
    You give a good argument, and I wish you all the best with your musical endeavors.
    In the meantime, it’s the weekend and I need to purge my mind with music created by living humans.

    Carry on my friend.

  31. DogShit

    I have to agree that beatlesfan is not making a valid point, and just simply protecting a boy band that sucked from beginning to end. I actually had to reread his last two statements 3 times, and still don’t get it, and have a headache now!

  32. Senor Ding Dong

    Los Beatles son de renombre mundial cabrones trasero de los hombres. Cualquier persona que alaba a ellos debe ser un pedófilo despreciable o, simplemente, una locura mierda bate. John Lennon, se pudran en el infierno hijo de puta sin valor.

  33. Sturmbannführer Krieg

    Die erkrankten Anus, die sich die Beatles sind jetzt halbiert. Vielleicht irgendwann in naher Zukunft bald können wir in einer herrlichen Welt ohne den Unflat von Beatle leben.

  34. Terry

    It’s one thing to be the biggest selling recording act of all time..and another thing to be the most influential rock band of all time..and the Beatles are both..their best five or six albums continually make the top 50 album polls year in year out, decade in, decade out, and artists of all ages and genres admit their influence..the fact that you have a site to heap shit on them is really in a twisted way paying homage to may be miserable there but Beatles music is anything but miserable…….enough said.

  35. DogShit

    Um, Terry, Michael Jackson went way past them in record time in being the best selling. Keep dreaming the bong dreams dude.

  36. Em

    I cannot believe that this site exists. Some people think that the Beatles stink (though I can’t imagine why) and they’re entitled to their own opinion. What’s not okay: continually bashing their fans rudely and bashing them rudely. There are much better ways to express your dislike. Swearing every other word is not one of them.

    No, they weren’t perfect people by any stretch of the imagination, but who is? Certainly not you or me. Did they do things that they shouldn’t have done? Yes, so have I and so have you. The fact remains that they were the most influential band of all time and one of the biggest selling bands of all time. No amount of moronic bashing will change this, no matter what you say.

    By the way, your pictures are quite unimaginative. Would it kill you to at least use your imagination if you’re hell-bent on bashing them?

  37. manta

    Og god, my eyes just opened. Five years of my life I spent listening to the Beatles, I’ve grown up with them and they’ve made me a happier person. But now, thanks to your website, I finally understand that their music is utter bullcrap and I should be ashamed of ever liking it. Thank you for saving me! Gotta go listen to some REAL music now!!! <3

  38. DogShit

    I’m trying to figure out if manta is trying to be facetious or not. If not, then Kudos, glad you saw the light and have a brain and eyes to recognize it, as well as grow away from the Barney music!

  39. stu

    I am a seasoned music theorist, chemist, astronomer, and etc. many things.
    anyway, this site is full of garbage propaganda. the members of the beatles will forever be better than you.
    even if you turned your life around and started practicing music everyday, youd still be behind by the time you died at oh lets say 100. youd never make it to where they did artistically.

    what a loser

  40. DogShit

    Yes stu, that would be great if we never make it to where they did artistically. Then that would mean we wouldn’t suck.

    And Oh, BTW, I’m a astronaut, and one of the ex Kings of England.

  41. sunny

    Beatlesfan seems to be a very reasonable, intelligent and even more importantly; wise person. Consider listening to their valid points. The posters seem very prideful and hateful people in general. Why spread hate around, which is mainly what this site is promoting; a hate towards a group of people. Honestly, consider what is right and wrong here. I understand you believe they are over-rated and they’re clearly not your ‘cup of tea’ but much of this is very immature. Enlighten us if you will and provide valid points on why they produce such horrible music specifically. Saying someone who likes a certain band is incapable of intelligence, is clearly someone unreasonable but I really would like to reason with you. If you want to have a real conversation with someone who’s opinions differ, then you should do it! Please.

  42. Neville Ross

    These are the same people who hate the young kids who Tweeted ‘Who the fuck is Paul McCartney’? and then wanted to hurt them badly.

    FWIW, I love the Fab Four, but I can see that not everybody does, and that this site should exist. Good work.

  43. P.Kalkman

    I am a beatles’re not..and you are telling the world about it!

    That is fine with me…People that are not amused to music in anyway are probably acting like this.

    Keep on posting your hatefull photo’s and reactions!

    ….OR GET A JOB!!!!!