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I Hate the beatles

I’m not trying to be controversial, and it’s not just a phase I’m going through.

This beautiful work of art was created by designer and photographer Phil Rose. We’d like to salute this brave artist, who has undoubtedly gone into exile after a fatwa was declared on him for slandering the holy name of the beatles.

I hate the beatles

You can visit the author’s Flickr page here, and do whatever it is you do on Flickr pages:
I hate the beatles, by Phil Rose

Reason #387 – I Hate the beatles

This is an original song inspired by the music of the FF. It’s a perfect tribute which takes the skiffled, nursery rhyme pop songs that toddlers can sing along to…and makes it better.
It was performed live on the Dean Martin Show in 1965 with Allan Sherman and Vic Damone. Free from Jerry Lewis, Martin first integrated Las Vegas with the Rat Pack before deciding it was time to croon it like it is, denouncing the beatles in their heydey for the weasels they were.
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