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760 thoughts on “100 Reasons Why The Beatles Suck

  1. Tim


    New kids On The Block never went through “phases” in their music. It was pretty much just the Hangin’ Tough years and that was it. The Beatles started as a boy band, but you can’t deny that they evolved in an extreme fashion and ended up sounding, in the end, nothing like they sounded at the beginning.

    And I don’t think any Beatles fan has ever denied that George Martin was the most musically talented member of the band. That doesn’t mean the Beatles didn’t conceptualize and record brilliant music starting about halfway through Rubber Soul until the end.

    Do you really think only teenage girls ever liked the Beatles?

  2. Eric

    Who wrote this shit? jaja is completely stupid! without the Beatles by now the music would be as boring as this page!

  3. Michelle

    Thank You!
    You finally see my point that Elvis kicks Beatles butt! The beatles had hippie fans. Elvis had all types and ages of fans. The Beatles were foriegn.
    Elvis was american. The Beatles are not well know all over the world. Elvis is the second most common name only to Coke.
    The Beatles stink. Elvis rocks.The Beatles wrote crappy songs without meaning. Elvis wrote wonderful songs with true meaning. There are many more things but for now that is all I will put. Thank you for hating the Beatles and loving Elvis just like me!

  4. Caeley

    Thank You!
    You finally see my point that Elvis kicks Beatles butt! The beatles had hippie fans. Elvis had all types and ages of fans. The Beatles were foriegn.
    Elvis was american. The Beatles are not well know all over the world. Elvis is the second most common name only to Coke.
    The Beatles stink. Elvis rocks.The Beatles wrote crappy songs without meaning. Elvis wrote wonderful songs with true meaning. There are many more things but for now that is all I will put. Thank you for hating the Beatles and loving Elvis just like me! And Eric this page is not boring!

  5. AT

    Sweetheart, ELvis IS the BEST. But he never wrote any of his music. And thats ok. Not every great singer is a writer. He had some of the best songwriters in the world bring him material to record. The Beatles can never compare to ELvis. Without Elvis, there would have been NO Beatles. Even the Beatles said that! A quote from John Lennon:“ Before Elvis, there was Nothing“.

  6. nicola

    I totally agree!

  7. Dan

    Most of these arent even good reasons… but anyway the Beatles were good. Maybe a bit overrated, but still good.
    And to people who think Elvis is better
    He didn’t even do anything new.. He just kinda copied black music and that made him famous.

  8. Ninjainmahpants

    The beatles fucking rule shucka! Elvis quit after da beatles came :P. Elvis is cool , but the beatles were bettah! YOU SUCK FOR WRITING THIS FUCKIN WEBSITE Orla sucks! I bet the person who made this website is just JEALOUS OF THE BEATLES CUZ THEY ARE FAMOUS AND THEY GOT MONEH!

  9. Nick

    That was the most pathetic thing I have ever read. I’m seriously worried.

    Whoever published that piece of shit probably couldn’t figure out how to turn his brain on. Then, he realised he hadn’t bought one yet.

    Idiots wouldn’t get that joke. Like most of you.

    It’s good to have an opinion. But forcing others to adapt to it is like trying to tunnel into a toilet. You cannot do it. It’s not like:

    “This is true! Well, maybe it isn’t, but it should be! Agree with me because what you think is false! Again, maybe it isn’t, but it more likely is…”

    It gets nowhere slowly. And then you get those yobs that respond in a line of imcomprehensible errored texttalk (YEH I no I BLODY 8 teh BEATLES!!!!) just because they can’t spell and/or they’re too lazy, and too lazy to admit that they follow sheep because they’re a bunch of good-for-nothing losers that can’t make up their own mind.

    The Beatles are a band. A band. Yes, I said a band. I’m not saying a “A BAND!! WIKID! ROC ON!!!” I’m saying that that is what they are. Therefore, one can’t criticise them like this. One can’t make them out to be some sort of monstrous great enemy. And thanking someone for hating something that they hate is like saying God Bless to a bum that’s thrown his half-full beer can at you. See, now I’m starting to get bored of making up sarcastic imagery.

    So, if you hate the Beatles, fine. It’s okay if you say it in a formal, honest way. You can hate the Beatles, there’s no law against it.

    But for the uncontrollable lowlifes who just luuurve to hate things: Next time, I have a little idea. Print off the page, soak it in water, eat it, then try to regurgitate it. Because dirty, half-baked, stroppy opinions and hate pleasures like those don’t go down well.


  10. J.T.

    >He just kinda copied black music and that made him famous.

    Not true. Elvis, like many of the other early rockers mixed rhythm n’ blues with country to create a new style. Scotty Moore was a country guitarist. And the early Beatles copied Buddy Holly, and later Beatles copied the Doors, the Velvet Underground, and Zappa. Well, not really copied, but were influenced by, which wouldn’t be a problem if everybody didn’t say everything they did was completely new.

  11. BILL

    dude I hate the Beatles they suck. I mean come one. “we all live in a yellow submarine” what were you high. or were you on an LSD trip.

  12. VJ

    Bill, you’re obviously a dumbass. Of course they were on LSD. But have you heard any of their other songs? No, you probably haven’t.

  13. Das Post author

    Yeah Bill, how could anyone hear one of their songs and dislike them? Do you form your own opinions or something? Do you have a brain? WTF!

  14. james

    The beatles… what the Fuck?? This crap band killed “REAL” Rock and Roll with “their” crap fest “music”. True music fans see these jokes for what they are. Garbage. I would rather listen to a 6-year old sing madonna songs. At least I could slap the little bitch down, ans save my ear drums

  15. Burgley

    It’s funy and #90(i think thats the one about yoko) is true, but other than that it was stupid headbanging and shagging to it is not what music is all about

  16. Charlie

    The Beatles are unquestionably the best and most important band in rock history, as well as the most compelling story. Almost miraculously, they embodied the apex of the form artistically, commercially, culturally and spiritually at just the right time, the tumultuous ’60s, when music had the power to literally change the world (or at least to give the impression that it could, which may be the same thing). The Beatles are the archetype: there is no term in the language analogous to “Beatlemania.”

    Three lads from Liverpool — John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison — came together at a time of great cultural fluidity in 1960 (with bit players Stu Sutcliffe and Pete Best), absorbed and recapitulated American rock ‘n’ roll and British pop history unto that point, hardened into a razor sharp unit playing five amphetamine-fueled sets a night in the tough port town of Hamburg, Germany, returned to Liverpool, found their ideal manager in Brian Epstein and ideal producer in George Martin, added the final piece of the puzzle when Ringo Starr replaced Best on drums, and released their first single in the U.K., “Love Me Do/P.S. I Love You,” all by October of 1962.

    Their second single, “Please Please Me,” followed by British chart-toppers “From Me to You,” “She Loves You,” “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” “Can’t Buy Me Love” (all Lennon/McCartney originals), and the group’s pleasing image, wit and charm, solidified the Fab Four’s delirious grip on their homeland in 1963.

    But it was when the group arrived in the U.S. in February 1964 that the full extent of Beatlemania became manifest. Their pandemonium-inducing five-song performance on the Ed Sullivan Show on February 9 is one of the cornerstone mass media events of the 20th century. I was five at the time — my parents tell me I watched it with them, but I honestly don’t remember. I do remember, though, that the girls next door, four and six years older than I, flipped over that appearance and dragged me into their giddy madness soon thereafter. I loved “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” the Beatles’ first No. 1 in the U.S. (they had 19 more, still the record), more than any other song I have ever heard, or almost assuredly will ever hear, with a consuming intensity that I can only now touch as a memory.

    The Beatles generated an intensity of joy that slapped tens of millions of people in the face with the awareness that happiness and exuberance were not only possible, but in their presence, inevitable. They generated an energy that was amplified a million times over and returned to them in a deafening tidal wave of grateful hysteria.

    A partial result of that deafening hysteria was that the band became frustrated with their concerts and stopped performing live after a San Francisco show on August 29, 1966. Yet even this frustration bore fruit, as the four musicians, aided almost incalculably by producer Martin, turned their creative energies to the recording studio, producing ever more sophisticated and accomplished albums “Rubber Soul” (1965, “Drive My Car,” “Norwegian Wood,” “You Won’t See Me,” “Nowhere Man,” “Michelle”), “Revolver” (1966, Harrison’s “Taxman,” “Eleanor Rigby,” “Here, There and Everywhere,” “Yellow Submarine,” “Good Day Sunshine,” “And Your Bird Can Sing”), the majestic and epochal “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” (1967, title track, “With a Little Help From My Friends,” “Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds,” “When I’m Sixty-Four,” “A Day In the Life”).

    Though centrifugal force began to take its toll, they still managed to produce three more album masterpieces, double-album “The Beatles” (1968, a.k.a. “The White Album,” with “Back In the USSR,” “Dear Prudence,” “Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da,” Harrison’s “While My Guitar Gently Weeps,” “Blackbird,” “Birthday,” “Helter Skelter”), “Let It Be” (recorded in early 1969 but not released until 1970, with the title track, “Two Of Us,” “Across the Universe,” “I’ve Got a Feeling,” “The Long and Winding Road” and “Get Back”), and the fitting climax “Abbey Road” (1969, Harrison’s “Here Comes the Sun” and “Something,” Ringo’s “Octopus’s Garden,” “Come Together,” “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer,” “I Want You,” “She Came In Through the Bathroom Window”).

    They made an incredible promise and instead of backing down from that promise they delivered and delivered and delivered for eight years until the full implications of the promise finally hit them: they were staring into the jaws of an insatiable, ravenous beast that was no less beastly because it smiled and waved and gave them money. The Beatles finally suffered a collective inability to pretend that the beast was not a beast, and in 1970 they broke up and returned to being human.

    P.S. Listen to the fucking masterpiece that is Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band.

  17. Natalie

    I completely agree word-for-word with Nick and Charlie (except maybe the bit about going human again after their break up – I’m not quite sure going back to normal is possible after an experience like that.)
    How anyone could dislike The Beatles is totally and completely beyond me.
    You’d have to be extremely stubborn and close-minded, and have some pretty shitty taste in rock/pop mnusic.


    Hahahaha. Wow. See, this is hard evidence that it is NOT normal to dislike the Beatles and their music.
    I understand that you can’t simply shove a band down people’s throats, you should let them develop their own opinion. But Christ, they’re THE BEATLES. Give them a chance.
    I’ve become close friends with this girl I go to school with, and I showed up to school in my Let It Be t-shirt, and her first reaction was, “The Beatles? Ew.”
    I politely asked her why she didn’t like their music, and her response was, “They’re lame.”
    Me: What do you mean by “lame” exactly?
    Her: Their music just sucks.
    Me: Have you heard many of their songs?
    Her: Not a lot, maybe 2 or 3, but “we all live in a yellow submarine” sounds pretty gay.
    Me: Have you heard Let It Be?
    Her: No
    Me: Across the Universe?
    Her: Nope.
    Me: Okay, so based on one of their songs, you can conclude that they’re a terrible band?
    Her: Well, yeah. I mean, weren’t they on acid and stuff too?

    Many of the most talented and legenday musicians of the 20th century were also on drugs. And they were never “addicted” per say, like people make it out to be. Lennon was in the ’70s, but he fought the addiction and got over it.
    Now maybe you people should get over yourselves and stop being so fucking ridiculus.

  18. Das Post author

    Thanks for the history lesson Charlie, its always a pleasure to read a completely unbiased opinion surrounded by useless facts.

    Natalie, your friend is right. Torturing her with more music is only going to hurt your argument.
    Now you kids all run along and play in traffic or something.

  19. ryan

    haha! i love the beatles, but that was fucking hilarious! it gets across the resounding message that the beatles are the most overrated thing ever to be rated.

  20. thebeatledude

    You guys are the biggest bunch of idiots on earth… The Beatles are number ONE ever in most album sales, not elvis. he was fake and couldnt even write his own music because he was nothing but a stupid redneck, fuck graceland, and fuck america

  21. Das Post author

    “Before Elvis, there was nothing.” – John Lennon

    “But we sold out, you know. The music was dead before we even went on the theater tour of Britain. We were feeling shit already, because we had to reduce an hour or two hours’ playing, which we were glad about in one way, to twenty minutes, and we would go on and repeat the same twenty minutes every night. The Beatles’ music died then, as musicians. That’s why we never improved as musicians; we killed ourselves then to make it. And that was the end of it. ” – John Lennon

  22. Bwaf

    ok, on “reason” 80, they were going to make the letters help, but the photographer changed it to maker it look better, and the beatles are the best friggen band in the world, GET OVER IT and if you heard revolution or helter skelter, you wouldnt think it was beatles now would you? so music is like candy, you have to throw away the rappers, and


  23. DON

    Okay, right off the bat, I’m pretty sure this was just a parody, but, since you never know, and since so many Beatle haters chose to take it seriously, so shall I. At least, for as long as I can keep a straight face.


    100. Granted, but what does this have to do with
    the actual band.

    99. Oh get real.

    98. “Helter Skelter”, “Revolution” and “And Your

    Bird Can Sing” and “Everybody’s Got Something to

    Hide Except For Me and My Monkey”, and “Good

    Morning, Good Morning”, not to mention numerous
    cover tunes.

    97. Ahem. Unlike many so called “boy bands” (a term

    which I totally disagree with), The Beatles not

    only played their own instruments, they wrote

    almost all of their own music.

    96. Nope, Ringo isn’t the world’s best singer.

    Gotta give you that.

    95. Zomigod! Sitars suck. Didn’t know that.

    94. No. On. About. 3. or. 4. songs. Really.

    93. Since they pretty much invented the stadium

    tour, I guess they had to go out with whatever

    amplification was available.

    92. Yeah, I don’t exactly like “Maxwell” all that

    much myself. One song is definitely a reason to

    hate someone.

    91.Being American (and obviously ignorant) I am not
    sure what this refers to.

    90. I would consider this more of a reason why John

    Lennon sucked,

    89. Yet another reason that specifically addresses

    why the band (i.e. their music) sucked.

    88. see # 89

    87. Correct me if I am wrong, but The Beatles never

    released “The Frog Chorus”, did they?

    86. I love to headbang. I love to pogo. Yet,

    somehow, I manage to like some songs for their

    melody and can actually sit and listen to them.

    85. Well, then, shag to something else.

    84. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Yep.

    83. First of all, it was Hari Georgeson. AND
    I guess it’s kind of hard to anagram your name into
    Mr. Mojo Risin’ when your name isn’t Jim Morrison.

    82. Krikey!

    81. Zoinks!

    80. Maybe it would have been cleverer to let the

    artist choose their album cover design.

    79. That chord has only baffled guitarists with an

    extremely limited ability. If you don’t care, why

    bring it up?

    78. By whom?

    77. By whom?

    76. By whom?

    75. Yeah, I guess it makes it easier to fill up a


    74. Yes, I do. The Hollies, were better than the

    two you mentioned, IN MY OPINION.

    73. Well, if you think so, but, come on.

    72. see #72

    71. Oh lord! The Beatles first hit the charts in

    1964. The Monkees were “formed” in 1966.

    70. see # 89

    69. see # 70

    68. see #69

    67. This does not merit a comment.

    66. They did, about 43 years ago.

    65. Ask Ozzy what he thinks about that one.

    64. You have officially entered the twilight zone.

    63. One fan of each band DOES totally represent the

    overall demographic of each. Uh-huh. Can’t argue

    with that.

    62. Eh? You have to be Scottish to write a song

    about Scotland or any part thereof? And you call us

    bloody Americans daft!

    61. Seems to me this is a reason why George Benson


    60. How?

    59. Ah, but they did release it dumbass. Capitol

    didn’t have the testicles to keep it out there.

    58. This maybe the only point you have actually

    made. Then again, I can say I don’t believe in

    Hitler, doesn’t stop the Holocaust, does it?

    57. How old are you?? Beatlemania DID invent the

    tribute band. But, point conceeded on the

    mail-order rubber doll business.

    56. And this pertains to the real bands in what


    55. Any true rocker would never stoop to quoting a

    pastor. Ever.

    54. Yeah, it’s a sure sign of being a dumbass to

    ask for help when you need it.

    53. Yeah, you’re right, The Beatles are responsible

    for the dress code at Abbey Road ala 1964.

    52. The minute you sit down and play “And Your Bird

    Can Sing” in front of me, then I will take # 52

    even slightly seriously.

    51. Sod off.

    50. uh

    49. yeah

    48. I guess they didn’t influence the RHCP at all.

    47. Where in the bloody hell did you hear that


    46. Point conceeded.

    45. Surely you jest.

    44. This point is only semi-valid if you are not a

    Tupac fan.

    43. Oh, I see, songs have to be completely literal.
    Didn’t realize that. My bad.

    42. If you don’t complain about the taxman you are

    either completely broke or are the taxman.

    41. They didn’t sell it. The people who actually

    owned it did. You are such a dumbass.

    40. Conjecture.

    39.Yep, it sure is.

    38 – 35. Gee, fashion never changes? Yet another

    thing I’ve learnt from this list.

    34. Now, there is no bigger KISS fan than I, but as

    in the Ozzy “point”. go ask Paul and Gene if they

    think they are better songwriters.

    33. And you English are so know for yer subtlety.
    This is truly (forgive me) ROFL.

    32. You sir would have boffed Jane Asher repeatedly

    IF you had any remote chance of an opportunity (and

    you know it).

    31. I will agree that this song is overrated.

    30. Eh? Come again. Can you show me where the

    entire music industry has shown that these people

    are owed a living? I think they are doing just fine

    living off their trust funds.

    29. Never saw or even heard of this.

    28. Maybe he would have.

    27. By the “facts” on this list, you obviously

    weren’t alive in 1968, so whatcha bitchin’ aboot?

    26. Can you say “contractual obligation”?

    25. see #27

    24. No, I consider myself someone who actually

    knows what he’s talking about. Fuck you and your
    reverse snobbery.

    23. Yet another well thought out reason why the

    band and it’s music suck.

    22. Could you at least keep your bullshit in a

    somewhat linear order?

    21. Please compare the release and publishing dates

    of “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” and “Mr.

    Tambourine Man”. Oh yeah, almost forgot, exactly

    who is making you read any academic theses?

    20.By “THEY” I assume you mean Brian Epstein?

    19.How is this a bad thing?

    18. No, people like you never shut up about it.

    17. Bloody limeys.

    16. You mean they also invented stage names???

    15. Kinda defeats the purpose of the list when you

    have to keep repeating yourself, doesn’t it?

    14. Okay, what of it?

    13. And all this time I thought it was Margaret


    12. And who claimed it did?

    11. As per the Ozzy and KISS references, why don’t

    you go talk to Lemmy about that. Nevermind, someone

    of your courage would obviously be waaaaaaaaaaaay

    to scared to insult his musical taste.

    10-2. Could you please introduce me to your dealer.


  24. Alissa

    k so fuck you. the beatles are the best thing music has ever seen. fuck everyone who disagrees. and fuck this page.
    you gotta have no life to accually start a page on anti beatles. come on, get a life.

