The beatles suck, and so do these shirts

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Proclaim your love of the most overrated, overplayed, over-hyped, sugary pop boy band ever to be crammed down your unwilling gullet. Finally you can walk proudly down the street, holding your head high while watching the heads of the beatle-blind explode when faced with the ugly truth.

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The beatles let it be over free t-shirt iron on

The beatles let it be over free t-shirt iron on

The beatles suck free t-shirt iron on

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The beatles suck free t-shirt iron on

The beatles suck free t-shirt iron on

The beatles suck free t-shirt iron on

The beatles suck free t-shirt iron on

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14 thoughts on “The beatles suck, and so do these shirts

  1. JERK

    What I find really funny is the fact that there are Beatles lovers who search and enter this site knowing that it’s a site about how the Beatles suck. What a bunch of pissy little circle jerkers.

  2. Paul McC

    This site is PATHETIC. Get a life. The Beatles are done, there gone now. Let us, the fans, enjoy the great music they left behind. This site just shows how jealous you are about their fame, and I can’t believe you trash talk about John Lennon in this page. HE IS DEAD! He can’t defend himself. He can’t say what is true and what is not. Just stop this, before we do.

  3. Ryan

    Why would you waste so much of your time on negativity? Obviously I’m a huge Beatles fan and you’re completely wrong on everything on this site. The Beatles will continue to outsell true shit overrated bands like Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac and The Eagles for the rest of time. Go back to listening to your Eminem and Justin Bieber. Why don’t you make a nice fan site about them?

  4. Bruce W.

    I completely agree that the Beatles are OVER-RATED! People bash other music groups all the time and it is not a big deal…say something negative about the Beatles and all you hippie, wannabe alternative, Beatle maniacs get all butt-hurt. Newsflash: A lot of people think the Beatles suck! A lot of people think John Lennon sucked!

    You die-hard assholes are the ones that ruin some of the decent songs for everyone. Beatles were pompous, arrogant, asshole sell-outs…if the Beatles weren’t put out of their misery when they were, they would have imploded on their own, became a joke, just like every other DOUCHE BAG boy band after them.


  5. John Sullivan

    You know, not all of us Beatles fans are the same. You can go ahead and criticize them all you want, I’m not about to jump all over anyone that doesn’t like them and say “how dare you”. I do think that they are the greatest group that ever was, but that’s just my opinion, and of course you’re more than entitled to yours that they are overrated as well.

    But that’s just it, you’re opinion. Don’t lose sight of that. The fact that you walk down the street and can’t get away from them doesn’t really make it their fault, in my eyes. Yes there’s certainly a great deal of over exposure to the point of it becoming nauseating, I can see that.

    But it seems to me that you simply hate the fans more than the band itself.

    Criticisms on here about their ability to play their instruments or how good their songwriting was are pretty hilarious. One does not have to be a virtuoso instrumentalist to be considered good, or to have the ability to make others happy with your music. To imply that The Beatles suck because they were in your eyes mediocre players is absurd, but again you’re entitled to your opinion.

    As for their songwriting, many of their chord progressions and melodies were in fact quite sophisticated and unlike anything anyone else was doing at the time, certainly not in pop music. They were always ahead of the curve. I’ve yet to see a single person say they wrote mediocre songs who actually had any advanced knowledge of music theory and composition.

    This site is also loaded with factual errors concerning their history. And most of the other commenters on here criticizing them are speaking out of ignorance. The Beatles were not pompous or arrogant, they were not hippies, and they were not “put out of their misery”.

    But the simplest truth of all is this: their music and their legacy is timeless, and will live on long after you are dead and this website’s URL goes up for sale.


  6. Brandon Nelson

    I would like to reply to John Sullivan and all of the other persons who have commented on here in regards to The Beatles being the best band of all-time. Facts are facts and they are not in fact the very best. In your opinions The Beatles might just be the best band of all-time, however there are ways to determine if they were in fact the best. Facts are not subjective they are objective and can be measured, whereas opinions cannot be measured. The Beatles definitely are up there as “one” of the best-selling bands of all-time however they are not the best nor the most popular. I admit they were revolutionary for their time and were also extremely talented, but a few bands have surpassed their status as the greatest of all-time. The fact is that in order to objectively measure a band’s success and how they compare to the rest several areas must be considered. Some major areas to use for comparison are the amount of revenue the bands have made (which The Beatles are once again up near the top but not at the top – Kiss and Michael Jackson have made more revenue to name a couple), the number of hit songs they either wrote, recorded, or both (which there are many bands that have more hit songs such as Guns n’ Roses, The Offspring, The Beach Boys, Michael Jackson, The Rolling Stones and the list goes on). Longevity is another factor and though The Beatles did last for awhile they did not last as long as Michael Jackson, The Beach Boys, The Offspring (who are still making hits/albums), The Rolling Stones, and ACDC. The Beatles were great in their time and for the older generation, but have no place in modern society. Many great bands/music writers existed back in those times. Bob Dillon alone could be considered better than The Beatles if you want to talk about inspiring lyrics, instrumental talent, and authenticity not to mention his songs are more covered than any band or artist in history. The Beatles were alright but I’m sorry they were not the best of all-time, nor will they ever be. And many songs from bands long ago will be purchased, played, and raved about long after we’re all dead, but facts are facts and The Beatles did suck on many many occasions and they were in fact hypocrites just like Salt n’ Pepper. The Beatles are overhyped and given way too much credit. The top two artists/bands of all-time based on the categories above are The Rolling Stones and Michael Jackson. The Beatles did not have as many hits, they have not sold more albums or memorabilia, and they did not play/perform as long as The Rolling Stones or Michael Jackson. Not to mention that even though The Beatles could play and write songs they were in fact lousy stage performers, because all they did was stand there and play, whereas Michael Jackson could Moonwalk and created all of his own choreography and The Rolling Stones also had good choreography and moved around the stage. I’ll give The Beatles their due, but they are not the best of all-time.