A Brief Introduction.


The Beatles. Great harmonies, great guitar work, inventive songs, arrangements and recording techniques. Anybody who doesn’t give them a well-deserved nod of respect needs to step back and really listen to some of their work. A lot of people, myself included, consider them to be one of the greatest rock bands in history.

Or at least I did.

I’ve opened my eyes, now I want to help open yours.

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This is the Problem:

You cannot escape the beatles. You have no choice but to like them because you’ve been brainwashed. You are an open wallet and a vacuous mind whittling away your time and money into a bottomless chasm of corporate greed, exploitation, and lukewarm drivel.

Disagree? Walk into a bookstore, this time with your eyes open.There is at least one new book written every week, at Christmas these figures quadruple. Every mundane aspect of their lives has been chronicled in pictures and biography after biography. Do you really need to know what John Lennon ate for breakfast on July 3rd, 1968? Do you care that Paul McCartney once had a boil on his ass? Who said what, when, to whom and why? Is this band so important to the world that over twenty thousand books still can’t say enough? Ask yourself, do they really need to have five shelves in the music section, as well as taking up space under biography, art, photography, pop culture, movies, sociology, pre-school curricula, children’s books, poetry, cooking, graphic novels, calendars, business, law, philosophy, self-help, religion, comicbooks

The list is endless. If you think I’m joking try one of the links.

But hey, people still buy them, so why not pump out some stale facts about a band that broke up over thirty years ago. How exciting!

Walk into a music store; once again with your eyes open. Beatles cds take up at least three solid rows (all full priced, at about $20USD each, not including double albums) and the latest best of, anthology, or remix occupies space in the bestseller rack.

But people still buy them, so why not pump out some stale albums by a band that broke up over thirty years ago. How exciting! If you think about it for a moment it’s like repackaging and reselling the same sandwich every day. It doesn’t any fresher, yet for some strange reason people can’t help themselves from devouring these crusty remnants.

Here is where it will begin to make sense.

Walk to your car and turn on the radio. Even if you don’t put on your favorite cd, or even listen to classic rock radio, you will hear the beatles! Alt. rock covers, country covers, orchestral versions, jazz versions, easy listening instrumentals, reggae, dub, dance, R&B, you name it. If you aren’t exposed to them through station programming you will hear them during the commercials. Turn on the TV, same thing.

-Walk into an office building or a shopping mall. You will hear beatles muzak.

-Walk down the street. You will hear buskers playing them.

-Cars driving by will be blaring them.

-Migrant farm workers forgo the work chants of old and instead sweat to the rhythm of Oh Darlin’.

-When you go into the bar to drown your sorrows if there isn’t a band playing a cover you’re guaranteed to hear them either on the jukebox or the house system.

You’ve heard the beatles everyday since you’ve been born. The first album I ever had was A Hard Days Night. It was gift from my parents, and I played it on my little plastic (government issued?) Fischer-Price® record player. We now know about the dangers of second hand smoke on children, but what about the dangers of the Ludovico Technique destroying their freedom of thought? This is Orwell’s NewSpeak. I was forced to hear it in the womb, which we’ve only recently learned is the deadly Fetal Beatle Syndrome (FBS).

Now stop and think, ‘Do I really like the beatles, or am I just so bombarded by them that I’m programmed to tap my feet and hum along while spouting bits of useless trivia?’ Isn’t it strange that you already know the words and melody to every beatles song, whether you realize it or not. It’s sad, really. You’ve never even had the chance to figure out if you like them, the decision has already been made. It’s been drilled into your head from the time you were a toddler, and you know their catalogue better than you do the alphabet.

If you’ve made it this far, you’re beginning to see the truth. Stick around and take a look around. There is a lot to learn, and more importantly, unlearn.Clear your head from the psychological manipulation you’ve been subjected to for so long. Spread the word and free some minds of your own if you’re so inclined. The insatiable hunger for useless warmed over facts you already know and songs you could sing in your sleep is nearing its end.

Thank you,


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  1. Eleanor

    Obviously you have nothing better to do than waste time with these silly things.
    Obviously you are a bitter life.
    Surely you are one of those who burned photos and albums That night, right? And if you’re old enough to have been there, is you who has been brainwashed.

