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Reason #267 – The Beatle Ford Clinic

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

If you’ve ever searched for an excuse to drink on a Monday, today is for you.
Tip back a few yards of your favorite poison and don’t forget to drink to your pals at SMB.

Just be sure to avoid any noxious concoctions like the Brandy Alexander (Brandy and Milk?!?) which Lennon loved so dearly, or you may wind up in the Beatle Ford Clinic. This is a fate far worse than death, which the following video proves conclusively.

(warning – don’t watch)

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Reason #517 – You Say Good Buy, I Say Hell No.

This is a clever tactic, a new form of some sort of Gonzo Advertising. Target has not only advertised a product, but simultaneously created a demand for it.
By the end of this thirty second spot you will definitely need to run out for a fresh supply of toilet paper. Talk about squeezing out a winner, they’re shitting gravy!

This is marketing at its finest.
(warning – don’t watch)

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Reason # 851 – Chryslers, Condoms, Aliens and…Ringo?

We’ve been getting a lot of flack lately for insinuating that the FF were merely pawns controlled by a gigantic bankroll known only as beatlemart. After many long and heated debates we’ve decided to distance ourselves from this line of investigation. To make it up to the powers that be, we’ve put together a short video apology.

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