  25. peter

    a lot of music has been made since the beatles heyday. music that is far more harmonically refined and melodically intricate. as far as i can tell beatles fans are desperately hanging onto some banal musical ideal that has more to do with a cultural (not musical) phenomenon and the cult of personality. most of the people i know who are beatles fans are the following –

    middle aged men who have not applied themselves to any form of musical training (formal or otherwise) who spew out crazy statements to make them feel they have some authority.

    people who have taken WAY TOO MANY drugs in the past(and present).

    when pressed, people who have little to no opinion about other musics. or opinions with any kind of musical depth.

    people who still buy paul mc cartney solo albums and say they are garbage but cannot get past their obsessive compulsive disorder with everything that is the beatles.

    music is not merely a treat for a gourmet. it is an art form and at the heart of that form are ideas. the ideas behind the beatles are pretty simple – it is pop music. music that was made for a short time in the history of music a long time ago. stop being myopic and go listen to A LOT of different music. ALL music will be better for it.

  26. Johnny

    While I don’t think The Beatles suck, I do Realize there have been bands and artists before and after The Beatles that have been just as importasnt to rock/pop. Until someone has heard everysong ever made, I don’t know how anybody can be the best.

    Popularity dosen’t mean you were the first.

  27. Tranquility

    The Beatles are good, most music is actually good and we must not forget that everbody has their own genre of music that they prefer and we can’t contredict their taste.

  28. George Harrison

    You stupid motherfucker! Although they may be overrated, they don’t suck. Everyone has their own opinion, sure, but musically speaking not all of their stuff sucks. Lets see you do better, you scum. Fuck you I hope you die. fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu HA HA HA IM BEING ANNOYING TO YOU DICKFACE SHITHEAD> I FUCKED YOUR MOM AND HER PUSSY WAS BEAT AND BROWN> YOU”RE THE WORST SCUM IN THE WORLD

  29. George Harrison

    Oh ya, and ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// / ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

  30. Gary Quatrani

    Whoever even posted this website obviously doesnt know shit about music. and i hope he or she reads this because u need to get a life. the beatles started it all. they are one of the greatest rock bands of all time. why do u think they made a musical that sings theyre songs. not to mention everyone love the movie across the universe. to all people who hate the beatles, GO FUCK YOURSELF CAUSE U SUCK BIG NIGGER COCK!!!!!

  31. Enlightened

    Started it all ? Even the first to play guitar ? Now I know where it all started.

  32. Das Post author

    George: I was toying with the idea of installing a reCAPTCHA, think I’ll wait until they come out with a retardcha.

    “Give me love, give me peace on earth, give me light, give me life, keep me free from birth, give me hope, help me cope, with this heavy load, trying to, touch and reach you with, heart and soul”
    -George Harrison quote

    “We were the Spice Boys.”
    -George Harrison quote

    Gary: The same reason the beatles have a clothing line at Bloomingdales, they sell enough cheese to allow people like you to gorge themselves into enternity. Now please go back to the 50’s and lynch yourself before you begin inbreeding and lowering the gene pool even more.

  33. Brandon

    Wonderful, my mom loves the beatles, don’t know why, the get a 3 or 4/10 in terms of musical ability (includes ‘how technical’ and song writing ability) at best.

  34. Dr. Pluto

    No one here is gonna deny that the Beatles have a place in music history…just that they’re totally sick of having to hear how amazing they were…Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys were just as important (McCartney freely admits he was directly influenced by Brian, to the extent that he changed his bass style after hearing Carol Kaye’s playing on Pet Sounds)…

    But further than that…I can name 3 songwriters that were just as good as Lennon&McCartney, who are rarely mentioned in the same breath…

    Holland-Dozier-Holland of Motown Records.

    The whole world knows of Paul and John…but it’s unlikely your mum, or in fact, any teenager knows the 3 names mentioned above. And yet…here’s a list of SOME of the songs they were responsible for…

    >1. 7 Rooms of Gloom
    >2. Baby Love
    >3.(Love Is Like A) Heat Wave
    >4. How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved by You)
    >5. I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch)
    >6. Jimmy Mack
    >7. My World Is Empty Without You
    >8. Nowhere to Run
    >9. Reach Out (I’ll Be There)
    >10.Stop! In the Name of Love
    >11.This Old Heart of Mine (Is Weak for You)
    >12.Where Did Our Love Go
    >13.You Can’t Hurry Love
    >14.You Keep Me Hangin’ On

    In a recent BBC Motown documentary, McCartney talks about Motown’s influence on the Beatles…hell…they even tried to cover them on early records (terrible, terrible covers! PLEASE listen to the Motown originals and compare!) And so the Beatles helped to make Motown popular, but ONLY because they were a marketable, clean, white band. American black music was not played on British radio in the early 60’s. That’s a product of social stigmas…not musical quality.

    I could go on about Motown’s importance over that of The Beatles, but I won’t…other than to say Smokey Robinson had an ability to write simple, instructive, metaphorical lyrics that leave John Lennon’s greatest moments in the dirt. (Bob Dylan called Smokey “America’s greatest poet”)…

    And then there’s STEVIE WONDER. He easily wrote as many, (let’s face it; better) classic songs as the Beatles. From the age of 11. He writes better, he sings better, he plays better…and he’s one man…one blind man. You want to talk about peace and love through music…Stevie’s your man…he’s pretty much single handedly responsible for Martin Luther King day in America. And yet…people still think of him as ‘I Just Called to Say I Love You’…or they think Gangster’s Paradise by Coolio is a totally original piece of music…

  35. Jane

    The Beatles are not some half-assed band. nope, they completely suck. I grew up in Southern California listening to The Beach Boys,Motown, and Bob Dylan. It is my opinion that the Beatles ripped off not only The Beach Boys, but every black musician that they could copy. They watered it all down and then sold it back to us. They sang about peace and love and socialism, but they were laughing all the way to the bank, and couldn’t stand each other, let alone the general population of fans. There song Helter Skelter is synonymous with the Manson Murders. That’s not their fault, but them sucking is.

    I was nine years old when they toured the US, and they grossed me out, along with their screeching female audiences. The person who said they were a “boy band” is correct. Ha ha ha! Whenever I heard the song Eleanor Rigby, I would replace the name to Paul McCartney.

  36. Das Post author

    Dr. Pluto,
    Thanks for your insightful and though provoking comments.
    We’ve briefly touched on some of those points in an article about ‘soul’ when related to the music of the FF.
    Stop by anytime!

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. We here at SMB have an unspoken understanding that the beat-boys not only stole black music but watered it down, sugar coated and repackaged it as pop bubblegum that could never offend anyone. Then they sold it to uptight, white America; folks who wouldn’t allow ‘race’ music into their homes.

  37. IgotAbrain

    Well, this is just my opinion n all, but if they are highly regarded as one of the, if not THE greatest band in the world, by the majority of people who give a damn about music, and a few ignorant tards that can’t even make a list of 5 reasons that make any sense (though I grant that maybe 2-3 of those reasons were true), then it is not the beatles that suck, but your opinion of them that sucks. You probably would say that Hendrix sucked at the guitar because he didn’t make music you could slam your head against a wall to, or that Pink Floyd sucked because their music was too meaningful. People like you people have the most amazingly stupid opinions on music, but hey thats just my opinion… don’t believe me, believe the millions of people that enjoy good music, and know what they are talking about, they’ll put you right.

  38. Marissa

    I don’t hate the Beatles , but I do not like them either . I just can’t stand their music .

  39. SourMilkSea

    HUGE ERROR in the first post – Tim says “The Beatles started as a boy band”. TOTALLY INCORRECT! The Beatles started as a rock band, and were never described as a “boy band” by anyone who knows what they are talking about.

    One thing the Beatles never were was a “boy band”. The boy bands started in the late 80s and early 90s. There was NO SUCH THING as a “boy band” in the 60s.

    They were not manufactured, they were not aimed at girls – the girls just started coming and offering themselves to them. That’s it. They were a rock band in the beginning that got globally popular thanks to technology and guitars. You will not ever find them described as a “boy band” by anyone in the 1960s, or anyone today who has a clue about rock history.

    That’s my only beef. Anyone calling them the flagrant 1980s term “boy band” to describe any aspect of the 1960s Beatles career is immediately flaggable as clueless.

    Carry on with your bad selves.

  40. Ryan

    Ah, Beatles haters – such a ridiculous bunch. Away with you, dull midned fools – back to your modern pop, rave and whatever the fuck else you imbeciles listen to. Us Beatles fans know… More than the rest of you ever will.

    When I meet new people, the subject of music almsot always inevitably arises – I ask “Do you like The Beatles?” – if they say no, I know there’s a 99% chance I’m speaking to someone who isn’t at all in tune with music.

    I won’t even recommend some of The Beatles best work to you narrow minded fools – your blind ignorance wouldn’t appreciate it, nor do you even deserve to hear it.

  41. Jim

    Someone can not like the Beatles and still be in tune with music.

    Someone can like many different artists and still be in tune with music.

    Someone can have a different opinion and still be in tune with music.

  42. Jacob

    I love number 19. The Beatles were phenomenal. As a matter of fact, I too hated them and thought that they were just a bunch of overrated brits, and I went on listening to metal and grindcore. But one day, not too long ago actually, someone pretty much made me listen to them. I never looked back since. And for the constant style changes in their music, it’s called evolving and maturing, asshole. I guess some people just like to hear the same thing over and over again from the same band. And that person, number 4, actually tried to say that the Beatles aren’t known all over the world. Dumbfuck. They also tried to convince us that Elvis was better just because he’s American. Wow. Paris Hilton is American, is her solo album better than the Beatles also? Obviously the people who have such an abhorrence of the Beatles haven’t heard enough of their music to judge it, because every song on every album is different. They never “copied” anyone. The songwriting abilities of Paul and John were just mindblowing. There’s so much to be said about the Fab Four, so much praise, I just can’t express myself in a coherent sentence. And big whoop, they covered an ass load of motown early on in their career. I consider the Beatles’ real music to be “Revolver” and on anyways, since that’s when they really started to experiment and create music ahead of it’s time. I understand if they aren’t your cup of tea, but COME ON! All this undeserved hate? The Beatles are an important part of history. Listen to the song “Across the Universe” and try to tell me that there’s no musical value or poetic value in that song. OH! And for the idiot, number 38 [Dr. Pluto] who said that Stevie Wonder was “pretty much single handedly responsible for Martin Luther King, Jr. day…” Dude, you are a fucking idiot, that’s MLK’s birthday you fucking illiterate shit. Since you don’t know that, then why should anyone rely on your opinions about the Beatles? What, do you also think that Prince is responsible for Christmas? Fucking dumbfuck…

  43. amber

    This is totally ridiculous.
    People that think The Beatles suck, have serous issues, or have no good taste in music.
    The Beatles are legends.
    Beatles forever <3

  44. RandomPerson

    I’ve heard enoguh of the beatles, Happines is a Warm Gun, While My Guitar Gentlee Weeps, Across the univers, I am the Walrus, Strawberry fields for every, goodbye hello, etc, etc, etc. I really didn’t like the Beatles at first, so after checking out this songs, I think thier music is crap.

  45. Ash

    This is clearly a cutting from FHM.
    Which doesn’t surprise me, seeing as the reviews in the music section of FHM always seem to highly favouritise the rap and hip-hop CDs over anything half decent or actually created by the person singing.

    The Beatles do not, and never will, suck

  46. Max

    Fuck the beatles they fucking sucks, really…it’s for nerds and seniors all they done is bullshit

  47. lax


  48. LoserThatIsAfraidToLoseWilDoAnything


    The Beatles are so great that even those who hates them so much are wasting time and creating a web page for them…

    Or the owner and all of the hate post are just Cliff Richard hiding behind a PC in god knows where.

    John is right… They are more popular than Jesus Christ and this haters just prove it bwahahahahaha

  49. Jim

    The list was quite literally absolutely laughable. I laughed aloud after virtually every “arguementitive listing” used. Oh, and very witty filling spaces with moronic jabber about how you hate them. It was more along the lines of 4 Reasons Why The Beatles Had a Few Bad Things Associated With Them. Complete With 96 Statements of Ill-Researched Bland Bitching and Moaning!

    To address the whole Elvis thing, the guy performed well, and was without a doubt an exceptionally talented musician, but does not measure up to The Beatles in the slightest. Elvis’ songs ALSO had meaning, yes, but eventually became stale.

    HELP! Some twat started a mindless blog whining about The Beatles.

  50. Mem

    Elvis measured up enough to be a vital influence on John Lennon.

    Before Elvis there was nothing – Is that the quote from John Lennon.

  51. assasin Microwave

    maybe without beatles we wouldnt have the music we hear but come on!
    they shouldnt be named as “the best band ever” because theres a lot of bands better than they right now…

  52. Assface

    overrated cocksuckers!
    they were what the jonas brothers are now!
    they’re going through the same shit, fangirls everywhere

  53. Someone

    I dislike the Beatles for their childish music and I constantly find that the theme’s they cover are so stupid. Those who got captured in the Beatles madness failed to come to the realisation that music is an art. For goodness sake, even I can pick up a guitar and play the Beatles. Real music is an exploration of the human state, diving into music expressionism and utimately showing off incredible talents.
    If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my life it is that the majority is wrong, and art cannot be measured by it.

  54. Aleksander

    The beatLess sucks and have no tecniqual skill, they sold because of commercial help and they arent rock at all theyr 100% pop. The greatest is Led Zeppelin greate tecniqual skills, best guitarist, vocalist, and drummer of all time. John paul Jones is like the second best bassist of all time, greate songs to. Beatless sucks and they will always suck

  55. Norcs

    Seems to be a lot of Beatles fan’s on here!! What’s the matter, curiosity get the better of you?? Ha ha!!!

    If there was a website that hated my favourite band, I wouldn’t be on it sticking up for them!!! What’s the point? You’ll only get shot down by the people there for the real reason!! DUR!!!

    Let’s face it, the Beatles were utterfuckingly shit!!!

    Oh and to LoserThatIsAfraidToLoseWilDoAnything, get this. You ready?? OK. Sit down, cos this will blow your mind. OK. JESUS NEVER EXISTED EITHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    God, get a life!!!

  56. Norcs

    And another thing. Old “Thumbs McFartney” should have been bled dry down to the last fucking penny when Heather Mills divorced him!!! She should have got the whole fucking lot and left him to go and live on the Mull of Kintyre with fuck fucking all!!

    Check out my review of The Shite Album on Amazon and also his last solo effort.

    God I wish I could put thumbscrews on him!!

  57. I am Me

    The Beatles didn’t suck. They did their thing at the right time. Financially it worked for them back then and they made a lot of money and where able to travel and get drugs and some young girls; and so hats out to them. I find nothing wrong with that.

    What really sucks is the obsession of fans with the Beatles. I mean I got into a fist fight with a fucking Beatles obsessed retard about 4 years ago because I told him that I didn’t care for their music and he said “what’s there not to like” and I said “I just don’t”
    “well you are a fucking moron” he said
    and I said “Why do I have to me a fucking moron? I think they suck” and the next thing I know I get punched in the chest and shoved and then its on!.

    I kicked his Beatles loving ass into next year for being a chump and my dislike for the Beatles and their retarded obsessed stupid fucking fans grew by 100%.

    I still stand by my statement. The Beatles cashed in on an opportunity at the right time of their lives. Good for them and so fucking what?

    NOW all you assholes who are venerating the Beatles give it up. They are done and time has moved on. Stop hanging on to what it was and embrace what it is. Music is much better today than it was back then, regardless where it came from. Because they may or may not have shaped music today (that’s a different argument) doesn’t mean they are the best and that we all have to like them. So fucking what. I hate their music and they suck.

    Wana’ come over here and kick my ass?

    Try it!

    Some chump already did and ended up with 6 stitches to his eyebrow.

    I love any one who hates the Beatles

  58. Chuck

    Unsure of the origination of the list? Should have used your powers of perception a little more acutely; simply look at the bottom left of the page. You’ll see the words “Classic Rock”; this comes from Classic Rock magazine, a UK publication that hits newsstands monthly.

  59. Truckie

    What’s all the fuss about, so what if some of us don’t like The Beatles, never have liked them, can’t stand Paul MccCartney, no ones gonna change my mind about that no matter how aggressive they get. People are different, just as well by the tone of some of the comments on here.

  60. Azzi

    Why, everytime I turn on the tv, or see the magazines on the shelves where I had my summer job, or went into HMV, did I see the Beatles. All I looked for in HMV was a Saosin album, and a Kutless album, but there’s no fucking room for new stuff, because every sodding shelf is still too full of Beatles stuff that must by now have been released in every possible combination on CD, minidisc, vinyl, tape, DVD, video cassette…
    It’s not just that I really can’t stand 90+% of what the Beatles released, its that they’ve done nothing as a band for a long time (understandably since 2 are dead) and yet they’re always still the new release, so I can’t find what I’m looking for because people would still rather market stuff which was first released half a century ago. Why don’t they just open up a dedicated Beatles record shop so I can look for new stuff in HMV that I haven’t had chance to buy 600 copies of with a minute difference in colour, audio levels or track order, and also so that the more militant folk on here like Das can burn it down without destroying the stuff I like?
    Also, to those who think the Beatles were the best at reasoning for peace, please listen to a couple of Rise Against or Anti-Flag tracks… far better lyrics, better music, and way more passion… Hero of War still makes me teary nearly a year on… whereas the Beatles could only make me cry if used in a form of torture… they weren’t out for peace… it’s called jumping on the 60s bandwagon, people!

  61. Justin

    Beatles are so over rated, they carried a beat which is what all musicans can do but they dont show epic skill with amazing guitar riffs, and their songs are just dumb for the most part, for example “why dont we do it in the road” (White Album) is just plain retarted it only has two lines that repeat int he whole song, i can even write a better song

  62. sam

    I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter whether you think The Beatles are the most god-awful band ever to have lived, or if you just think they’re not as good as everyone says they are (apparently the greatest, most diverse and influential musicians ever to have lived).

    The point is that if you express an opinion other than total worship, you will be looked upon as a dangerous sociopath, totally ignorant, with a total inability to appreciate music.

    This is why I’m convinced that The Beatles weren’t all that. It’s the religious zeal and opinionist jihadism of their supporters that implies a degree of cultural brainwashing is inherent in their popularity.

  63. Norcs

    Get yourself on to Amazon folks and let the masses know how you feel. I do and let me just tell you, it’s fantastic reading!! You’ll laugh yer tits off!!!

  64. Embers

    Sorry, not excited either way by the beatles – ok to listen to, I suppose, but I wouldn’t buy it. And much too bland to hate. Elvis, a bit the same. I grew up in the sixties, so must be my age. Listened to lots of both, all the time, but that was 40 years ago. Music changes and develops over time, and when you listen to stuff that was exciting when you were a child, it seems a bit bland and naff. Just my point of view, of course, and I wouldn’t dream of forcing you to listen to my favourite band. It might make your head explode. Not being able to change your mind or expand your viewpoint could do that to a person. I could get violent if forced to listen to Paul McCartneys solo stuff though. The frog chorus was his best effort, really, then he should have given up.

  65. horse

    If there were no beatles there would be no (or alot less) hippies therefore meaning that if the beatles hadn’t existed the world would be a better place. Less people would die from drug overdose. People’s hair would be less greasy. If anything, the beatles made music worse, their music sounds like shit and if modern day bands and musicians used real legends like elvis as influences rather than the beatles, all their music would sound better.

