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2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Beatles Fan!

    People who like the Beatles and send hate emails to this website are insane. I like the Beatles. I have liked them since age 14 and I’m now 42. As a kid, my Father would say the Beatles sucked, and he never liked their music. So what? It’s only an opinion. I don’t go around preaching about the Beatles or forcing someone to listen to their music. Is Mozart better than the Ramones? Is Slayer better than Miles Davis? Who cares??? And yes, they are very overrated. I like their music, but they are still overrated. They still pissed and shit like the rest of humanity. Hell, Rigno and Paul are still pissing and shitting. Bye 1-26-2013

  2. Zohra

    I think whoever invented this website should be reported because The Beatles have been a great success to many countries across the world and nobody will ever take them down! So if you’re gonna say that they suck, well let me tell you something! You suck and you have no right to insult The Beatles and their fans! You have no rights at all and whether you like it or not, I would gladly like it if somebody takes down whoever invented this morons website! Never ever I wanna see this bastards page again! You should all be ashamed of yourselves because of how much The Beatles worked there arses off to write such life changing songs! You’re a disgrace!