  2. bobby2

    they were a terrible band manufactured specially for the casualties of the 20th century working class. please keep up the good work this sites excellent! 🙂 all the best, love bobby2

  3. themadglover3

    I only have to say that this thing that you’re doing is a waste of time from my perspective. ¡Ah! I like The Beatles, but I really think that if you gonna criticize something you have to have (I don’t know if I wrote that right) solid arguments and not just subjective thoughts. Other thing… I play guitar and I have some knowledge about music, and music is what I like the most of The Beatles and I think that the music is the important thing in their carrer, that’s obvious ¿isn’t it?
    I don’t hate you, everybody have free will, keep with your job, but please, find better reasons to hate The Beatles or anything that cross your mind. I say that ’cause —as I already said— everybody have free will, and they are free to like or dislike the things they want, so The Beatles is just another entertainment (no forced) for the people.
    Remember, we are free.

  4. DogShit

    The way he wrote that with the spelling, grammar, and diction, you could just smell the reefer wafting in the breeze. At least he was nice though.

  5. scott

    We’ve been bombarded by the Beatles simply because they were a truly great band.Good chemistry.Their solo careers were alternately interesting,boring and down right embarrassing.What came after the Beatles “proper”was an endless repackaging of the music and memorabilia but for me personally that doesn’t detract from my love of the actual songs although I prefer the original recordings to the inevitable remastered and remixed stuff.(and depressing vomit inducing elevator muzak renditions of the Beatles)That goes for a lot of older recordings for me.Leave them alone for God’s sake.Don’t “colorize” those old movies Mr.Turner.Anyway my point is you seem to be using the endless marketing of the band-half of whom are no longer living,as justification for claiming the Beatles suck. “Greed” sucks fine but surely not the fab four?

  6. Paula

    You must be insane. And apparently you are not alone. I must admit, I want to say I’m not surprised, but it am.
    The Beatles: the greatest band of all times.
    Deal with it. I am guessing you are some sort of ” artist” who is not getting the attention he/she deserves… Or so you think.
    Go to a mental institution and never come back out. And know you are missing out.

  7. DogShit

    They were the greatest scam and media pushed of all times. That’s all. How do you think Obama got re elected. Because people are stupid.

  8. Some Moron

    I can agree with you that The Beatles are kind of overrated but I still think a lot of their stuff is great. I didn’t really have The Beatles shoved down my throat besides my parents having a Greatest Hits CD in the car as a kid that was played every once in a while. But I still like The Beatles, and that’s my opinion, not society forcing their opinion on me that The Beatles is the greatest band ever. They’re overrated but I still like the music.

  9. Professor Taylor

    Obviously You have too much time on your hands. I would call you an Idiot, but I will just say that you are very uneducated. Rock would be dead if it were not for The Beatles!

  10. Das Post author

    Too much time on my hands? I haven’t updated since Christmas!
    I appreciate the misguided and delusional comments though, thanks Professor.

  11. Mike

    I hate them. They’re the most overrated band ever. Thanks for the site. You would be surprised by how many of us actually hate the Beatles.

  12. Scott

    Not really seeing your argument here. I definitely see some of your theories, but they’re not near solid enough. Commercialism? Can’t blame the band for that. Oh yeah, maybe you can make an argument for McCartney, who learned to be a businessman regrettably early, but you must be aware that the band isn’t actually writing the books, printing the designs onto t-shirts, or churning out the memorabilia themselves. As far as the predominant presence of the music, well they’re not making up the radio playlists nor paying off people to blast their music out of car windows. And I have never once heard a migrant worker singing any Beatles song, let alone Oh! Darling. The Beatles themed cruise and festivals and tribute bands also have nothing to do with the band they’re praising. John Lennon himself thought a lot of their output was sub standard. I don’t agree with him, but that’s hardly a self-congratulatory attitude. And George? He considered himself a gardner and a devotee before he would buy into the notion that he was something called a “Beatle”.

    Oh, by the way, the zappa.com website is selling original copies of Zappa’s album he recorded with the London Symphony Orchestra (creatively called London Symphony Orchestra Volume 1) for one hundred and fifty fucking dollars. They’re also selling cd’s of Zappa’s congressional testimony for eighteen bucks a throw, when you can get the same recording elsewhere for free. And they wanted eighteen bucks for a download of a greatest hits album (Mothermania). Eighteen bucks! You don’t even get a jewel case to put the fucking thing in!

    They were a group of musicians. They wrote and recorded a lot of music for the short time they were actively working as a band, and that music is still highly revered and praised by a lot of people. Yes, they have their obsessives, but find me a band with any success that doesn’t. As far as the merch, it’s a pretty low pressure situation. If you don’t wish to own John Lennon ties, Paul McCartney poetry collections, or Beatles golf clubs, you don’t have to buy them.