  66. Das Post author

    Actually, it’s hard not to like a page which begins with a quote like this:

    “Everybody’s born knowing all the Beatles lyrics instinctively. They’re passed into the fetus subconsciously along with all the amniotic stuff. Fact: they should be called ‘The Fetals'”.
    —Sliding Doors

    That quote not only explains why the jerk who uploaded this knows too much about the fetals, but why 90% of the population is brainwashed into believing the moptops were anything more than the Jonas Brothers of the 60’s (and 70’s….and 80’s…and 90’s….and….and…..).

    That’s not really fair, the Jonas Brothers are good performers.

  67. db2xs

    i happen to love the beatles but could give a rat’s arse whether anyone hates them or loves them or not. Music is subjective. But thanks for this website and for the time i wasted reading it–i have been laughing myself to death. 🙂

  68. THE A-MAN

    I dont even listen to the beatles, i just googled into the internet, ‘ reasons why the 1970s suck’ and this site came up



  69. Norcs

    Ryan, 24th June, what an absolute pompous arsehole!!! Jesus, I’d love to meet this guy and smack him in the face for being so bloody mindedly ignorant!!!

  70. isis

    i dont hate/like them all i know is if they had been black no one would give a shit,what about Little Richard without that man all you would see at shows was the band standing there singing they’re pretty song.Without him singing with that kick music would be just talking the man is better then Elvis. He didnt sell billions of records so he’s just another penny in your pocket. Stevie Wonder could shit all over the beatles(Im not makin it a black/white)just cuz a lot of ppl suck ur dick dont mean u the shit

  71. Alice

    Girls aloud are a band that suck. The Beatles were a proper band. Look at the older celebrities and compare to today’s. The 60’s, 70’s and 80’s had John Lennon. These days the press think Cheryl Tweedy is a celebrity, when in fact the racist bitch is a media whore, nothing more, sucks, just like this page!

  72. billybud

    the beatles sold there souls to the devil….they cheated their way up…you should give all the credit to the devil…he wrote all the music and lyrics…

  73. billybud

    ..Elvis will always be better than the beatles for the simple fact that he was way cooler…the beatles had bad hair, bad teeth, bad clothing…ugly blokes…

  74. NikkiGirl

    I’m not going to state an opion on here.
    Simply because it will not be agreed with.
    What I have to say on this matter is you have a right to your oppion and I support this fact.
    I also ask that people on here try not to push this on people.
    My friend was recently hurt by this site and someone on it who tried to force this on her… Be careful with what you say, it hurts people.

  75. Das Post author

    Hi NikkiGirl,

    I’m really sorry to hear that your friend was hurt by this site. We were urged by the FDA to put up warnings, but foolishly ignored them – now look whats happened!
    In the future, please try and be careful. This site has sharp edges. Don’t put it in your mouth as it should not be ingested. Finally, watch out! It could cause great harm if it gets pushed on you, especially from heights.

    Remember: When visiting SMB, safety first!

  76. Moe

    Fukin Fags! The Beatles arent worth shit! were in 2010 not 1960..Im Glad they broke up..there fuckin stupid and they think there legends…my Ass

  77. Alyse

    hahahahah number 63 is my favorite. I’ve used that as an argument before, playing devils advocate and suggesting that without the beatles as an influence, charles manson might not have had his cult kill all the people for Helter Skelter.

    I made a beatles fan cry. :/ Which just epitomizes the mental instability of the fans….

  78. JPGR Suck

    All of the various opinions here…You all must love Beatles. Even if you say the most horrible things about them, you’re lying to yourself and everyone else.

    C’mon admit it, and stop bullshitting yourselves. You all fucking LOVE the Beatles. There is **no way** not to. It’s just the way it is. It would be like saying you hate sex, your favorite food, or anything else that you may be embarrassed of, for that matter.

    ‘Beatles Denial’ should be in every psychology textbook. Your hate doesn’t exist. Time doesn’t exist You don’t exist. Only your false Beatle Loving Denial exists in your phony brain that was lost after birth along with The Oceanic Feeling. Put your ego up your ass, because that doesn’t exist either. Phooey.

  79. Mackenzie

    Wow…. “you all must love the beatles…there is “no way” not to.”

    Right there, THATS my biggest problem with them. You ask a person why they like the beatles, you know what answer I get the most? “because theyre the beatles”.

    And THATS the reason I dislike them and everything they are diefied as.

  80. Josh

    This list is pretty great. Not because it bashes the Beatles or anything(I like them quite a bit, honestly), but the reasons on there are just awesome. “The Beatles were just Monkees copyists.” lol

  81. Norcs

    Ladies and Gents, JPGR is on various reviews on Amazon and also one of the discussions in the Amazon ” Beatless community”

    Dude, you’re such a fuckin’ muppet!!!

    Why the fuck would you come on here trying to get us to change our minds?? It’s like being black and going to a KKK meeting and saying please!!!

    Fucking retard!!!!

    Josh, the beatless WERE copying the Monkees. Fact!!

  82. Josh

    Oh shit dude, you are right. I should probably go and burn all of my Beatles CDs because of this new found fact.

  83. Norcs

    Please get yourself down to Amazon.com and check out my discussion (and others) called “Average White Band” in the Beatless Community.

    Just click on one of their products and at the bottom of the page, there will be a link for the beatless community. Hit that and way you go!!


  84. nicolás

    Creo que las ofensas del cartel ese , le quitan toda validez a lo que exponen , quien lo creó , no estaba ni en los planes de sus padres(cuando The Beatles estaban completos en sus mejores años.)

  85. Mike

    Yay im leaving a comment! LIL WAYNE IS THE BEST MUSICIAN ALIVE! That should of been in your list also can you start a nirvana hate site?

  86. Norcs

    This is a translation of what Nicolas has put :-

    “I believe that the offenses of the placard that, they remove every validity to what expose, who created it, was not neither in the plans of its parents (when The Beatles were complete in its better years.)”

    Yep, I can’t either!!

  87. Norcs

    There’s a discussion on Amazon – “Is Paul Dead Yet?”

    Well I answered no, but I’m working on it, but it seems that Billybud has gone and beaten me to it!!!

    You swine!!

  88. FUCK U

    Wow, that was the most bullshit list from a fucking fagot ass, death metal, ignorant fuck I have ever read. Just cause you don’t like them doesn’t mean no one else does and sorry yo cant head bang you fucking fagot cause that’s gay anyway. Also that wasn’t even 100 reason almost half the reasons were totally irrelevant and half were repeated.

  89. Das Post author

    fagot [fag-uht]
    1. a bundle of sticks, twigs, or branches bound together and used as fuel, a fascine, a torch, etc.
    2. a bundle; bunch.
    3. a bundle of pieces of iron or steel to be welded, hammered, or rolled together at high temperature.
    4. bouquet garni.
    verb (used with object)
    5. to bind or make into a fagot.
    6. to ornament with fagoting.

    What are you trying to say?

  90. Joe

    I hate the fucking Beatles. And now all this rock band shit with them on it. God now they have another generation loving this shit. Fuck that shit, they are so gay. How can anyone find that shit good? It sucks so much ass.

  91. Hank

    The Beatles are SO not metal. They’re for girls and guys without any balls. Man up and listen to some real music, you fucking pansy-asses. I mean, just look at their photo from the picture in the original post. It essentially spells out, “Why, yes. I would very much like a dick in my ass.”

  92. Beatles Fan

    Thank you Suck My Beatles, for making all who have the mental capacity to recognize satire when they see it laugh at funny posts and internet retards AT THE SAME TIME.

    It’s hard to believe that people actually think this is serious. I suppose this is what happens when the idiots on our planet are forced to wear seatbelts.

  93. Norcs

    Hey FUCK U. Great name, really appealing!! Still, you can’t help it if you mummy didn’t love you. I wish you’d learn English though.

    Sam, yes they were.

    84742, I have a life, I’m not just a number.

    Beatless fan, THIS IS REAL!!!

  94. Juan Carlos

    Hey there, after reading a few of this comments with all do respect I must share my oppinion. I grew up in a different country, where our primery language is Spanish. I can say from a personal exparience that the Beatles are the only band that has survive in the old and young mines down there, and even though inisially we did not understand what the hell this guys where singin obout, the lirics to me where out of this world. My mine whent into the most peasefull stage it could go too when ever I lisend to their music. Later when I learn English, I like them even more. Like me, there are a lot of Betlemanics down there, and freinds, family menber and a lot of people in genral think that THE BEATLES are and always will be the absolute kings of rock

  95. Juan Carlos

    No brother! Maybe all you need is love, you may need to follow the sun, may need to let it be or perhaps you need to give pease a chance? Shoot man! If that does not loosen you hard I stand corrected and you sir. are made out of stone or maybe you come from a perfect family or have had a beautiful life. Any way I hope you never need a little bit of sole healing my friend, and if you ever need some of that I hope you find a way to alleviate your sole like I did when I found the BEATLES. Best to you and your family in this new year.

  96. Cristal

    The Beatles didn’t release their butcher cover but that’s not their fault. they weren’t allowed by their company. I bet they wouldve if they couldve.

  97. Norcs

    You have, as my pease is wearing thin!!

    I am made from stone, do have a perfect family AND have had a beautiful life!! All of it beatless free.

    My sole and soul are both fine and do not need repairing, and if they did, I sure as hell would not turn to the mind numbing beatless. They’d be enough to tip me over the edge!!

    Good day to you sir and a happy new year!!

  98. Juan Carlos

    Hey at least you are not an ass! You actually sound like a nice sound person. And I’m not a tree huger, I just like the BEATLES and you do not, so what, Ha! All the best to you, chao!

  99. Luna


    ….srsly. the beatles revolutionized music and they influenced many famous artists today. do we need to drill a fucking hole and shove this information into your brain? whoops, nvm, you don’t have one.

    oh, and lol @ this list. i couldn’t even laugh because it was such a pile of ridiculous bullshit. the i am the walrus line made more teens pregnant? lol. i bet 95% of teens don’t even know the goddamn song. try harder douchebags.

  100. billybud

    “i buried paul”…i killed the real Paul McCartney…stuffed his throat with “cranberry sauce”…

  101. billybud

    i wonder if George Martin hates the beatles…he should be the ultimate beatle hater…..anyways Soundgarden reunited…

  102. name (required)

    actually, you can shag JUST FINE while listening to the beatles.

    (see that list of 100 ways of complaining about nothing.)

  103. Norcs

    Just a couple of points since I;ve been missing over Xmas.

    Turdferguson – LOVE IT!!!

    Luna – You need to learn how to spell and punctuate. Also, not how to trip yourself up. “oh, and lol @ this list. i couldn’t even laugh because it was such a pile of ridiculous bullshit. the i am the walrus line made more teens pregnant? lol” So you did Laugh Out Loud then? Why say you didn’t when you did?

    Also, I’ve never claimed to be edgy and cool because I hate the beatless and never would, it’s just my opinion. DEAL WITH IT!!!

    Billybud – You serious?? Soundgarden back together??? SUPERB!!!

    Name(required) – I can’t shag at all whilst listening to the beatless, I’m too busy vomiting.

  104. playgod

    If you say the Beatles sucks, you also sucks!
    They have revolutionized music and made many of the best songs ever written.

  105. billybud

    for all those who hate the beatles…would you rather listen to “WHAM”..????they reunited as well…

  106. John

    “The Beatles are not some half-assed band. nope, they completely suck. I grew up in Southern California listening to The Beach Boys,Motown, and Bob Dylan. It is my opinion that the Beatles ripped off not only The Beach Boys, but every black musician that they could copy” hey jane, why dont you go to google, see when the beach boys started, and when the beatles did.

  107. Das Post author

    Hi Dusty,
    Unfortunately the emails you left didn’t work so I’ll have to respond here.

    Thanks for the message, it’s not often I’m treated to comments as witty and intelligent as yours. I’m a little nervous about writing because I honestly can’t stand the beatles and the idea of liking them turns my stomach, but I’m curious as to how you plan on going about making anybody love them. Mind control? Do you have some recordings of them
    playing something listenable? Hypnotherapy? Is your dad gonna put us over his knee and Beat in some respect?
    If your methods fail, perhaps you’ll allow us to try and deprogram beatlemart’s
    microchip, or whatever they have planted in your brain.

    Take care,

    Das the Jealous Fag

  108. Stephen

    Okay most of these reasons are just repeated or continued from other invalid reasons. By the way, the Beatles never wrote down any of their music. So that’s why you’ll never know how to play good music.


    this whole website is bollocks who ever created it should be taken outside behind a barn and shot like an injured horse. you must not know anything about music or the music industry you wanker!

  110. jacob

    Elvis wrote very few songs–he was too busy stuffing his face with hamburgers and poppin’ pills. Secondly, The Beatles accomplished more in ten years than any other artist..When they broke up, they were all still in their 20’s.

  111. LOL

    LOL. The Beatles did everything. Even “I’ve Got A Feeling” was written by them before The Black Eyed Idiots wrote theirs.


    You know your music – so do we. THE ALLMUSIC Guide BLOG

    [edit: Hey guy with bad name. I’m not editing your comments to censor you, but 50 novel length comments in a row is a bit much. If you feel that strongly about the fabs, and you have something original to say instead of a bunch of copied and pasted articles, email me and I’ll give you a platform on this much loved and heralded site. If you don’t, please piss off. -Das]

  113. Malon

    the beatles are way overhyped i listened to there song didnt suck they got way too much attention for the junk they wrote

  114. megs


  115. leale

    i agree with everyone on here that says that the beatles are a good band and stuff so whoever wrote this should just go look up some facts before they start running there mouth about the beatles. cause you wanna know something? THE BEATLES ARE KOOLER THAN YOULL EVER BE!!

  116. Jeff

    Oh thank you for this site. I thought I was the only one. You’d get more Hell Yeahs! if you shouted the the N word at an NBA game then dare say anything against the Beatles. While there might be a few passable songs, there is such a huge body of utter crap and filler weighing against them that all of it just makes me want to stab my ears out with an ice-pick. And they are a POP band, not a ROCK band

  117. guitartistry

    Yep. The Beatles …..well, just are not very good. Thought I was alone, almost everyone I ever met loves the Beatles and many are “new” fans. Their music has never impressed me. Sure, there are a couple of songs that break the mold. I like, not LOVE, “Hey Jude”. I like the hooky nah-nah-nah-nah’s at the end, it’s like the Blue Blooded Americans kickin’ the tea out of the Red Coats in the Revolutionary. It’s anthemic.

    No, I’m a peace loving dude. That’s why I didn’t say the Beatles “suck”. That’s strong language. It’s just music, but it’s music I don’t understand, I don’t like. Never have…..never will. I have a hard time seeing past any corny pop stuff. And Lennon’s “Imagine”. Oh my, don’t send hate mail please. But religion is one of the greatest things that has ever happened to us fallen creatures called “man”. If we didn’t have faith, or some kind of fear about the Man, than we probably wouldn’t be sittin’ here talkin’ bout how good or bad this band is, and they are BAD!

  118. beatles are best

    look.Without the beatles so many of todays artists would be crap because the beartles covered nearl everything.And they are way better than Elvis cos all hes just anothere american rock n roller.
    The beatles are every where today still i mean i’ve only just come to the beatles but there my favourite band ever.
    In my life, yesterday, while my guitar gently weeps I could go on, there timeless.I probably sound like some old sod.LONG LIVE THE BEATLES

  119. beatles are best

    ps if you mean the picture at thebottom they were stoned outta there heads during he help filming and recording

  120. beatles are best

    me agen.if you’ve only listened to a couple of beatles songs like yellow sub marine or something with a crapy name the n go and lkisten to LET IT BE or YESTERDAY

  121. FUCKsuckmybeatles.com

    Fuck the guy who made this page
    what are you a fuckin’ retard or something?? And fuck everyone who doesn’t like the beatles
    you probably sit in a small room listening to ssome bullshit piece of shit who think they have talent
    The beatles wrote nearlt all there songs apart from the first couple of albums.
    and everyone “borrowed” material off each other, besides the beatles wrote loads of songs for other artists and bans.The best musical artist of all time, including the futre,
    and they were ENGLISH

  122. Das Post author

    Have you ever walked into a public restroom, entered a stall and discovered somebody has managed to take a dump on the toilet?
    Somehow, a talented individual took the time to make sure his turd snaked out of the bowl, over the seat, down the side and onto the floor.
    The funny thing is it happens fairly often in various locations, different cities, different countries. This means there is more than one person doing it. Possibly a team, more likely an underground city of bottom feeding toilet terrors.

    These are the people who write comments like this.

  123. Thomas

    It’s tough to believe that every song written before The Beatles was meaningless and every song written after 1970 owes everything to The Beatles.

    No other artist in the 60’s created anything that can be compared to The Beatles.

    It’s refreshing to know that people took the time to make music before, during and after The Beatles.
    Thank you to those people.



  125. Tim

    The previous comment helps the case this site is making quite a bit. Just look at what listening to the Beatles does to your personality and manners. Anyway, the biggest reason I think they suck the most is the hypocrisy of their music label, Apple Records. They’ve tried to ruin so many TV shows, movies, and radio programs from the 60s and 70s with their fascist-like control of the Beatles catalog. I wish every production that had ever used a clip of the Beatles had used the Rolling Stones instead and told the Beatles to piss off. At least the Rolling Stones aren’t quite as immature and petty as the surviving Beatles & their cohorts.

  126. common sense

    Just so you ELVIS NEVER Wrote any songs of his own…NEVER. im not taking anything away from him but the beatles were AMAZING somg writers and elvis just sang songs written and performed be other people… and the beatles do this with their music because it is always in demand because 40 years later they are STILL the most popular band in america and the world.. but elvis WAS good too.. but nowhere near the beatles so you suck it

  127. JM

    Beatles were amazing. Revolver is probably my fave album of all time.
    I just find it unfortunate that you are missing out, but hey, I’m sure you have fave bands too that you like just as much as the ‘super-fans’ that you mock for loving The Beatles.
    At the end of the day, regarding The Beatles, I’m not sure that millions upon millions of people- and the entire decade of the 60s- can be wrong.

  128. Nickyyy

    I am a beatlemaniac but, I LOVE your website! Its very funny!
    Guys take it easy with the people rights to love or hate everything they want. (listen to Dig a Pony).
    Altough, the website owner just can be a Beatle Fan because he knows EVERYTHING about the fab just distort all the facts and know all their songs 😉

  129. mfe

    yeah, elvis was so threatened he tried to have the beatles deported. what a hero. loser!

  130. mfe

    ps beatle people – don’t get all down on this website. i love it! just another reminder of how much smarter i am (we all are) than everyone else 🙂

  131. Paula

    I really think people shouldn’t post this knid of website. Probly John Lennon
    will haunt you guys who hate them.
    You guys really suck….not the beatles.
    Yes offense!
    haha in you face!
    ps. If you ever say you hate the beatles again…I will kill you! Delete this site now!!!!

  132. Paul Mcartney

    Hello people who hate us.
    This girl named Paula told me about this site. So I decided to have someone delete it. This site is very civil to me and my guys.


