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Free Beatles Christmas Cards 2011

2011 was a busy year for the beatles. There was a book released this year about Yellow Submarine. Yes, Yellow Submarine. Paul McCartney wrote a ballet and re-released a book of paintings. Martin Scorsese made a movie about George Harrison. A book of John Lennon’s letters and cards was released. Ringo is working on his 17th solo album. Somebody made a beatle Love app. John Lennon’s extracted molar sold for $31,000. I’d like to think this is just because of the approaching Armageddon, the Mayan prediction of 2012 and the end of the Long Count Calendar, the End of Days, or even because it’s nearly Christmas.

Unfortunately the truth is far more grievous. This is simply the normal output for the beatlemart/beatleblind mechanism. Every 45 seconds beatlemart pukes another regurgitated blob of insufferable, un-listenable, unwatchable, inedible, ‘must have’ new releases. You aren’t dreaming when you suddenly realize that the beatles released 12 new albums in 2011, or that there were 47 new books written about them, or 12 documentaries, 2 docu-dramas, 4 musicals, 1 opera and 2 new religions based on the writings of The Four.

This revelation can only mean it’s time for Suck My Beatles fifth annual, insanely popular Free beatles Christmas Cards extravaganza! This year we decided to leave out the Christmas messages so you can give out these beautiful cards all year round! We like to think of it as ‘paying it forward’ as opposed to beatlemarts ‘pay us more, muthafucka.’

To print these cards try holding down Ctrl P, Command P on the Mac, or ask your mom for help if you are a beatle fan.

Three Wise Monkeys hate the beatles

The beatles made crap music

The beatles make bad music

The beatles sucked live

stop The beatles before they suck forever

The beatles music was gay, i mean that in the 4th grade sense

The beatles blow

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