    As far as the music not being “original” enough, well there’s an argument that can’t be won. That is a matter of opinion, and we can all cite other people and their opinions until we asphyxiate ourselves. The fact that John wrote one song inspired by a Corn Flake commercial and then mentioned a corn flake in another song is hardly unusual for a song writer. Please, show me a band that hasn’t been inspired by something ordinary, or mentioned a product in their lyrics somewhere. The Beatles only stole ideas from Chuck Berry and the Isley Brothers? Yeah, there’s no trace of Ornette Coleman or the Four Deuces in the work of Captain Beefheart. Captain Beefheart was also un-original enough to use regular instruments like guitars and drums to record his “masterpieces”. He also wrote songs about electricity, the sound “click-clack”, and the fucking Abba Zaba candy bar. The melody of “Frownland” and the lyrics from “Dachau Blues” (both from Trout Mask Replica, Captain Beefheart’s most celebrated album, for those of you keeping score at home) really don’t seem superior to the melodies or lyrics of nursery rhymes You also mentioned mind control as a weapon used by the Beatles. Ask Zoot Horn Rollo if he knows anyone who used mind control to manipulate other people. I wonder what he’d say.

    I get that some of the over-enthusiastic Beatles fans can be unfortunate to deal with, but ultimately they’re excited about the music they love. I’m an obsessive record collector, with more Beatles albums than any other group, but I like other stuff and I don’t think that anything and everything the Beatles did as a group was gold. Just most of it.

    To take a moment to comment on Reason #1754 (are you sure you’re counting these right?), the Fillmore East concert was a truly unfortunate fiasco for an interesting artifact of live improvisation. The credits on Sometime in New York City should never have been published that way, and Lennon should have gotten a sound thrashing for claiming composer credit. But I don’t think Zappa invented the word scumbag. Nor do I think he invented the word “psychedelic” despite his claims to the contrary. As far as Lennon’s parody of the cover of the Fillmore East album, I thought that was great. The original cover of the Fillmore East album was a blatant rip-off of the generic white covers that bootlegs came in at the time. If you’re going to argue that the White Album was the same, remember that the first bootlegs wouldn’t show up on the underground market until the Whilte Album was out for a year. The artwork on the Beatles album was the embossing and the number stamp. If you can show me an item, any item, that they stole this idea from I’d love to see it. Back to the parody idea, Zappa parodied the Beatles Sgt Pepper first.

    And if Freak Out! is a concept album, what’s the concept? One whole side of a sprawling improvised piece hardly constitutes a concept album. When exactly did McCartney call and ask permission to use the idea of a concept album? I remember Frank talking about calling McCartney to ask if he could parody the Sgt Pepper album, and McCartney’s response sounded weird and corporate (see my comment on McCartney’s business behavior above). I think you’re confusing the story.

    Oh, by the way, the zappa.com website is selling original copies of Zappa’s album he recorded with the London Symphony Orchestra (creatively called London Symphony Orchestra Volume 1) for one hundred and fifty fucking dollars. You can get a dozen of those original pressing albums for four bucks each if you need them on vinyl. Being as it’s a digital recording, the vinyl itself is truly worthless. Except maybe for the stunning photo of Frank on the back. They’re also selling cd’s of Zappa’s congressional testimony for eighteen bucks a throw, when you can get the same recording elsewhere for free. And they wanted eighteen bucks for a download of a greatest hits album (Mothermania). Eighteen bucks! You don’t even get a jewel case to put the fucking thing in! Let’s dig up Zappa’s corpse and yell at him for trying to bilk money from his fans.

  13. Das Post author

    Hey Scott,

    Thanks for the message, I appreciate that you took the time to look around the site a bit before setting your pronouns to annihilate. I’ve finally encountered someone with as much, or more, useless knowledge as myself. I’ll try and address your main points.

    Zappa first, and keep in mind I’m by no means a fanatic. Regarding the Zappa Family Trust’s current sales practices, it’s pretty well documented that Gail is a loose cannon. It’s regrettable, but shouldn’t reflect on the music or the artist. She also tried to copyright the name ‘Captain Beefheart.’ What more can you say?