  133. Paul Mcartney

    Thanks! When people are nice to me, I like to say a big thanks!
    Anyways I think mfe sucks.
    So people who said they hate us want us to hate them to? wow people are out of there minds…..

    I love all my fans!

  134. John was a fudge packer

    -The thing about the shittles is that they are responsible for today’s shitty pop landscape.
    -Watch any of those lame MTV retrospectives and some retard like Britney Spears or The Steamer Brothers and they will froth from the vag as they pronounce how much they’d like to be touched by the beatles.
    -They started out as a boy band and only remained popular because 12 year old girls loved a hard day’s night, and their early shit long enough to go into heat when they released their hippie garbage
    -people are a bunch of butt pirates when they gape at how wise john leming was, his crappy albums didn’t put anything new on the table, and they fucking sucked

  135. Joey

    The funny thing is, I think the guy who wrote it actually likes The Beatles and is making fun of people who dont. It has that feel.

  136. Paula

    Fine it was me who played Paul.
    But if Paul really came to this site then he would really say that.
    I’m gonna find a way to delete this site, AND THATS THAT!

  137. Paula

    You guys who hate the beatles suck!
    Appeal to the socially conscious part of people. Get them to like the Beatles by pointing out their message of peace, and an end to war. John Lennon and Yoko Ono staged a bed in to promote media coverage to their peace movement.

    Use the lyrics to appeal to the creative people in your life. Turn them onto the Beatles with their creative and unique lyrics. Play “Eleanor Rigby” and point out the line where Eleanor waits by the window wearing a face that she keeps in a jar by the door. The line is creepy and creative, and can help you get any creative heart to like the Beatles.

    Convert people, and get them to like the Beatles, with their use of big band sounds and use of new instruments. They used the Sitar after being influenced by eastern religion. This can be used as a way to convince some of the musically inclined friends of yours.

    Get people to like the Bealtes by telling them about the bands who have been influenced by the band. From Jimi Hendrix, who played a live version of “St. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,” to Elliott Smith who covered “Because” for the film “American Beauty,” there are many sounds and artists who have learned from the Beatles.

    Talk about the Beatles’ influence on fashion to appeal to the fashionistas in your life. Get them to appreciate the Bealtes by pointing out the mop top hair cut, the Beatles cut shirts and boots made popular by the band

  138. Norcs

    Hi folks, I’m back!!!

    Just trying to get my head around the fact that McFartney has met Obama!! WOW!! Why did Obama not get out his 9mm and pump the Scouse fu**er full of lead??

  139. Paula

    You think your know all around this entire website?! I don’t think so!
    All i know is that your kinda dumb…. let me change that… REALLY DUMB!

    Beatles lovers have to help me and Paul!

  140. Beatle Lover-Paula

    People how think beatles suck are DEAF!
    You don’t even listen to beatles songs so why bother making this site!
    you might think this site will make you popular but you are WRONG!
    Haha In your faces Not beatles lovers!
    You suckers!

  141. Beatle Lover-Paula

    When you die you’ll want to thank the beatles for having there songs played at your funeral.

  142. Celia

    I’m a Beatle fan and some comments are really funny and of course stupid. Anyway, my question is, if all of you hate the Beatles, WHY THE HELL YOU WASTE YOUR TIME HATING THE BEALES?! That means all of you think about them all the time, and you waste you’re time writing how much you hate them. LAME!

    What I really love is that you waste your – not- precious time doing this page. You really hate them, yeah, you really hate The Beatles so much that you created a page for them. So sweet.

    Well, I’ll send all my lovong to you.

  143. Paula

    I chech=k her only to reply such a waste of time here.
    You know what, This site is made to waste people’s time.
    So dumb.
    You think you’ll be popular by making this site and making people hate the Beatles, But you know what some people have a strong heart of love like me and will always love the beatles very much.
    Even If they make a wrong note they’ll just say meh.. Who cares if it’s a wrong note. Every one makes mistakes.
    Who’s with me?

  144. Paula

    I checK herE only to reply such a waste of time here.
    You know what, This site is made to waste people’s time.
    So dumb.
    You think you’ll be popular by making this site and making people hate the Beatles, But you know what some people have a strong heart of love like me and will always love the beatles very much.
    Even If they make a wrong note they’ll just say meh.. Who cares if it’s a wrong note. Every one makes mistakes.
    Who’s with me?


    why are beatles fans on here!? i hate their shitty music..they did not inspire rock at all they inspired jonas brothers shit..being praised for being “good looking” and talentless. real ispiring artists were/are jefferson airplane jimmy hendrix and janis joplin for the hippy movement. RUSH and Pink floyd for the prog movement. acdc and led zepplin for the hard rock movement. the runaways, the first all girl rock band (and the punk movement with the sex pistols and cheap trick) megadeth and metallica, the start of the metal movement, joan jett for the start of the riot grrrl movement…and even rap like africa bambaataa. and pop like MJ and madonna all talented artists who really made an impact

  146. Man

    You are all phafetic, The beatles are fucking proberly before all your time….They WHERE BIGGER THAN JESUS !, and i bet they have more fans then you fucking do…..

  147. Man

    Sex Pistols are fucking worst band of history !, what the fuck you on about George Harrison would fuck the sex pistols up with a guitar solo !

  148. sara


    get over yoursleves already, their music isn’t remotly cool or anything. it flat out sucks azz!

  149. Man

    Well thats the start of 60’s Music….And i know you do suck ass..You are all just full of jealousy, That No Other Band Was Bigger Then They Were!

  150. the beatles suck

    i hate the beatles. they suck!! i am so glad that i am not the only one who feels this way. lol.

  151. Beatles Suck Dick

    Why the hell are they number one on every single greatest lists. It is seriously starting to piss me off. I love classical rock. My personal favorites are the 80s hair bands (Cinderella, Whitesnake, Triumph, Skid Row, etc.) but lets face it, most of their music doesn’t even sound good, honestly.

    Im so relieved to see that I’m not the only one that wishes they never born. And all of the bandwagoners that don’t know what music is should go kill themselves. “oh my god! the Beatles are so good! I’m gonna scream and cry and act like I’m so shocked by their completely mediocure music!” They’re like the TGI Fridays of music – completely average, nothing more.

  152. E Fish

    My, my, so many people do take their likes and dislikes (and themselves) so seriously! I love the Beatles while fully acknowledging they didn’t create rock and roll in 6 days, then rested on their money bags on Sunday. Everyone borrows from everyone else. Can’t like Elvis AND The Beatles AND Little Richard AND The Sex Pistols AND… I say you can.

    I also say you can love the Beatles and find the list hilarious. “‘Ob la di Ob la da.’BASTARDS!” had me laughing out loud.

    Reading the comments from folks who think that even jokes about The Mop Tops is BLASPHEMY makes me see a reason for this site. Reading the hate and stoopid “arguments” all over it, however, makes me see that a lot of people clearly have no life.

    Dare I say… “It’s only music”?

  153. Don

    Yea, I get the point. You are welcome to the put down. It’s hip to tread on icons. Sort of post-post modern. Deconstruct the sacred text. But perhaps one has to listen with new ears and put the beatles in perspective of their times. I mean is Bach hackneyed?

    What is ironic is that you who created this site is exploiting the Beatles by saying you are sick of hearing about others exploiting the Beatles. No doubt you are a relitively young person who wasn’t around at the time to “get it,” and you have WAY too much time your hands to go to all the trouble to put up the site.

    What is true is that the Beatles were an amazingly talented group that had no more to say then about how and what was being marketed about them than they do now. They also didn’t make much money. They got ripped off and didn’t even own their own songs.

    And BTW who is around now with even a dribble of that talent (dare I say genius)? Yes there are bright spots here and there, and believe me I listen, but no one is even close to having that kind of musical and social impact.

    The folks that say the Beatles had no musical influence are just historically WRONG. (Full of shit) At least get your facts straight.

  154. Jacky

    holy son of a *****! The person who did this website is a poor bastard who doesn’t know ANYTHING about music. And that goes to all of YOU people who hate the beatles and think that they suck. The Beatles were a LEGEND. They sang GOOD MUSIC! So did Elvis. I mean, listen to the kind of music nowadays, like that rap crap music. They just talk about Money, sex, Money, and more Sex. What is so damn great about sex and money people?! Kids in my school listen to that Queery FAKE rock music they have nowadays. And kids also listen to stupid music like rap, hip-hop, and all that kind of music thats FULL OF SHIT nowadays. SO ALL OF YOU BEATLE HATERS BETTER JUST SHUT YOU’RE FUCKING MOUTH UP! WHY? BECAUSE YOU’RE THE ONES WHO SUCK ASS, NOT THE BEATLES! AND THAT SHIRT THAT SAYS THE BEATLES SUCK, ARE ONLY FOR THE BASTARDS WHO ARE FUCKING SICK IN THE BRAIN. AND THAT GOES TO YOU, THE PERSON WHO CREATED THIS SHITTY WEBSITE. THE WHOLE DAMN WORLD IS ALREADY FUCKED UP!!!!

  155. Dogshit

    But the Beatles didn’t influence bad things in their music like “I get high with a little help from my non bathing dreadlock wearing friends, or Strawberry fields forever!” Yes, that doesn’t influence kids to ruin their lives with drugs.

    Two down, two to go.

  156. Liza

    Well yes, they never did influence bad things. Some people just dont understand. I don’t even believe in that “listen-to-their-records-backwards” thing, and when people say that they’re satanic. *Sigh* some people just rabble on about crap that’s not real. -___-“

  157. Man

    Owell…i bet half of you wankers are a bunch of fucking yanks….so i dont blame ya….British Music Kick’s Yank music’s arse !

  158. Man

    Dogshit….Since when did you ever care about what they influence for kids…well i cant blame you…now i know why you are called dogshit….because it comes out your mouth.

  159. Eralides E. Cabrera

    Everyone is entitle to their own opinion and to listen to what they like. The reason the Beatles are different, in my opinion, is because they evolved. Their music starts out as teenage pop, true, but then it becomes classical, then rocky, then psychodelic and it goes on. And they were individuals. True John wrote Imagine and spoke about no religion which I don’t agree with but then George wrote “My Sweet Lord” which is a praise to our God and Paul wrote “Let it Be,” clearly a religious song. So you have evolution and variety evenw ithin the group. That’s why they’re different.

  160. Man

    yeah your right about all of that….but its just music…and they split up in 1969 witch is…damn i bet before any of us on this site was born.

  161. that one guy

    I really don’t get The Beatles. I’ve tried hundreds of times to listen to there music and its OK I guess but why does everybody hail them as the grestest band ever?

    It also makes me sick when I see their stupid album covers plastered to all this merchandise in like every single store in America.

    When somebody says their favorite band is The Beatles, its like the equivalent of somebody saying their all-time favorite food is pizza. Really? Pizza? Everybody loves it, and I guess its OK, but really? Its just so typical and boring.

    Thats why I dislike The Beatles.

  162. Dogshit

    I dreamed I died and got sentenced to a special place in hell where I had to listen to the beatles non stop and really loud.

    Then, after I hadn’t bathed in two months, my hair was starting to dread lock, my clothes were torn, and I smoked a blunt, shot some heroin, did some lsd and pcp and started to walk around in bare feet loving people who hate me with the utmost intensity of their souls, and started sharing in commune my wife’s genitals, I started to really connect with and love their music!

  163. Dogshit

    “yeah your right about all of that….but its just music…and they split up in 1969 witch is…damn i bet before any of us on this site was born.”

    I was born in 60, and despise them with every breath. You know why? They split up but they won’t go away! They even went solo to create more garbage, and even the Execs with the rights to their music that keep pushing their old shit hate their music, but cigarettes, beer, liquor, and the meth you can buy behind those markets that sell the first three in the dark are all bad for you, but they make money for some debaucherous reason.

    Why do they do this? Because the majority of people are stupid, so you may as well make a buck off of it. But at least the people who smoke and drink that hate the beatles are productive and half to highly productive, and don’t lay around in communes reaking of Petuli looking for a Democratic handout whilst sucking on a terrorist’s cock!



  165. Das Post author

    Thanks for taking the time to enlighten us BL. I’ve seen the error of my ways because of your factual, unbiased and thought provoking post. Now please stop eating paint chips and go find some matches to play with.

    Your friend,

  166. John

    This website fucking sucks! Go fuck yourselves you suck ass motherfuckers! To the author of this page, FFFFFUUUUUCCCCKKKKKK YYYYYYOOOOOOUUUUUU!!!

  167. Dermy

    Das, heaven forbid that you have a differing opinion to that of beatles fans aka music nazis

    Ive read a lot of comments on this page, and beatles fans are amongst the most fascist fans out there.

    They use the Beatles as musical and cultural safe zone, ie they feel because the beatles were huge sell outs and sold lots of records and reviewers have over rated them throughout the years, that they worship something untouchable or immune to criticism.

    I love this site, because its honest, its truthful and with an element of humour, something the beatles circle jerks cant handle.

    In musical terms, theyre terrible, the fact Martin arranged everything, tells its own story ie, they sucked even harder without him

    harrison lennon, starr and mccartney played like a high school band plays to get girls, the bare minimum talent and ability.

    fucking hell, harrison lost a guitar duel with clapton, lmao, claptons hardly amazing either

    Rocky fucking raccoon indeed mate

    keep it up and FUCK THE BEATLES


  168. Dermy


    Helter skelter the first metal song?


    you havent a clue you kiddy fiddling sicko

  169. Das Post author

    Thanks Dermy, you’ve made some very good points here, but according to public opinion I have no musical taste, deserve to die, and also have a peculiar sexual orientation. Please accept my apologies.

    Seriously though, can you image anything worse than sitting through a guitar duel between Clapton and Harrison? Even in their prime it would be more exciting to watch them have pillow fight, or a snow angel competition.

  170. Robert

    Elvis is cool – but can u really listen to an LP ALL the way through with focus or interest ? He was well meaning pretty boy who liked black music when most of white america were scared of those 10 inches for some strange reason or another. Anyway – this is a futile execrize to compare rock and roll bands. Just enjoy urself – listen to what gets u off. Its like sex – everbody has a kink. So live and let live.

  171. Paco

    I like the Beatles White Album. I like Devo’s second LP. I like Kings Of Leon “four kicks” and “California Waiting”. I like Dinosaur Jr’s You’re living all over Me LP. I only like Ice Cube’s “death certificate”. Coltrane’s “A love surpreme”: is great.
    But most new music really sucks. There has not been anything new since rap and punk and disco. it is all just left-overs warmed up again.

  172. Dogshit

    “fuck you , fuck this whole freakin site, you suck !! the beatles are second to none”

    You said a mouthful. You are absolutely correct. SECOND TO NONE. Retard!

    I also saw Ringo in Vegas at a hotel one time about 2 years ago. No, I did not go into the concert, but you could see and hear it from the main floor of the casino. I had to leave. I couldn’t concentrate because my brain was being pounded on!

    In gist, the Beatles sucked HARD!

  173. Dogshit

    “Dogshit….Since when did you ever care about what they influence for kids”

    Simply because America has become your sentence. Or is it a sentence? There is this thing called diction, syntax, punctuation, etc. But, I guess that does not matter if you always get high with a little help from your friends, and skip most classes in school……….or just can’t pay attention while you are there!


  174. Dogshit

    “Whoever published that piece of shit probably couldn’t figure out how to turn his brain on. Then, he realised he hadn’t bought one yet.”

    I got it. You should do standup so you could starve to death. You also may want to purchase spell check for your brain.

  175. Dogshit

    “to all people who hate the beatles, GO FUCK YOURSELF CAUSE U SUCK BIG NIGGER COCK!!!!!”

    I thought the beatles where about peace and love and anti racism.

    Is this like going to Church on Sunday, then coming home and fucking your 14 year old stepdaughter?

  176. Dale

    “Elvis is cool – but can u really listen to an LP ALL the way through with focus or interest ?”

    If you were a teenager in the late fifties and early sixties, the answer to that question is yes.
    Not all liked him but many did like him.

    And I still can listen all the way through.

  177. SmashKai

    To be honest, most of these reasons are kind of stupid. In fact, a lot of them are pretty inaccurate as well. Like when it says that they were afraid to release the butcher album; the single was banned because it was just really strange. And George Harrison brought Eric Clapton in to play the solo for While My Guitar Gently Weeps because no one in the band was getting along very well at that point, and a visitor would help them behave themselves. I’m not really sure why the person who made this would spend so much time compiling a list if he wasn’t even going to get all of the facts straight. And how about the crack about Charles Manson being a Beatles fan. It’s true, but I’m pretty sure a lot of bands that the people who made this article listen to have psychotic, serial killer fans (especially Ozzy, who I have nothing against by the way). Maybe you should start a small pop band and turn it into a worldwide phenomenon that inspires generations of new fans. Go ahead, make my day suckmybeatles.com.

  178. peter

    i quote paul mccartney. this quote is readily available to see on the web.

    Where their own music is concerned, the Beatles make no rash statements.

    “We are not great musicians,” said McCartney. “We are adequate musicians.” So why should do many people buy their records and flock to their concerts if they are only “adequate?”

    “I suppose.” tongue-in-checked Paul, “it is because they like adequate music.”

    so who are all these sociopaths making comments on this site? what makes them so qualified to say this dreck is great? move on.

  179. Dogshit

    Yep, because the Butcher Album had pics of slaughtered babies butchered in pieces. This was back when the FAA and other censhorship groups had one last shred of decency, AND DIDN’T LET THEM DO IT! They were afraid of them is what happend. Then these groups got eventually taken over by libtards, and now my 10 year old daughter can turn on the TV at almost any given time and watch Angelina Jolie getting fucked hard against the wall in some movie on regular TV.

    All this is good and fine when you are stoned and listening to the beatles though! After all, peace, love, drugs, wife swapping……….far out man!

  180. John-Paul Harrison-Starr

    i think anybody who hates the beatles should probably fuck themselves in the ass and put a gun to your head.

    fucking fags.

    the beatles are the greatest thing to happen to Earth… you fucking cunt douchebag haters

  181. SmashKai

    well, I mean, the babies were symbolic of their songs and how some of the audio engineers were somewhat butchering them. So I guess it wasn’t really that weird, but censors believed it would be too controversial, and the last thing the Beatles needed was controversy, especially after the ‘bigger than Jesus’ comment. The point is, the cover seemed indecent, but they were just trying to make a statement via photo.

