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Reason #800% – The Beatles Compressed

I’m sure you’ve heard about the entire UK cataloge of the beatles being compressed into one hour by Steve McLaughlin.
You’re probably waiting for a derogatory comment about this useless endeavor, but here at SMB, we support it!

If they were to play all their songs on the air compressed at 800%, there would be a fair chance something else might slip into the average classic rock stations playlist, or at the very least the torture would be over quickly.

In all honestly, it would still be filled with ads for the next ridiculous remix, followed by the Led Zeppelin clone of the week.

I don’t know what kind of brain dead sycophant could listen to this for an entire hour, let alone edit it. God help us!

If you do happen to be a brain dead beatle sycophant, listen up. I have a huge treat. No, its not a link to this testament to a wasted life, its 800% better:

The Complete Exotic Beatles Vol 2 compressed into two minutes!

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I know how its hard to fit in time to listen to superb beatle covers, especially since the White Album is duct taped to your turntable. Here’s your chance to hear MORE bEATLES while not even listening to the beatles!

Perfect for trips to the bathroom, the bedroom, getting the laundry. Just pop it in your iPod and its FF time, oh yeah!