    Regarding #1754, I like the Fillmore album and the Flo and Eddie running wild years a lot. I also agree the Lennon cover was funny, but it’s bad form, bad karma, and illegal (unless you’re an obscenely rich musician) to take credit for other peoples music. We both agree on this. I didn’t say Zappa invented the word scumbag, just introduced it into the performance. I’m not aware of his claims of inventing the word psychedelic, though he may have been one of the first to make fun of it. Freak Out is widely accepted as the first concept album. I can see how the concept might seem thin on side four. You can look at it as a step beyond the music on the rest of the album as having no commercial potential, or an extended freak out by a group of freaks on an album of the same name.
    On the same token, why is Sgt Peppers considered a concept album? Aside from being told it is one, what is the concept? It starts with a song and almost ends with a reprise of the same song? Has a cover with lots of people on it?

    a couple of tunes were slightly longer than the average pop song. They had an interesting collage of ditties based lyrically on leaky roofs, articles in the newspaper, circus posters, meter maids, corn flake commercials, one either about drugs or a drawing by a child, and one about spirituality. Musically, they combined influences from 30’s music, skiffle, rock and carnivals. In other words, they took advantage of the tools at their disposal to cobble together a collection of half-baked ideas


    I can’t find the source for the quote about McCartney calling Zappa for permission to record a concept album. It does sound like a strange thing to do, so until further evidence comes forward I’ll strike that from the record.
    Zoot Horn Rollo held the unfortunate position of being an impressionable and star-struck young man working for a charismatic, overbearing, visionary and I’m sure slightly manipulative and egotistical musical force. Beefheart had influences. He used standard instruments. Every musician does. It’s quite possible that no living being on earth has the etic reality to create something that has not been filtered through a musical sieve. I will say listening to Beefheart it’s a little tougher to pick out his influences than listening to Come Together. http://suckmybeatles.com/2011/11/04/how-the-beatles-come-together/

    Anywhoo, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m sure the beatles got into this with the best of intentions and a great regard for the music they loved to play. The corporate pop rock (or whatever you want to call it) which is selling billions of albums, fruit juices and trading cards and is twerking it’s way to ever greater heights is based on the blueprints they created.

    Thanks again for the comment,
    I wore myself out on the Zappa talk.
    Take care,

    ***(BTW, broken link problem fixed, thanks guys!)
    Beatles hot chocolatate
    Beatles musical toys for kids

  14. Ben Bernanke

    How does any of this constitute an argument that they suck?
    You could maybe say in general that popbands got/get too much attention, but that doesn’t have anything to do with a specific group sucking or not. You’re argument is sort of a hipster, reversed ad populum argument. If everybody likes this, it can’t be good right? Because all good music comes out of some alternative fringe setting where three people claim they “liked it first”.
    In the end, it’s purely subjective, except for the fact you can’t deny, which is they had more influence on other relevant music, than any of their contemporaries.
    Secondly and lastly, go suck a dick.

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  16. heh

    I don’t really give a shit whether you like The Beatles or not (and honestly, neither does anybody else; hating something does not make you special like you seem to think it does), but devoting an entire website to how much you dislike something, especially something as inconsequential as a band of musicians, is a pretty pathetic thing to. You know what I do with things I don’t like? Ignore them. You’re not contributing anything even remotely meaningful or positive to the world. Why don’t you find a real issue to devote your energy to? Oh well, your life, you can spend your time how you’d like I guess.

  17. Bella

    I’m not sure where you’re hearing Beatles music everywhere, but I must be missing it. I listen to my local classic rock radio station every day and I hear the Beatles maybe (maybe?) three times a week. I barely ever hear them in the store. Honestly, I think I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve heard the Beatles blasting out of someone’s car.
    Maybe I don’t get out enough. But I want to go wherever you’re hearing all this Beatles music….it sounds like my kind of place.

  18. Thomas

    I used to be one of those rabid Beatles-loving idiots. Of course, then I grew up and realized that their music sucks, plain and simple. Especially their irritating little kiddie songs and drug anthems. Fuck ’em. Even the band name is annoying. Beatles… ugghh…

  19. STEVEN


  20. Steve

    This isnt my website but its certainly one of the best anti Beatles sites on the web. The biggest problem with the Beatles is that they are satanic Freemasons, who were sellouts to the Illuminati. Consequentially because of their godlike status , the new world order is one huge step to becoming a very ugly reality in the not to distant future unless we all wake up to whats going on in the music , and entertainment industry. If the Beatles were the rebels they portrayed themselves as, then maybe things would be much different.