  182. Sonichu

    I don’t know why people who make websites like this need to express hatred for something. Maybe they should make websites that focus on what they like. I’m open to people’s opinions. I could say that I don’t CARE for rap songs, and I could just as easily bitch and moan about it. But, I just don’t feel like I should waste my time making a website that expresses why I think that rap songs are awful and stupid. But it would be much easier to let people have opinions on which kinds of music they like. Music should be enjoyed, not tossed about in a tug of war to decide which genre is better. People have different tastes in Music; Some can listen to the Beatles and still enjoy Dethklok. Some can listen to Wheezy and will also listen to Carlos Santana. But, just because people have certain views about certain bands, that doesn’t neccessarily mean that they should start a huge “flame war” effect by complaining about how The Beatles allegedly destroyed Rock n’ Roll. However, if you look back, few bands in popular culture have ever stood out and stayed alive in the music industry for so long. It can be assumed that in a few years artists like Jay-Z and obscure heavy metal groups will be mostly forgotten, but bands like Pink Floyd, The Beatles, and The Rolling Stones will still be largely popular to many people. The creators of this website may even have similar tastes in music with some of the more crazy Beatles fans that comment on this site who apparently broke the Caps Lock on their computer. As a side note, to any Beatles fans who feel that it is all-important of them to post rude comments on a website to prove a point… If you like what the Beatles stand for, peace and love, then why do you think that promoting violent language is so imperative to establish your opinion. I used to be just like that, but since then I’ve realized that I shouldn’t just cavil about how the people who don’t like the Beatles have no taste in music. You’re actually doing more harm than good. So, upon concluding this comment, I’d like to sincerely ask the authors of this website to stop being so annoyed at The Beatles, because they were a very humble group who even admitted that they were only an ‘adequate’ and average band. But average does not always mean untalented. The Beatles were a great group, and that’s only my opinion and the opinion of tens of millions of people who like them. The fact that I stated that so many people like the Beatles doesn’t mean I’m telling people to jump on the bandwagon. I’m merely saying that if so many people love their music, why would someone spend so much time trying to prove that they ‘suck.’ In conclusion, If someone could take something from this long message, it would be to like YOUR kind of music, and to leave the types of music that other people like alone.

  183. Fake Dogshit [imposter]

    I’m an insane lunatic who doesn’t care for the Beatles and uses that hatred to prove that I’m better than everyone else by using my own opinions in admittedly well thought out responses. I would like to sincerely apologize to everyone that I have hurt and want to only see myself as equal to others. Just because I don’t enjoy the same music as others doesn’t mean I should be such a narcissistic wanker.

  184. Dogshit

    Hey Das, that last comment is not mine. Check the recent email addy I use. Maybe you should revert to passwords.

    This is obviously some beatlemart FF fan that ran out of pot on a camping trip for about a week, and his brain actually started to form logical discernment and subterfuge tactics.

    I hope his hippie girlfriend gives him gonnorhea!

  185. Das Post author

    Dogshit, the post was so ludicrous I didn’t even realize they’d sullied your good name.
    The truth is when I’ve implemented passwords in the past beatlefans couldn’t figure out how to post comments.

  186. Dogshit

    Well maybe you should create a parameter that they can remember their usernames and passwords. Like if for whatever they forgot it would show them pics of the FF, drugs, drug paraphenelia, court room scenes, etc.

  187. O RLY

    This Dogshit guy apparently pretends that all Beatles fans live boorishly unpleasant, marijuana-influenced lives to make himself feel better. Moreover, the Beatles’ fanbase doesn’t completely consist of druggie noncomformists. From the humble beatnik to the toe-tapping businessman, the Beatles’ music is very catchy and fun to listen to. However, this doesn’t mean that everyone needs to like the band. I would like to know why people like Dogshit and Das would think that the Beatles are some sort of satanic essence which wafts over people and drags them into a torturous ’10th’ circle of Hell. Did something happen to you in your youth that caused you to have this passionate hatred towards The Beatles? If you don’t like them, or just plain hate them, then you shouldn’t waste your life bitching about this abhorrence over the internet.

  188. Dogshit

    “From the humble beatnik to the toe-tapping businessman, the Beatles’ music is very catchy and fun to listen to.”

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! I kind of like this guy. You should do standup. And what businessmen, the ones that go door to door selling vaccum cleaners? I bet Donald Trump cranks it up in his penthouse tower in Vegas.

    “Did something happen to you in your youth that caused you to have this passionate hatred towards The Beatles?”

    Yes, and I speak for myself on this one. I was subject to music that was rehearsed, had timing and maybe even harmony, two and four beat, and with logical lyrics. I also wasn’t subject to hear it over and over (good music that is)if I didn’t care for it at a certain given time.

    I am the Walrus, I am the Eggman, ccoooocooookeeeechooooo!

    Ignorance is bliss, but it is also slavery!

  189. Dogshit

    Oh, and thank you DAS for changing that post to fake dogshit imposter username. When will they learn that we don’t have THC and beatles music clogging our brains to where we can notice that shit almost immediately!?

  190. Das Post author

    “From the humble beatnik to the toe-tapping businessman, the Beatles’ music is very catchy and fun to listen to.”

    Haha, that made my day. This ones a keeper! O RLY, if you’d like to know read some of the comments here. I do agree with you that they were an abhorrence.

    Don’t mention it DS.

  191. Pink Zep

    I know this is a little off topic, but how do you guys feel about the Beatles members’ solo careers? I know you probably hate John Lennon’s guts because you think that he was a big fraud, but there are a lot of good George Harrison songs. I realize that they’re not to everyone’s taste, but it can be entertaining. I also admit that there are a lot of songs by Ringo that aren’t exactly the best, but I’d like to know your opinion. And also, what kinds of music do you consider good music?

  192. Pink Zep

    “it says the same shit for 2 minutes!!!”
    Well you know, simplicity isn’t always a bad thing. “To poke a wood fire is more solid enjoyment than almost anything else in the world” -Charles Dudley Warner
    “As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler; solitude will not be solitude, poverty will not be poverty, nor weakness weakness.” -Henry David Thoreau
    Very inspirational stuff.

  193. Das Post author

    “Well you know, simplicity isn’t always a bad thing.”
    True, but in this case it is. “But better die than live mechanically a life that is a repetition of repetitions.” D.H. Lawrence

    PZ: The FF were the sum of its parts, and once the band broke up those parts were as unlistenable as… a beatles album .Contrary to popular belief, I find Lennon the least offensive of the bunch. At the very least, he tried to be honest. As for music, my mind and ears are open.

  194. Dogshit

    Well, if the solo careers were listenable, then it’s simply because they had talented musicians backing them up. But I can’t or refuse to remember what they did. Or maybe I just refused to listen.

    And as far as that video goes I could write a rant novel. But this one little juinior high school kid put it perfectly in the comments section of the video that says it all in my compact novel.

    “”””i REALLY have to write my maths homework but the moment i try to concentrate this song plus an image of paul smirking comes into my head and the mathematics goes? to hell.””””

  195. Pink Zep

    Yeah, sometimes I don’t care for Maths homework either. And I have to agree that variety is the spice of life, I really got shot down by D.H. Lawrence. Touche.
    (but I personally just like the sound of the song even if it’s just filler.)OPINION, not FACT.
    Thanks for the replies, keep your mind and ears open and don’t let em’ close.



  197. Mason

    To the person who said the Beatles weren’t very well known around the world…all i can say is you need to stfu. You couldn’t go anywhere in the world without hearing, or even seeing something to do with the beatles. They have archival radio exerts from somalia playing i wanna hold your hand okay. Huey pilots in vietnam would fly over the battlefield blasting songs to boost troop morale in extreme firefights and guess what the number one played song in 1965 was? No nothing form elvis but rather i wanna hold your hand by the beatles and a few years later the number 2 played song? no beatles again with Help! Second Elvis didn’t right anything for himself so really he was just a tool expressing someone else’s ideas with his voice. Paul mccartney is the number 1 most succesful songwriter in music history, look it up, and john would be close behind if were still alive. Elvis was a drunk who played concerts drunk which severely affected his congnative skills; basically he slured lyrics and played off time, tempo, tone and really just F***ed the concert backwards. Yes the beatles did do alot of drugs like marijuana, LSD, anphetamine, and cocaine but name me one time it affected their playing skills in fact it helped them create songs that the world will never forget. So in summary the beatles were, are, and forever will be better than elvis because they were more creative, had better drug habits, and were cleary more popular. So whoever wants to come on here and talk shit about the beatles with no good facts, take a big step back from the computer and f*** your own face.

  198. DogShit

    “but I personally just like the sound of the song even if it’s just filler.)”

    A filler for what, plaster of paris for a brick wall you bang you head against when you are listening to it?


    He sucks too, but at least he is cute, and can carry a tune with a talented band backing him up.

    And to this Mason guy with his long rant. Yes, if I where in war in a strange non English speaking country and could be killed any second, I would welcome any English or I guess French music. And we never forget these songs because they are more like a cheesy commercial jingle that gets stuck in your head sometimes. And yes, the beatles are well known around the world; so is AIDS, Terrorism, Poverty, etc……that the beatles never had any influence to help, and seem quite the same in fact.

    And if I could fuck my own face, I would have never heard of the beatles because I would live in the Mountains since puberty, and would have never gotten married.

  199. Stan

    I can tell you one person that sucks !!!!

    That would be Pee Wee Crayton.

    He Recorded the song “Do Unto Others” in 1954. Didn’t he know there was supposed to be a “Revolution” in 1968 that was going to create a whole new genre of music ?

    The nerve of him to have recorded such a guitar intro for a song. !!!!!

  200. Alison

    Eric, you are a complete twat, and so are the majority of other Beatles fans on this board. If you didn’t go on about the fucking band being the one that ‘everyone loves’ well dick heads I’ve got news for you – NO THEY DON’T. It’s a fallacy to believe all this shitty hype that surropunds the band. Most of it has been created by the press and the media over the last fifty years and it’s bullshit. By the way, I like The Beatles, but I don’t force them down other peoples throats and no one should be forced or made to feel bad about hating a certain group. Some Beatles fan are complete SCUM, worse than STAR WARS fans and that’s saying something!!! Take my advice and take a chill pill, sit in your room and listen to the beatles and don’t go searching for praise on the internet and getting pissed off when you don’t find it!

  201. _Ringo_

    Now this is just me saying this, but you fail at life. Half the facts wern’t right. May I just mention…. For people who hate the beatles so much, you talk about them A LOT.


  202. DogShit

    Ya see Ringo and other pro beatles fans, here it is in a nutshell before I get wasted and rant. I never really hated the beatles at first, just didn’t really care for them and actually found a few of their tunes kind of catchy and would listen if those tunes came on while I was driving down the road half drunk with my dick in my hand. What I and people like me HATE most is the beatles fans that aren’t just moderate fans, but deluded and insane and would let any of them,the beatles that is(especially the two dead ones if they came back to life) fuck thier children, wives, and take it in the ass on the way out the door.

    I like and have loved a lot of entertainers. Billy Idol, Metallica, Led Zepplin, Brad Pitt, Charlie Sheen, etc, etc, etc. But I know that they are only human, I don’t get deluded with them, smoke pot, build shrines, and blabber about them every fucking day. They have made me no money, but entertained and enlightened me in certain ways, but in no way I think they are Gods. And I also know that a lot of them have had drug problems in the past, and could very easily be labled scumbags. I don’t care, I just watch, then go to work, then come home to my family. They are simply funny and/or talented and I use them as a filler when bored. KEY WORD>>>>>BORED! I would also smack any of them like bitches at an autograph signing if they gave me guff. They bleed just like anyone else, and do not have the education past 2cd year dropout college.

    The beatles were not very talented without the help of drugs for both sides, or without the help of musical advice and backup. I never really hated the beatles for their serendipity, just the fans treating them like an Obama that really can’t! So, I now hate them through you, and you are the causal problem. You walk around stoned most of the day like Kramer on Seinfeld, fall into a pile of shit, then stand up with a pot of gold you found in that feces. You don’t try, but you get lucky, and even when you fail, you still get in the way of other people suceeding. But either way you are sheep to the mass Jew ad campaign that keeps these wankers on every channel of every UHF and VHF airwave.

    I like Elvis, but if I had to listen to him like the beatles are pushed all the time, I would hate him and the die hard fans also. He was good like a lot of entertainers, but not a God even though he died on the porcelian God.

    I never really hated the beatles till now, and it’s all your fault, loser. And if we fail at life, it’s because you get in the way.

  203. Das Post author

    Well said, Dogshit.
    “I was driving down the road half drunk with my dick in my hand”
    Aren’t those the original lyrics for Drive my car?

  204. Michael Kirkby

    Hey DogShit… great line about driving down the road man. I love the line about Obama too. Want to talk about a marketing campaign using neuro linguistic programming other than the music industry? There are actually two of them. The first is the War On Terror, and the second is King Barky’s election campaign. I’ll bet Hitler’s ranting in his one dimensional cell over the success these jokers have had using his MO, apart from the violence; although I’m sure we will get around to that on a global level in the next few years.

  205. DogShit

    1. Hey DogShit… great line about driving down the road man. I love the line about Obama too. Want to talk about a marketing campaign using neuro linguistic programming other than the music industry? There are actually two of them. The first is the War On Terror, and the second is King Barky’s election campaign. I’ll bet Hitler’s ranting in his one dimensional cell over the success these jokers have had using his MO, apart from the violence; although I’m sure we will get around to that on a global level in the next few years.

    Yes Das,it was!

    And to Michael Kirkby. I’m pretty sure in my hungover status that you are trying to insult me in self-riotous better than though way using skills adapted by college professors. If not than I apologize, but I’m pretty sure I’m right, give me a beer hair of the dog. I also don’t know who King Barky is, even though I googled it. So here goes way off this topic.

    People will war like animals till the end of time, you can count on that. We are nothing but logical thinking mammals with opposable thumbs. IE, the Civil war, wars between England and the rest of Europe in days of yore, Japanese families against Japanese families in Shogun eras, the list goes on and on!

    The war on terror in my eyes in my country should be internal to start. That is, first making drugs illegal to the point to where certain offenses are punishable by death like in Turkey. Look at the war between China and England because China banned the import of opium because it was destroying their people and thus the country. IE, getting rid of drugs almost totally will not create future liberals from being created that listen to things like the beallles (I still refuse to capitalize them or spell them with an American accent), and will never realize that if everyone got that “Far out dude, Peace and Love” attitude then other countries will walk right in like taking candy from a baby. I like myself more the metaphor of bending a Catholic schoolgirl over and hiking up her skirt! Then, taking Women’s Suffrage away, and not letting them hold high offices. Most of them belong behind a stove making babies for future cannon fodder for future wars that are imminent. Women think HOLISTICALLY. Always have, always will. In gist, if most every one got that peace and love crap that the Democrats don’t really believe in and just use it to get elected by the overwhelming growing population of retards, then we are now subjects of the State and slaves. Like in a futuristic movie where the government has total control over you. “It’s better to die on your feet, than to live on your knees”- Emiliano Zapata

    Also, the war on terror is more like if they could do this to us, they would. Wait, they tried, “and awakened a sleeping giant!”-Admiral Yamamoto

    And as far as the internal keeps going with not only the Dems, but the Pubs and everyone else slowly trying to take away all of our liberties, there is imminence in war on that if the people are not all brain-dead from pot. It was written by one of the great thinkers. “DEAR SIR, — I am now to acknowledge the receipt of your favors of October the 4th, 8th, & 26th. In the last you apologize for your letters of introduction to Americans coming here. It is so far from needing apology on your part, that it calls for thanks on mine. I endeavor to show civilities to all the Americans who come here, & will give me opportunities of doing it: and it is a matter of comfort to know from a good quarter what they are, & how far I may go in my attentions to them. Can you send me Woodmason’s bills for the two copying presses for the M. de la Fayette, & the M. de Chastellux? The latter makes one article in a considerable account, of old standing, and which I cannot present for want of this article. — I do not know whether it is to yourself or Mr. Adams I am to give my thanks for the copy of the new constitution. I beg leave through you to place them where due. It will be yet three weeks before I shall receive them from America. There are very good articles in it: & very bad. I do not know which preponderate. What we have lately read in the history of Holland, in the chapter on the Stadtholder, would have sufficed to set me against a chief magistrate eligible for a long duration, if I had ever been disposed towards one: & what we have always read of the elections of Polish kings should have forever excluded the idea of one continuable for life. Wonderful is the effect of impudent & persevering lying. The British ministry have so long hired their gazetteers to repeat and model into every form lies about our being in anarchy, that the world has at length believed them, the English nation has believed them, the ministers themselves have come to believe them, & what is more wonderful, we have believed them ourselves. Yet where does this anarchy exist? Where did it ever exist, except in the single instance of Massachusetts? And can history produce an instance of rebellion so honourably conducted? I say nothing of its motives. They were founded in ignorance, not wickedness. God forbid we should ever be 20 years without such a rebellion. The people cannot be all, & always well informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions it is a lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty. We have had 13. states independent 11. years. There has been one rebellion. That comes to one rebellion in a century & a half for each state. What country before ever existed a century & a half without a rebellion? & what country can preserve it’s liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon & pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. It is it’s natural manure. Our Convention has been too much impressed by the insurrection of Massachusetts: and in the spur of the moment they are setting up a kite to keep the hen-yard in order. I hope in God this article will be rectified before the new constitution is accepted. — You ask me if any thing transpires here on the subject of S. America? Not a word. I know that there are combustible materials there, and that they wait the torch only. But this country probably will join the extinguishers. — The want of facts worth communicating to you has occasioned me to give a little loose to dissertation. We must be contented to amuse, when we cannot inform.”-Thomas Jefferson
    You are not the only edumacated, but I just don’t pay much attention to College Professors that smell like bong residue, and are the first ones to point fingers at Sarah Palin for the Tucson shootings, before gathering all the facts.
    And to reiterate, I apologize if you were not really trying to rip me. But if I’m right, then FUCK YOU LIBERAL SLAVE, GO LISTEN TO MORE OF THE WHITE ALBUM, then form a cult and have them kill some pregnant woman in Hollywood and rename yourself Charles.

    Sorry Das for taking up so much room!

  206. DogShit

    Next time I just may! Depends on how many beatles tards throw out their spew trying to seem logical and put together!

    This guy however seemed like he ran out of money/pot a week ago, his record player was broken, and he was jonesing for a fight but could actually think half right for a spell. Detox maybe?

  207. Justin

    Elvis did for rock music what vanilla ice did for hip hop. Steal another cultures music and commercializes it instead of embracing it to white america. Elvis is nowhere near the level of EVEN RINGO! At least he was somewhat musically talented and wrote a couple songs instead of being a fat pudge who would groan into a mic and dance awkwardly on the stage

  208. DogShit

    “Elvis is nowhere near the level of EVEN RINGO!”


    No comment. Well, maybe just one! Elvis had rythm with his gyrating (at least till he got fat and whacked on drugs) which is what Ringo NEVER had. And Elvis still makes older women that no longer have the ability to produce estrogen, get WET upon listening to his voice! Wait, is that two?

  209. Das Post author

    Haha, I needed a good laugh. Thanks pal! I don’t understand why these people are so threatened by Elvis.

    In response to your lamebrained blather, This is quickly becoming my favorite quote:

    “By the time the beatles hit, still playing the rhythms of Chuck Berry and Carl Perkins, that style was already archaic and their contributions were to resegregate the pop charts by distracting white kids from the innovations of the soul masters, to diffuse rock’s energy with effetely sentimental ballads like “Yesterday” – paving the way for Simon and Garfunkel, Crosby, Stills and Nash, Elton John, and Billy Joel – and then to drape it in a robe of arty mystification, opening the way for the Velvet Underground, Pink Floyd, Yes, and Emerson, Lake and Palmer. In other words, rather than being a high point of rock, the beatles destroyed rock‘n’roll, turning it from a vibrant black (or integrated) dance music into a vehicle for white pap and pretension.”

    -Elijah Wald

  210. LikesMen

    No point in arguing, all music sucks ass. Saying one specific artist sucks is just saying “this piece of shit stank more than the other pieces of shit” I mock anyone who disagrees with me

  211. mary

    I don’t hate them but I don’t like their music . I listened to many of their songs to find something attrative but not even a single one sounds interesting to me. I don’t care about their narsicism personalities or sth like that but I really loathe their songs.

  212. DogShit

    I’m lamebrained or him? I’m leaning towards him. Typo in syntax? Nobodies perfect except for liberal peace loving beatles fans.

    And hey, I kind of like Pink Floyd, especially when I’m drunk and trying to get some from some hot chick. But I don’t stay drunk or build fucking shrines to the band. And when I wake up the chick is usually nothing like the night before.

    And there you go with the pap again. I’m still thinking pap smear!

  213. DogShit

    PS. Maybe I’m confused about the level of Elvis towards Ringo. Maybe he should state in which direction of level! People should learn to be meticulous and/or correct themselves if they wrongly stated something. Damn, I think I’m going to have a panic attack over this…….NOT!

  214. We hate you, please die.

    Was the creator of this site bullied at school or just raped by his father? Because his mentality and the shit that is on this page is nothing but moranic bullshit desgined to comfort you on your butthurt quest to find other saddos with the same denial problems as you…

    Whatever bullshit you listen would literally cease to exist if the beatles were taken out of history, no metal, no pop, punk…the lot.

    So be fucking gratful as you sit in your dark room listening to ‘dark lord satan death babies’ whilst cutting your wrists.

    There will never be another person as awesome as lennon and I do hope you die for insulting such an wonderful being.

    Maybe sombody will play ‘too many people’ at your funeral..

  215. We hate you, please die.

    Btw…elvis was a fraud who played the guitar as badly as he wrote songs…I.e. he didn’t.

  216. bumdah

    Hey dude, I wouldn’t get pissed. I saw a comment up there who claimed 80’s music was better, we fans clearly have nothing to fear…

    They’ll be saying AbbA is better than Led Zep next.


  217. Das Post author

    Why is it that beatlefans are obsessed with rape and incest? You people really worry me.
    I thank you for taking the time to stop by and share your thoughts, but a statement like this is so deluded, idiotic and insulting to the rest of mankind that it actually made me physically ill to read it. I’m referring to this beatleblind blather: “Whatever bullshit you listen would literally cease to exist if the beatles were taken out of history, no metal, no pop, punk…the lot. “
    By this logic, I guess we can also thank Oblidee Oblida for creating Reggae music and Yer Blues for inspiring Robert Johnson and Charlie Patton. I think you might find it shocking to hear that music actually existed BEFORE the beatles. Not only music of all shapes and colours, but rock music, good music and good rock music.
    I don’t deny that the beatles had a place in music history, but in spite of the damage they did to the music world, good music still miraculously exists today, though it’s harder to find alongside of the cloth-eared charlatans who bow down before the alter of the fabs and propagate mindless, tuneless, easily digested bubblegum for the likes of you and your cronies. The beatles are the Old Milwaukee light of music. I have nothing against Lennnon, he was a great guy who wrote bad music. It was a beatlefan who shot him, remember?
    Think I’ll stand on the corner flinging Sgt Pepper cds into traffic and clear some of you people out of the gene pool.
    Yer pal,

  218. Lennon123

    He was right though, you clearly were an abused freak…and still are.

    What was I expecting from an American. A race of inbred idiotic arseholes.

    Before the Beatles there was nothing but unoffensive nonsence that spastics like you gurn at.

  219. Andrew lennon

    hey, no need for racism.

    But it’s true, please get a life and try not to let jealousy get in the way of liking the greatest band in history.

    Idiotic WANKER.

  220. Das Post author

    Funny, I’m neither an American or a victim of abuse, aside from the abuse of being forced to hear the beatles everyday of my life. I can think of no other group in history that sounds better as muzak, it really makes shopping for laxatives a joy.

    Before the Beatles there was nothing but unoffensive nonsense that spastics like you gurn at.

    This is exactly the kind of mindset that keeps you people from growing into forward thinking, rational adults. To not only believe that this band was more than a glorified boy-band ( the Cadillac of boy bands), but to actually think they did anything but water down and whitewash a vital and exciting form of music is absurd.

    Off the top of my head all we had to make due with before the beatles were Robert Johnson, Leadbelly, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Woody Guthrie, John Coltrane, Charlie Parker, Sarah Vaughn, Billie Holiday, Bill Haley, Ray Charles, Jerry Lee Lewis, Big Joe Turner, Eddie Cochran, Link Wray, Screaming Jay Hawkins, Bo Diddley, Etta James, Richie Valens, Big Mama Thornton, Johnny Burnett, Johnny Guitar Watson, Wanda Jackson, Ike Turner, Rufus Thomas, Booker T and the MGs, Junior Parker, Johnny and the Hurricanes, Ronnie Hawkins, Muddy Waters, Howlin Wolf, Buddy Holly, Bo Diddley, Gene Vincent, Fats Domino, James Brown, Everly Brothers, Elmore James, Santo and Johnny, Carl Perkins, Dick Dale, Johnny Horton, Duane Eddy, Chet Atkins, Merle Travis, Little Walter, Willie Dixon, John Lee Hooker, Louis Armstrong, Louis Prima, Big Bill Broonzy, Arthur Crudup, Pee Wee Crayton, T-Bone Walker, Charlie Christian, Cab Calloway, Gershwin, Benny Goodman, Buddy Rich, Son House…this could go on forever, just like the re-re-re-released beatle nightmare.

  221. Andrew lennon

    Funny how you seem to think that somehow an idiots opinion, ie yours, defies and wrongs every view of every critic for the last 50 years.

    Carry on existing in your dream world, hope you realise soon that it’s a load of shit.

  222. Das Post author

    Whats funny is the fact that you choose to be told what is good without taking the time to form your own opinion.

    A critic is commissioned by the editor to write an article. The same editor whose job is to sell magazines. Let’s say the critic decided to put Lee Clayton on the cover of Rolling Stone. Even though he’s considered a genius and his story makes great copy, that cash register won’t be ringing the same way as if you put the fabs on the cover, regardless of whether the article was about McCartney’s bunions or Lennon’s favorite socks. It just doesn’t matter, there are enough fans out there in consumer land dopey enough to buy it, which means everybody gets to keep their jobs. That’s cutting edge music criticism for you. Do you actually think the average critic runs home after work and huddles up with a stack of beatle records?

    The entire beatles myth has been built on marketing from the very beginning of their careers. Beatlemania was nothing more than a well executed, well thought out, multi-billion dollar advertising blitz created to sell the beatles in America.

    Sales do not equal good music. If that were true, McDonald’s would be famous for gourmet food instead of selling a gajillion greasy burgers a day, and Justin Beiber’s new album would be heralded as the greatest record ever made.

    I realize ignorance is bliss but you’re the one whose been living in the dream world, and you no longer have an excuse.

    Yer pal,

  223. bobothewiseman

    aarrrg… one thing for sure.. why the other artists covered mostly of their songs by different genres? from reggae.. soul.. country.. alternative or even heavy metal?.. those haters are such a bunch of illiterate..moron..asshole..

  224. MoreMaccaPlease

    Urgh, emerge from your hovel you knuckle dragging basement dweller. It’s clear you have some kind of hate at the mainstream media, probably because you were bullied shitless for being such a twerp. Your ignorance is your sanctuary because you’re the only one stupid enough to turn against the greatest band in history.

  225. Das Post author

    “In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king.”
    -Desiderius Erasmus

    “In the land of the deaf the beatles are the greatest band in history.”
    -The blind and deaf.

  226. midnight_playah


    Like yourself, I am neither an American nor an abuse victim.

    I got your back and totally agree with everything you’ve posted here. Everytime I hear the Liverpool Douchebags I want to shove something dull and rusty into my eyeholes.

    None of the musicians in the bands that I like cite any of the Fab Fags as influences, and since I like these bands they are inherently awesome!

    The Beatles are queer and they can rot! Deal with it and find a band with musical relevance (outside of blind worship by idiots) to follow.

    I’m awesome and Beatles fans are not!

  227. Das Post author

    Thanks MP, welcome home!
    I agree that you’re awesome, though you may want to consider poking out your eardrums instead your eyeholes to be safe.

  228. DASshouldDie

    No midnight player, you are not awesome. You are a retard. Whatever band you like is probably shight, we fans follow the Beatles because they are the greatest band in history.

    Deal with and get lifes.

    If not abused then bullied, badly.

  229. midnight_playah

    Bullied by a Beatles fan?!?!? Doubtful… Kinda hard to take a bully seriously when he’s wearing a pink button-up blouse, brown slacks and penny loafers. Not to mention that Beatles fans are way to busy having sex with other men to bully anyone.

    Now I’m even MORE awesome than you are! I think I can hear your copy of Abbey Road crying…

  230. Das Post author

    MP, if you’re judging your awesomeness by comparing yourself to FF fans you’ve set the bar way too low!

    DSD, I’m sure Lennon would be quite proud of the way you’ve carried on his message of peace. Here’s the thing: regardless of what we, or any semi-evolved bi-pedal primate likes to listen to, what separates beatle fans from music fans is the ability to listen and talk about music in perspective, without this narrow-minded beatle fatwa declared on anybody who doesn’t conform.

    This site wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for, sycophantic, right wing beatle fundamentalists who believe everything else pales in comparison and those who have their own opinions deserve, in your words, to die.

    In the words of your idol:
    Ev’rybody’s talkin’ ’bout
    Minister, Sinister, Banisters and Canisters,
    Bishops, Fishops, Rabbis, and Pop Eyes, Bye bye, Bye byes
    All we are saying is give peace a chance


  231. H. K.

    “Whatever bullshit you listen would literally cease to exist if the beatles were taken out of history, no metal, no pop, punk…the lot. ”

    How can that possibly be true ?

  232. midnight_playah

    Its not. Not by a long shot. The only thing that might not exist if the Beatles were taken out of history is blitzkrieg-esque multimedia market saturation of mediocre musical acts. Thanks to the Beatles, we now get Justin Beiber…

  233. midnight_playah

    Unfortunately, Nickleback is a mistake we Canadians will have to live with forever. On behalf of Canada, I apologize for unleashing that bunch of steaming coilers onto the world.

    I’m so ashamed…

    P.S. I’m still way more awesome than DSD.

  234. johnlennonfan37

    Who wrote this?! The Beatles DO NOT SUCK!! Isn’t that obvious by how successful they were, and still are? Face the fact that the Beatles are one of the best bands that ever came about! All of them musical legends, as the Beatles and in their own right!

  235. MrAndrewJS

    HK, I think you’ll find it is. Haters of the Beatles are fueled only by blind ignorance.

    Thanks to the Beatles, we get pretty much every production technique used for the last 50 years and every popular genre.

    Unfortunately, the 80’s turned what the beatles created into the manufactured crap you get pumped from the industry nowadays.

    And no MP, you are not awesome. far from it.

  236. BeatleManiac4ever


  237. midnight_playah

    Worldwide Best Selling Albums:

    1 Micheal Jackson – Thriller – 95M
    2 AC/DC – Back In Black – 50M
    3 Pink Floyd- Dark Side of the Moon- 45M
    4 The Bodyguard Soundtrack – 44M
    5 Meat Loaf – Bat Out of Hell – 43M
    6 Eagles – Greatest Hits (71-75) – 42M
    7 Dirty Dancing Soundtrack – 42M
    8 Backstreet Boys – Millenium – 40M
    9 Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack – 40M
    10 Fleetwood Mac – Rumours – 40M
    14 The Beatles – Sgt. Pepper – 32M???

    What does this prove? Just that popular music lovers are the biggest jackasses around.

    Couldn’t even beat the Backstreet Boys? Pathetic…

    * I used the Wikipedia list because it is actually more forgiving than Billboard’s list. According to Billboard, the Fab Fags actually come in 15th!!

  238. H.K.

    I think Les Paul should be credited with many of the recording techniques of the day. He may not have invented all but he did pave the way.
    I believe he did many recordings direct to disc and daisy chained them to create overdubbing.

    There was also an album by Elsa Popping (André Popp) titled “Delirium in Hi-Fi” that probably has more studio wizardry then the entire Beatles Catalog.

    Jim Fassett’s “Symphony of the Birds” is also an interesting album. The time and effort put into that album is astounding.
    He also released “Strange to your Ears” which explains the many uses of the recording studio.

    Something very simple as “using the studio as an instrument” line we always here was used on Buddy Holly’s “Peggy Sue” where the echo was turn on and off during the beginning of the song.

    Gordon Jenkins’s “Manhattan Tower” was a continuous concept album that was originally released on 78rpm.

    None of the above were the first but many ideas were in place before The Beatles.

    Even Eddie Cochran used to press on the capstan to create an effect. He used overdubbing for his guitar and vocals. Jimi Hendrix was intrigue by his guitar work in the studio.

    I still don’t think everything is because of The Beatles.

  239. Das Post author

    @BeatleManiac4ever: This is one of the most compelling arguments from a beatlefan to date. Thanks for your post.

    @MrAndrewJS: You’ve got to find another line of reasoning, not only is this one ridiculous, it’s downright insulting.
    Now I don’t mean this to sound condescending, I don’t doubt your convictions, only your logic.
    Let’s assume everybody knows stereo recording began in the 30’s, Multi-track recording began in 50’s (invented by a real by a real genius:Les Paul).
    You’ve probably also heard of some early recording pioneers like Tom Dowd, Sam Philips, Leiber & Stoller, Joe Meek, and Phil Spectre (who later tried to resuscitate Let it Be), along with many others who all made incredibly significant contributions to modern recording techniques.

    Now if you listen to the production on an album like Sgt Pepper and think, ‘Most of these songs don’t stand the test of time, but the production was incredible’ I agree it’s a fair assessment. Now who do you think was responsible for the innovative recording techniques and production used on this album, Lennon & McCartney or Geoff Emerick and George Martin, who the beats were smart enough to hire?

  240. Das Post author

    HK: Your post says it way better, wish I’d seen it before I rambled.
    MP: Well said.
    Don’t worry about Nickelback, these things happen. Wasn’t Canada also responsible for Celine Dion and Bryan Adams? What’s going on up there?

  241. midnight_playah

    @H.K. & Das:

    Both really, really great comments. Nothing smart-ass to say here. Just, kudos.

  242. BeatleManiac4ever

    @Das- Your welcome, but it’s true! I dont get why people think that The Beatles suck! They’re AWESOME!!! Nobody can take that away from them, they’re the best and always will be…they really did change the world…

  243. J.J:

    what a fucker¡¡¡¡¡… what a pathetic attempt to insult a great band, but i can see you are just a stupid person with no sense for music, so , in the end, ifeel sorry for you, THE BEATLES are the greatest band ever played music, so if yu dont like it well, im sorry, now go fuck yourself please

  244. DogShit

    I think I saw about 5 comments in the last 20 posts about the infamous “Music, lightbulbs, and the horesless carriages would not exist if not for the beatles music,” accompanied by beatles haters being American, redneck, inbred, and sexually abused.

    I am American, Anglos Saxon, and love being sexually abused. But I have a good ear for music, along with a good ear for outbound missiles and 1000 lb bombs that saved your asses from Hitler.

    But the point is there is always some shit slinging that is not pertinent to the argument at hand. So, I guess better an American abused redneck, than a dirty filthy hippie who always smells like petuli, and can taste his best friend inside his commune swapped girlfriend.

    HA, I’m drunk, and THE BEATLES STILL SUCK!

  245. midnight_playah

    Whoa, whoa, whoa… Hostility, much?

    Top three arguments in defence of the Beatles:

    1 “The Beatels ar the gratest band evr, dumass!”

    2 “If u dont lick the Beatels, u dont no eneething abowt muzik.”

    3 “Go fuck yourself!”

    I’m still waiting to see some convincing evidence to back up the Beatle fans’ point of view, that doesn’t consist of personal opinion, conjecture, empty insults or POPULAR MISCONCEPTIONS!

    Show me something I can hang my hat from, please! Teach me! Prove me wrong! More importantly, prove me wrong without factual inaccuracies, cursing or insults. That would be astounding!

  246. midnight_playah

    @ Dogshit:

    There is now a third member in the supreme awesomeness club. Congratulations! You, me and Das are gonna run shit on this board! Even when you’re drunk you’re fucking awesome! If I was gay I’d snuggle your nutsack until judgement day…

  247. DogShit

    Cool beans. I don’t know about the nutsack thing. You’d have to ask my wife first if you ever wake up with the urge to decorate houses and critique women’s shoes.

    And convincing a beatles fan that he is wrong, or even remotely wrong, is like trying to convice a pissed off rattlesnake from biting.

    It’s just that….beatles baiting…..is really fun….and making them prove by their syntax, diatribe, spelling, grammar, FACTS, etc that they are the uneducated drugged up sheep that follow and bahhhhhh for the media and advertising of crap like the beatles.

  248. Das Post author

    MP: One of the most convincing arguments, and the most popular, is that if you don’t like the beatles your a ‘fagit’

  249. LSD

    What thee hell. Ok. One point for all you dumb asses out there in fuck-yourself land. The most influential rockband of the 1900s was…
    now do like the Eagles and get over it

  250. Das Post author

    Actually rock wasn’t invented until the 50’s. In the 1900’s Ragtime was the rage and Jazz was becoming a sophisticated artform. In other words, real people were making real music and pampered studio poofs like the beatles were a long way from destroying popular music.

    Thanks for your comment, Einstein.

  251. midnight_playah


    From all of us in “fuck-yourself land” to all of you in “can’t-form-an-opinion-cause-we’re-sheep land,” I pose this question:

    How the fuck do you figure that?

    Just because these limey tools produced dozens of catchy, cookie-cutter, pussy-pop hits we have to consider them “the most influential rock band of (I’ll assume you meant) the 20th century?

    Fuck that! Arrogant prick Beatles fans only make this ridiculous claim beacuse they don’t know enough about music to realize that no one musical act gets to claim that title. The entire scope of music worldwide is a symbiotic beehive. Many contributors to the musical world were/are influenced by, and in turn influenced, all other areas.

    Leadbelly, Les Paul, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Sex Pistols, Nirvana, The Who, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Michael Jackson, RHCP, Robert Johnson, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, CCR…

    Christ almighty, I could go on and on. Yes, your precious “Fab Four” belong on that list, but as the MOST influential? You can shove that shit!

  252. midnight_playah


    Well thought out! Keep up the good work.

    BTW, I agree, AC/DC sucks royal ass, but that doesn’t change the fact that they’ve influenced the music world. But I’m glad you have a firm grasp of what I was trying to say. Tool…

  253. Alison

    I agree with the person who said Girls Aloud. They are the definition of a shit band. Racist old dogs that should quit. One of them is beibng taken to America to host the X Factor. Pathetic.

  254. DogShit

    “Stp and acdc blow and you only like leadbelly cuz you’re on Kurt cobains dick”

    Here we go with the “you don’t like the beatles cause your a fagit’ argument again. Sucking on Kurt Cobains dick would also be nasty, since he’s dead, and I’m pretty sure he never played in those bands genius, and probably killed himself because of it. Wow, the facts and arguments you stoners give are stunning, staggering, and breathtaking.

    Also, the beatles sang about a bunch of dudes all living in a yellow submarine. Not trying to imply, but its kind of ambiguous.

  255. E Fish

    This site is really interesting. Not for the musical insights (though some are sprinkled here and there) but for the incredible passion, hatred, and homophobia express for those who disagree with their musical tastes.

    Don’t LOOOOOVE the Beatles? — Suck Satan’s cock!

    Think “I’ll Be Back” has some interesting major/minor harmonic shifts for a 60’s pop boy band? You’re corporate cocksucker who knows NOTHING ABOUT REAL MUSIC LIKE (insert favorite band)

    The thing I most respect about the Beatles… and other “British Invasion” bands like Stones, the Kinks, the Who (etc. etc.) is the fact that they kept evolving and were so damn prolific. In 7 years the Beatles put out 12 (TWELVE) albums with an incredible variety. So did the Stones.

    Since then… Michael Jackson put out 3 albums in his 8 years of “relevance” (1979-87). Let’s see…. Kanye West put out 5 (very similar) albums in 7 years. Well, there’s always Guns N’ Roses…

    Here’s my opinion (and those who disagree should, of course, suck my dogshit covered dildo while getting fucked in the ass by Elvis’s corpse):

    Those who can’t laugh at the hilarious 100 Reasons Why The Beatles Suck are humor impaired, no matter what their musical tastes.

    Those who can’t hear that the Beatles wrote many beautiful melodies and influenced many musicians are tone deaf and historically ignorant.


  256. Anonymous

    “The Beatles had no genuine musical talent, but were a product shaped according to British Psychological Warfare Division specifications, and promoted in Britain by agencies which are controlled by British intelligence.”

    -Lyndon H. LaRouche, CEO of Tavistock Institute

    “The Beatles suck.”

    -John Lennon

    “We are not great musicians.”

    -Paul McCartney

    “I only signed then because i was attracted to John.”

    – Brian Epstein

  257. Das Post author

    @E Fish: Interesting post, but it brings to light a topic nearly as disturbing as why people listen to the music of the beatles, how did you get dogshit on your dildo?

    @Anonymous: well said!

  258. E Fish

    @Das: Bend over and I’ll show you! *Add additional homoerotic insult of your choice [required]*

    Clearly, Das, somehow the Beatles traumatized you at some tender point in your life, and you’re doomed to obsess about them while loudly “rejecting” them for the rest of your life. A classic neurotic projection! (Perhaps initiated during a bad acid trip as you stared at the “Two Virgins” album cover while some sadistic frat brother blasted “Act Naturally” on a loop in your dorm room).

    You’re validating their importance far more than any idiot fan could, and you probably know more about the Beatles than all of them put together. You should write a book!

    But then, I suppose in this postmodern era, you may actually be making a living selling the sell out of the Beatles, you fucking sell out!

    @Anonymous: Please tell me you’re citing LaRouche’s fantasy — that the Beatles are part of a grand world conspiracy led by the Masons, the Dutch royal family, the Trilateral commission, water fluoridation, the Jews, and the Georges (Bush and Martin) — as a joke.

    (Ssssshhhh– let that be your cover; don’t let out what you know or THE MAN will come get you….. Woah! Who’s in that black sedan parked across the street?????)

    Damn! I forgot in my earlier post to include the best argument of the pro-Beatles side:

    “BEST EVER!!!!! GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!!”

  259. [fake] DogShit

    The world has turned, and left me here, just where I was, before you appeared, and in your place, an empty space, has filled the void behind my face

    *this message was created by a dogshit imposter – ed.

  260. Das Post author

    @E Fish: I’ll never understand the importance of the homoerotic insult as a means of defending the beatles. Please note that I have yet to use that line of defense. At least on you.
    In this sentence.

    My dislike of the beatles has nothing to do with drugs or sexual abuse. Perhaps being bombarded by their music at every turn has caused a bit of brain damage, but it’s nothing compared to that of the average fan.

    My problem has always been more with the attack on freedom of thought which these lovable lads from Liverpool inevitably inspire. Sure, the beatles had a couple of catchy tunes. No argument there. Teddy Bears Picnic is also a very catchy tune, but I won’t race home to listen to that either.

    I do know a lot about the beatles, more than I care to know. I also know a lot about music. So let’s keep things in perspective here, according to the world at large you have the freedom listen to and enjoy whatever you want, unless you don’t like the beatles, then you’re a brain-dead moron who came from an abusive home. Oh yeah, and a faygit. Thanks for reiterating.

    I appreciate the kind words, but it would be too easy to make money off the beatles – all you need is a big picture on the cover and for the title use one of their songs and it’s guaranteed to sell regardless of the content. Try it! Here’s a few titles to get you started:
    I am the Walrus, The beatles music and modern aquariums
    All Things Must Pass: How music cures constipation
    Mean Mr. Mustard: Favorite condiments of the rock stars
    Norwegian Wood: Welcome to Ikea!

    Anyway, think I’ll leave the postmodern music rambling to Chuck Klosterman, our material sometimes has a point.

    Take care,

  261. DogShit

    UM, Das, someone, probably homoeurotic fantisize E fish has left another comment in my name. Wasn’t me. The last one at Feb 11th at 3:38pm about a poem of the world leaving me here and other stupid bong residual blather. I guess I could get an avatar but they might mimic it also.

    And E-Fish, Best ever in what, carnival music???? The beatles simply sucked greasy Hatian(see, Hatian is capitalized, not the beatles)ass hair after a long night of eating army issue donated cans of refried beans, but I know lots of people that are into sick fetishs.

  262. midnight_playah

    I think that the statement made by “E Fish” (or whoever) that Das is “validating their importance far more than any idiot fan could” is both coherent, and wrong. Fact of the matter is, there is no reason for Beatles haters like us to exist in the first place. Had Beatles wang spelunkers not existed, we would not be necessary. But, c’mon E Fish, the mentally handy-capable masses that hang on every little tidbit of Beatles fandom are much, much more to blame for their insane, god-like ascention than the haters are.

  263. Simon

    Fact #1: The beatles were the most overrated band in poop-history up till now.
    Fact #2: Second comes Elvis Presley.

    I know 5000 bands by name and listened to a million cds of just about every musician I could ever heard of. So I might be wrong..

  264. need help

    can the operator of this website please help me? i need information on what steps need to be taken to remove a post. this is very important. thank you very much.

  265. BeatleMania

    WHAT THE HECK IS F**CKING WRONG WITH YOU?!?!The Beatles were the best band EVER
    they changed music forever! if the beatles were not around true music wouldnt exist!!
    the beatles were WAY better than Elvis!!

  266. DogShit

    Maybe they were way better than Elvis, but they still sucked. AND, here we go again at if the beatles (I still refuse to capitalize the beatles) were not around the lightbulb, spaceships, submarines, rocket launchers, atomic bombs, silent movies would never have been invented type of bong induced anal fingering!

    Go share your girlfriend with Charles Manson,…..again!

  267. jack

    WHY DO YOU HAT THE BEATLES SO MUCH?????????????????? THIER AWSOME NO WON CAN MATCH THEM OR BE BETTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  268. Norberto Caceres

    I have realized… people who hate the beatles often use the arguement “I know people who can play better the guitar or better the drums,etc”.But what they don’t understand is that music is just a way to concrete emotions, thoughts and ideas. I know people who sign better that John Lennon, but unlike John, they are not clever or interesting people, and the shit they sign and the chords they play don’t have the same effect… not even near…

  269. Zoyelque


  270. what

    Beatles did not sell out cause they did not make any money in the 1960s. the tax cut was about 95%, remember why the stones went to exile, john sold out for peace and so did george. paul and ringo are trying to keep the music alive. no beatles no popular music. ask any band now or in the 70s, 80s , 90s. so who do you like kesha maybe even lady gaga. good luck , and peace and love. you sad little moron.

  271. Sir George Martin

    The Beatles were really nice lads with good stage presence and decidedly pleasant voices, so I decided that they would be my ticket to fame and fortune and signed them on to ghost-wrote all of their famous hits from ’63 to the very last of my song albums that produced for them in 1970, Let It Be. It was truly a glorious ride for me and the boys, until they finally decided to strike out on their own and came sadly to their musical undoing. I laughed, howerver, all they way to the bank for all those years and cannot say I do not have certain mixed feelings for having perpetrated such a tremendously cruel hoax of such monumental proportions on untold millions of unsuspecting and adoringly gullible airheads much like yourselves all of whom have bought and continue to buy into my monumental hoax. LOL! Hilarious, truly hilarious.

  272. Das Post author

    Sir George Martin, thank you very much for dropping by and trying to clear the air. Although your actions were deplorable, I can’t say that any man in a similar situation wouldn’t do the same. Besides, it’s all quite hilarious.
    Might I suggest you take some of your ill-gotten fortune and try to help solve the problem you created by donating to beatleholics Anonymous, or even donate some funds to the Cloth Eared Sycophantic recovery fund?

  273. Sir George Martin

    Though my sales strategy might arguably have been quite unseemly or unbecoming, some would say even dishonest, for a man of my social aspirations and pretensions, my greatest ‘Beatle’ songs (how I do loathe the word) were nonetheless of an artistic quality that is even now beyond critical reproach and will undoubtedly continue to withstand the all-important test of time. As to donating to the Cloth-Eared Sycophantic recovery, Sir, I resent that peregrine notion in its entirety. Good day. 🙂

  274. Das Post author

    It was merely a suggestion to help abate your feelings of guilt for contributing to the scourge of recorded music, please don’t be offended.
    You must take great enjoyment these days re-releasing all the old beatle tracks you’ve written. Although I haven’t, and hopefully never will have to suffer through the album or be tortured by the play LOVE, the idea cracks me up.
    You must have been laughing all the way to the bank, Sir G. Speaking of plays, are you planning to be involved with McCartney’s new musical, While the audiences gently weeps?
    Has anyone ever found it odd that after you stopped working with the band, the hits dried up and with very few exceptions, all further recordings have managed to stay off the charts completely?

    Thanks again for stopping by!

    Is this the kind of existence which an evil life like yours leads to?

  275. Sir George Martin

    Guilt?…Remorse?…Aren’nt I British, Sir? I wouldn’t know the meaning of that word if it bit me in the arse. LOL Good show. 🙂

  276. michael decicco

    Ya let me just say that who ever wrote this is stupid! i hope your reading this because your so dumb! my dad likes the beatles, i like the beatles! its like that saying what goes around comes around. seriously beatles have helped me get threw my parents divorce and the fact that sarah doesnt like me! thankyou beatles for helping me get by! RIP paul <3

  277. felix lassiter

    Beatles best music ever was ever will be Mozart sucks this has not much to do with music but Shakespeare sucks as for Elvis he was gay and stupid the stones every song sounds the same rap sucks the big one lousy negro music M J had a hair of talent but went weird and pilled himself into a early grave it was that or the nut house
    I like good rock and good classic music of which there is not much you go Sergei Rachmaninoff I dig you like the grave and good gold and fluffy Oreo bars rest in anger Jim Morrison you dumb ass f uck

  278. DogShit

    “Ya let me just say that who ever wrote this is stupid! i hope your reading this because your so dumb! my dad likes the beatles, i like the beatles! its like that saying what goes around comes around. seriously beatles have helped me get threw my parents divorce and the fact that sarah doesnt like me! thankyou beatles for helping me get by! RIP paul <3"

    Well, obviously they, the beatles, didn't help you get THREW spelling in school with other very atrocious English diction, syntax, diatribe, capitalization………….shit, I think I've done this before. Just read the pro beatles quotes. I rest my case. I also refuse to capitalize the beatles, it's my only vice. Party on dude!

    And felix lassiter, I have read your rant over and over and I still cannot figure out what the fuck you are trying to say, and if you are pro, neutral, or anti beatles. It actually is giving me a panic attack!

  279. Ikerwoods

    I personally prefer the Beatles, however I am not just saying so because I like them. Elvis was my favorite artist for a very long time but when I truly compared the two, the raw artistic quality of the Beatles exceeds that of Elvis. All said and done though they are both two of my favorites.

  280. Ikerwoods

    And regardless of who the best is the beatles do not suck. If you want a list of bands who have made it big who do suck I’ll give you that list. Justin Bieber,Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus(just add in every kid band past 2000)And a bunch a folks from the nineties…any questions?

  281. DogShit

    Ikerwoods, the beatles suck! And all of the other bands d you listesuck worse because they are the spawn of the beatles, along with the mind numbing corporate push that was learned by the beatles advertising to young stoned out nowhere to go type of followers looking for a religion to believe in, then choosing one.

    Welcome to religion, it’s the same fucking way. People are sheep.

    PS…..Elvis didn’t suck as bad, because at least he could keep a tune compared to the beatles.

  282. DogShit

    Oops, forgive my first line spelling and read through it. I think I hit the mousy and didn’t proof read.

  283. Das Post author

    If you want a list of bands who have made it big who do suck I’ll give you that list. Justin Bieber,Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus

    I can see your point, but those artists aren’t bands, they are quasi musical entities created to sell music to children…just like our beloved FF.
    I’d also argue that these kids are more talented performers.

  284. Cai Er

    THEY SUCK CUz they are horrible. AND they are a once upon a time thing alr8dy.

  285. snobo

    “If you want a list of bands who have made it big who do suck I’ll give you that list. Justin Bieber,Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus”

    The Beatles were the Jonas Bros of their time. Even George Harrison has said, “we were the Spice Boys.”

    And Elvis sucked too.

  286. BeatleFan

    I Love The Beatles, they’re like the most popularest bands on earth… My brother says they suck but I just ignore him. Everyone has a like so why dont you haters leave the fans alone, if they like them then they do.

  287. Das Post author

    Listen to your brother BF, he is wise beyond his years. The most popularist doesn’t necessarily mean greatliest, or even goodliest.

  288. geoffhells




  289. suckmydickfags

    What the fuck is this? All of you can rot in hell because The Beatles changed music forever and none of you would know that because of all of the shit you listen to. So fuck all of you in the assholes. 🙂

  290. WAYNE

    ELVIS The King. Of the nicknames given to the heavyweight performers of our

    time, Elvis owns the highest-ranking one of them all. No moniker can

    touch The King’s, not the Godfather of Soul nor the Chairman of the

    Board; Not the King of Pop either. Even the Queen of Soul falls royally

    short. You’ll notice Presley’s pet moniker needs no attribution. He’s

    pretty much The King of everything.

  291. WAYNE

    The beatles, or should I say the Shitles, were just copy cats of their time. Immaturity abounds in their music and lyrics, fueled by drugged up hippy fans and people who had no ear and class for music. Yuck!
    Elvis had UNLIMITED talent, the shitles had their manager to writer music for them. They were ugly englishmen with little music talent at best.
    Elvis was and is and always wil be called THE KING OF ROCK AND ROLL! what was the shitles called? lucky to have stupid fans !

  292. Elviana

    Just stumbled upon your site and it sincerely made me want to listen to my extensive Beatle catalog right now HA

  293. jonas

    i fucking can’t stand the fan base – they’re more rabid than the bieber fan base. the beatles suck in my books. the fanbase makes them suck as much as a vacuum.

  294. Stelth

    This article sucks because 100 reasons are not nearly enough. According to Wikipedia there are 305 beatles songs. There should be at least 500 reasons why they suck. A proper list would add all the songs they wrote as a reason plus all the reasons john lennon is a dick would easily get the number to around 500. I’m not even mentioning the other 3 assholes!!! Seriously, there are probably 1000 good reasons if someone would actually sit down and write the list.

  295. Somegirl

    I understand that people have different tastes and you may not like the Beatles, but there really is no reason for this.. People like you that hate singers and bands and have to tell everyone that you do gives me the suspicion that you like them more than us.. and talking about them and then at the end saying you don’t give a crap pretty much puts out that you’re a fan at heart. just shut up man and let it be

  296. Narendra

    Fuck you every one!!!! beatles rock…you fucking stupid dick heads..haven’t you got any job to do…kiss my ass

  297. Stelth

    Narendra, just let it be. Where’s the peace n’ love beatles fans are supposedly famous for? Stay classy girl.

  298. Jim

    It feels so great that there are other people out there who are tired of having the beatles shoved down their throats!

  299. DogShit

    Feel the peace and love of beatles fans! Wow man, groovy, far out! Let’s get this fourteen year old girl high man!

  300. Thomas Moud

    The Beatles fucking suck, their music is fucking boring. I hate it when I have to listen to crap like The Beatles. They also all look(ed) like retards. Shit I hate them so much. Yoko is and always was incredibly ugly and stupid hippie bitch, btw. I hate Lady Gaga, but I hate her music much much less than Beatles’ music. I also love and like a lot of people, thing and music, I’m not a hater, but Beatles are (were) just garbage. FUCK THE BEATLES.

  301. PUNK!fuckman!

    come the fuck on man this SHIT IS LAME
    If you like the fucking beatles its cause you never listened to other shit beyond your gay ass dads fuckin records
    fuck yeah man they were cool once but SO much better fucking shit has happened and its fine if you dont give a shit about music, but dont tell me these fags are still viable and dont you EVER fucking tell me that no new shit is out there cause ill shove shit 90 times better then those fab fags up your retarded deaf suburban asshole till yer dead

  302. Harry

    The BEATLES are overrated. That 5th Beatle must have put on the melodies and arranged the Beatles’ songs. Talk about publicity and all that they were geniuses.

    By far – Queen is better than the Beatles. Man, just listen and watch Freddy Mercury! That’s total star power with vocals that would make McCartney’s and Lennon’s voice so below average.

  303. SFC Pedro

    Thank you for putting this together. I think what tripped me out the most about the beatles would have been john lennon’s shameless cover of ‘stand by me.’ Besides the fact it just all out sucked, I hate seeing faggoty limies pass African-American culture off as their own.

    Stick to fish and chips and marry-fucking-poppins you snaggle-toothed, no talent ass-clowns.

  304. $L.A.boy$

    ok so i read most of these comments and i saw one that said “give me 3 reasons why the Beatles suck” so…ill give ya 3 alright….
    1. they are sooooo overrated its not even funny…and thats what makes a band terrible in my opinion….
    2. they are soooo old like really? i was having a conversation with my friend Marcus and he was like “you hate the Beatles???” and i said “ya i dont listen to 70s crap” and hes like “not even! 40s!” o_o i literally wanted to punch him in the face…
    3. the Beatles are in my opinion one of the worst bands ever…their style is soooo bad ahaha and i want to either fall asleep or shoot myself listening to them…again…this is my opinion…dont get on me for this

  305. The Guy734

    SHUT THE FUCK UP LAbooy u are the most dumbest artard on this planet and should off yourself because anyone who like the beatles are HOMO. BIG FLAMING ,NO liFE , NO FRIEND HOMO and YOUR a HIPSTER

  306. $L.A.boy$

    yep your right Guy734 anyone who like the Beatles are homo ahahahahahahaha you just trolled yourself….plus everyone on here is agreeing that the Beatles suck so ya just get outta here

  307. the dude25

    hay man i like the guy734 for trying. thing is everyone who dosent like the beatles are artard because look they have you on this website so you guys wont feel left out. and this what l.a fag thinks o look i hate the beatles now lets who also an artard this place looks good i just fucking hate dumbass artards like you who are hipsters and only like modern music look if there were no beatles there be no rock they made it what it is today they inspired so many bands so if want to dis the beatles then dis all the bands that were ever made because the beatles made ever band who it is today

  308. DogShit

    DAS, this last post, #413, I think I had a stroke reading this, or I’m having a stroke because of it! Hell, I think the guy that wrote it had a stroke while he was writing it. Tell me I’m wrong! Either way I and he may wanna get checked out at the doctor.

    Maybe it’s a joke, but I doubt it. It’s difficult to argue with mental patients in the ward. Either way, this is SOOOOOOOO classic mail of the day or quote of the day!

  309. $L.A.boy$

    so what if i only like modern music? modern music is the best…well..at least its better than the boring Beatles…and i agree with you guys ^ ahaha

  310. $L.A.boy$

    well guys this is all opinion…music is personal preference…but i cant stand people who say “all the new stuff sucks” that just makes no sense at all…do i seriously have to write some of the best new bands ever? all those people look up these following bands…Foster the People,Cage the Elephant,One Republic,The Main Drag,The Killers,30 Seconds to Mars,The Strokes,Skillet,and Gorillaz…that will change your minds….

  311. BeeGirl


    On? October? 9th? we will? all? watch “Imagine”? in honor? of the greatest? singer? ever’s? birthday. Let’s give?? him the? best? birthday present ever:?? the highest viewed video? on YouTube!! Let’s?? give him? what? he? deserves

    Copy? and paste to all? John lennon/beatles videos and all? music videos let’s?? get this??? noticed quickly



    Lets help John lennon

  312. BeeSmart

    How about NOT watching his crappy video ever!Imagine is the most lame, insipid, phony pile of bullshit!!the perpetually stoned liverpool lothario ever made!!may he rot in hell!!!and please someone in Central Park put excrement on his memorial for me!!!


  313. Jacques Démangeaison

    Lorsque le bruit détestable des Beatles pénètre mon oreille c’est comme fécale incrustée tessons de verre. Je ne peux plus boire mon vin, ni manger mon fromage et du pain à ceux qui grâce scrotum vadrouille surmonté. Je souhaite un terme à leur mémoire.

  314. I

    wow who ever created this website must not have a life.
    And for everyone talking negative shit about The Beatles obviously dont know one thing about good music. And how can some one say their songs didnt have meaning?!They certantly did. The Beatles were the greatest band in history. I love The Beatles and i dont see anyone could hate them and say they suck. And for thr comments that say only hippies liked them and that The world would be better if they didnt exist. WOW. I found those comments just fuckin pathetic.
    I mean if you think they suck then just leave it at that. Dont go fucking making a website to waste your life on which you probably dont even have a life, talking shit. You know? The Beatles are legends and their music will live on forever. Unlike all the shit we have nowadays like Lady Gaga, Justin Beiber an all these pathetic annoying rappers. God, i wish i was born in that time..

  315. I

    Oh and modern music is ANNOYING. it just keeps getting worse and worse over time. Instead of this website you hould make one of crappy annoying gay ass MODERN music. Perhaps it wont be a waste of your fucking lives since then itll actually be true.

  316. DogShit

    I, I will agree with you about the newer bands sucking arse, but you seem to miss the message of the beatles songs of acceptance, freedom of speech, and not knocking someone for being gay and whatnot. I was born in that era, and still think they sucked, and the worst and most overrated band in history.

    PS….I don’t think you parents know about your bong yet that helps you enjoy shitty carnival music.

  317. James

    The Beatles were not the greatest rock band of all time, that’s a stretch. However, they made really great music. You can’t comment on a groups musical talent if you have none yourself. People want to hate the Beatles because they are one of, if not the most popular group of all time.

    They made music that is characteristically theirs. It’s distinctive. They have unique voices and ways of playing their instruments. That’s a huge accomplishment for musicians.

    Were they influenced by Black musicians? Yes and so were every fucking rock band ever to come before and after them. It’s not bad to take influence from something.

    Who is anybody on this forum to say that they sucked anyways? What the hell has anybody on here done but spend time hating a band that epitomizes everything that they can’t be? The creator of this website and the people who are commenting on how “gay” or shitty the Beatles were are displaying the ultimate example of what being a complete loser is. Jealousy and lonliness screams from all of these comments.

    If you think the Beatles sucked, then go out there, work as hard as they did, form a group and prove yourself and stop being classic examples of failed musicians.

  318. James

    And for the record, not all Bealtes fans are douchebags that know nothing about music. There are plenty of people who listen to other things besides the Beatles who are non-musicians and know nothing about music. Besides, non-musical people are everywhere. . especially on this website.

    The Beatles will remain, in my top tier of music heroes, but I guarantee all of you people arguing that the Bealtes are bullshit, no matter what, you will never have a greater taste in music than me and you’ll never be a better musician than me. So do the world a favor, keep all of your hate in a diary and quit being little shits.

  319. Stelth

    James Says:
    October 15th, 2011 at 1:40 am
    And for the record, not all Bealtes fans are douchebags that know nothing about music.

    Really? Their posts sure make them all seem like know-nothing douchebags.

  320. Marvin

    Pretty good list. 😉

    By the way; the new George Harrison special on HBO is great. It’s nice to see The Beatles history told from George’s perspective for a change (instead of everything being about John & Paul.)
    .-= Marvin´s last blog ..Opeth – Heritage (2011) =-.

  321. Aimée

    Jesus, approximately 70% of what you said either was straight up wrong and/or contradicted it’s self. The beatles didn’t go out of their way to hate on other artists like you are now. Elvis was John lennon’s idol. They loved all music, and were open to a universe of musical possibilities, (aka, THE SITAR, eastern, western, African etc.). No one else is denying there were other British invasion bands as well, this is the first place I’ve seen it. And if you’re going to go on about how all of the beatles music was satanic, well, if your listening to headbanger stuff, chances are, it’s satanic too!:D. So, let’s sit back and reflect. What’s so wrong with love? The Beatles wanted to spread it. All you spread is hate.

  322. James

    Stelth Says:
    “Really? Their posts sure make them all seem like know-nothing douchebags.”

    Well this is the problem with pop music. It’s dependent on fashion. And people who are all “I LUV THE BEATLES JUST LEIK JOHN LENON SED ‘ALL U NEED IS LUV’ RIGHT?” are just fucking morons who follow trends. And it’s not just the Beatles, it’s Led Zeppelin, The Who, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan and so on. People become walking billboards.

    Unfortunately, listening to the Beatles has become this trendy thing since they are a huge pop band and everyone all over the world knows their music.

    About a year before I started listening to them, I “hated” them. I always said that they were overated as fuck, they sang stupid little pop ditties and weren’t anything of importance. And the only reason I said these things was because I felt like I was above all of the “bullshit”.3 Then I listened to Rubber Soul and it changed my mind..

    Moreover, the beatles didn’t proclaim they were the best band. They didn’t shove it in everyone’s faces desperately hoping to get as many fans as possible. They did their thing, played the music they loved and the rest was handled by big record labels and the media of America.

    If you can’t see past all of the bullshit that everyone besides the Bealtes have created , then you are a know-nothing doucebag.

    It’s like my friend. He refuses to have coffee from starbucks. He only drinks dunkin’ donuts because it’s the only coffee place that somehow he doesn’t associate with elitists. He won’t even take a sip of starbucks because of it’s image and the type of people who go there (even though the coffee is far better.)

    It’s okay to dislike a band. But to create a website based on how much you hate a band and the people in it is the pinnacle of loserdom.

  323. DogShit

    James, plain and simple, the beatles sucked, you are a hippie progressive retard, and I’m betting you are that moron that used to work at Cozumels in Brentwood Tennessee and was a George imposter. And losers are the ones who type long diatribes defending people that never have and never will give a fuck about you except your money.

  324. Das Post author

    The truth is, most people who dislike the beatles are familiar with their music, have spent time listening to it and trying to appreciate it.
    They’ve given it a chance, and have been shunned by society for daring to form their own opinions.
    I’ll agree Starbucks does make pretty good coffee.

  325. James

    Das, I understand and there’s nothing wrong with disliking a band. I don’t think everyone should love the beatles as much as their die hard fans do

    Dogshit, can you name a band that actually give a fuck about you and not your money? A band that checks on you every week to see how you personally are doing? No.

    The Bealtes were just four people who wrote music that they loved playing. Like any music, it’s not for everyone. I don’t like Led Zeppelin and I think they’re overrated but I’m not going to make a website hoping to spawn as much hate for them as I can.

    I will stand by bands that I value musically.

  326. Stelth

    James Says:
    I don’t like Led Zeppelin and I think they’re overrated but I’m not going to make a website hoping to spawn as much hate for them as I can.

    Perhaps if Zeppelin fans were as voiciferous as beatle fans, and their music was marketed as aggressively as beatleco, you’d wish there were a site like this that mocked them. Most people will never make a website, but I’m glad Das made this one.

  327. James

    Stelth says:

    Perhaps if Zeppelin fans were as voiciferous as beatle fans, and their music was marketed as aggressively as beatleco, you’d wish there were a site like this that mocked them. Most people will never make a website, but I’m glad Das made this one.

    Led Zeppelins “Zeppelin IV” album sold more than the Bealtes Sergeant Pepper and they are the fifth best selling band of all time. I’d say that’s some good business work right there.

    And I wouldn’t wish that there was a site that mocked them because I don’t hate Led Zeppelin.

    See : http://quagmire.darsys.net/2005/03/why-led-zeppelin-sucks/

  328. James

    Also, Das. How the hell have you been “shunned” from society?! That is the most dramatic claim I have ever heard. I wasn’t shunned two years ago when I used to hate on the Beatles whenever they were brought up in conversation.

  329. James

    While you may not like their music, which is not mandatory by any means, you should at least have the maturity to respect the amount of innovation that was born from their careers. If you can’t do that, than you really don’t even deserve to speak on why you hate them and think they’re gay, stupid, retarded, terrible musicians.

    Besides, saying ” THE BEATLES SUCK. THEY WERE FUCKING TERRIBLE MUSICIANS AND THEIR MUSIC IS SHIT” Isn’t going to convince anybody that they are actually good musicians.

    Go to Scaruffi.com . He is a rock music scholar who has written over 5000 reviews for bands. He wrote an entire essay on how the Beatles were a marketed ploy created to appease the middle and high class with black music. He actually wrote something intelligent, not “FUCK THE BEATLES THEIR GAY”

  330. James

    ****” THE BEATLES SUCK. THEY WERE FUCKING TERRIBLE MUSICIANS AND THEIR MUSIC IS SHIT” Isn’t going to convince anybody that they are actually bad musicians. ****

  331. Das Post author

    James, please take a deep breath, relax and have a cup of Chamomile tea.
    Put on some beatle lullabies, and come back with a clear head.
    We welcome your comments, but you’ve gotten a little overstimulated.

    “The beatles are gay” – Piero Scaruffi

  332. James

    And that was hilarious.

    I want to tell everyone about my favorite band of all time.


    Albums to listen to (And no fucking track skipping)

    The trilogy :

    Tago Mago
    Ege Bamyasi
    Future Days

    Other albums by Can that are good too
    Soundtracks and Monster Movie

    Can makes the Beatles look like Hanson, however, without the Bealtes they wouldn’t have existed.

    But seriously, listen to Can.

  333. Das Post author

    The lullabies do it everytime.

    I could be mistaken here, but I think this is the very first ever non-beatle music recommendation! There should be a prize, do you want some beatle Christmas cards or something?

    Can, I will check them out. Always excited to hear some new music.

  334. James

    Haven’t done much listening to Mogwai.

    I’m good on the Christmas card though, my mom has kept all of her beatle memorabilia and shit that I can bring out and look at if I want.

    Das. I’m not fucking around about this band. They destroyed everything when I really got into them.

    They captured the sound that I had always wanted to create. . And they formed in 1968.

    Very very very amazing band. Music heroes. Their drummer Jaki Liebezeit is the greatest drummer of all time, he inspired me to pick up the drums a few years ago.

    Somebody uploaded a segment from the Free Concert, which is a DVD that I have.


    This band was not progressive, psychedelic or a jam band by any means. They were their own fucking thing.


  335. Das Post author

    James, I just listened to Tago Mago and I have to say a band like this justifies the existence of SMB. People who come here, for good or for ill, feel very strongly about music.

    These guys are truly original, incredible musicians who created some astounding music…and 2% of the world’s population has never even heard their name. Including me! Why?!? That drummer is out of control, and I didn’t even know he existed. It’s not right.

    About to unleash a pointless diatribe here, you can probably guess what it is. I need sleep. Thanks for the tip, these guys should be heard.

    What’s an RWBS card?

  336. James

    I hope you’re not fucking around Das.

    I’m glad you enjoy Can. For the past three years, with any chance I get, I try to tell people about Can. . Like I said, they destroyed everything else for me and I was hooked on their music for a long time.
    They are hugely important.

    They do not go without recognition however, you don’t hear about them much.
    They are in fact legendary, and regarded by many as one of the greatest groups in music history.

    In my opinion they are the greatest.

    I hope that you become more interested, listen to their albums, read up on them (wikipedia and you can also visit the spoonrecords.com website to learn more), buy the DVD with the Free concert (excerpt shown in my previous comment) and documentary and love them as much I do.

    Just knowing about the magic of that band and about what they did is very fascinating.

    I’m thankful, for once, someone actually has taken and been well receptive to my recommendation.

    By the way, I meant SMB Christmas card. Feel free to make one.

    – James

  337. DogShit

    James, the only thing worse than a beatles fan is just about anyone who lets any band rule thier life in how they think and live. I don’t care how big the band is, or how much hot pussy back up singers there are. This is the whole point of this site, but only with the beatles theme. You just stated that you do this with Can, letting them rule your life and giving you life changing attitudes. Just goes to show you that, some people are sheep with music, and politics, and you are the sheep, they are the wolves, and we are the hunters with the guns that will survive musical and political apocalypse. Keep up the good work slave!

  338. DogShit

    PS, if you ever had any real pussy, not Petuli smelling pussy that is, you would actually understand what I am saying and would maybe get a life. But, drugs may be a bigger factor than pussy here in this argument.

  339. DogShit

    PSS, Led Zepplin, ACDC, Bon Jovi, etc had their day, but you don’t hear their music every day at least twice a day somewhere in the general public, or television if you decide to stay in for the day. Nor do you see memorbilia left and right of other old ass bands along with lunch pales or candy wrappers in their liking, like you do the beatles in retail stores. (The media does this along with merhcandisers, not the beatles, they are not talented enough to do this.)If the beatles were like these other bands, which were much more talented in many ways, and would go away most of the time,I maybe would like them, and this website would not exist and I would probably be fucking my hand right now to internet porn instead of droning on and on with a retard like yourself James. It’s almost the end of the year and this website gives out a yearly “Biggest beatlemanic Retard award” and you are running in the top ten, so keep on coming back to contend your possibe title.

  340. James

    Yeah you’re right. You’re above all the bullshit, you know what you’re talking about.

    The Beatles don’t rule your life, no way. No band does. You just dedicate the little time you have out of your incredibly busy life to argue with some idiots online about the Beatles. Yeah, the Beatles have nothing to do with your life alright.

    And it makes complete sense why you would like the Beatles if they weren’t as popular as you said, and were more like Zeppelin. That’s because you’re, you know, an underground type guy.

    “…and this website would not exist and I would probably be fucking my hand right now to internet porn instead of droning on and on with a retard like yourself James”

    There’s nothing stopping you. Feel free to have simulated sex with a pornstar online while you tell me about pussy.

    Dogshit is a fitting name. Because everything you say is Dogshit.

  341. James


    “PSS, Led Zepplin, ACDC, Bon Jovi, etc had their day, but you don’t hear their music every day at least twice a day somewhere in the general public, or television”

    See : VH1 Classics and also Classic Rock radio stations (Especially WZLX in Boston)

    “Nor do you see memorbilia left and right of other old ass bands along with lunch pales or candy wrappers in their liking”

    See: Kiss and every other popular rock band from the 60’s and 70’s. There will be some sort of merchandise.

    And if you knew anything about the music industry, which you don’t, you would understand that is a necessity to sell band merchandise, other than the music, when involved with a major contract with a record label mainly because of recording advances which are granted to the group for their album. Other expenses such as, paying for a producer, manager, music manager, lawyers, engineers and so on. The merchandise does become a franchise once the band reaches a peak in popularity (like the Bealtes, Floyd, Zeppelin, Cream, Allman Brothers, Kiss – pretty much most “classic rock” groups from that era) the merchandise does become somewhat of a franchise.

    Think of it like this. If you were a musician, which you’re probably not (either that or you’re ignorant to the reality of being a musician), and you wanted to make music your life, you would need to acknowledge that money (unfortunately) will be what is going to guarantee, and allow you to access the best recording equipment possible, producers (unless you are a producer yourself), musical equipment, touring funds (gas, food, shelter – surviving on the road) and whatever necessary for you to accomplish what you want.

    No matter what, even if you’re a bedroom musician or a band on the road, you will need an influx of money to support and invest into what you need.

    Unfortunately, and especially in our time, bands are complete cash cows.
    Yes, the Beatles became (and are) a franchise however, to completely ignore the fact that most bands, no matter how underground or against the wave they are, are indeed trying to fund their aspirations in one way or another is naive. Weather it’s a nine to five, a way of selling music online, touring or even busking, musicians are trying to make money.

    In a perfect world, bubble, or wherever the hell you’re coming from, it would be nice if money wasn’t involved. It would be nice if human nature was perfect, and there was no power, corruption and lies. But as we all know, this does not exist.

    Money = Power. And it can help, especially if you’re a musician. If you’re having trouble seeing this because of you’re infatuation with what you think The Beatles are, you need to do some more research before you start writing about what you “think”. These are the simple facts of how life in the 21’st century is for musicians and people in general.

    I have a group. And I would rather make as much money being a musician so that I can be one for the rest of my life than to just dick around, be a naive douchebag, play some clubs and have a 2 year career being completely unknown. I wish money had nothing to do with it but unfortunately, it makes a difference.

  342. Winnie

    There’s 5 minutes of my life I’ll never get back, reading this stupid list made by a def, bored, no-life dumbass. And here’s about five more going to be spent trying to shove some sense into your thick, immature skull. (I would say brain, but there’s obviously nothing there.)

    The Beatles are the most influencial band in history. If you’re too much of a fucktard to see that, then whatever. And honestly, if you spent time and money creating everything on this website, then you HAVE to care about the Beatles a little bit. I mean, who else would spend hours posting everything and making dumb little T-shirts that only about 5 people are going to buy? And if the Beatles were “so scared” to release the Butcher shot, which they actually DID, why did Lennon release Two Virgins? Yeah. Soooo scared.

    You’re just a naive no-life with nothing else to do but jack off. And you’re just jealous of the fame that the Beatles had. And the Beatles aren’t overrated, they’re just that great.

    So quit being so immature and ignorant enough to make hate websites and grow up.

  343. DogShit

    @James…All of that you stated has to do with ANY business if you know anything about business, but you can sell the shittiest burger on the face of the planet, and make people believe it was the greatest because……………………………..@Aimee…Anything is easily made the most influentual thing if you are a simpleton whacked out on drugs! And James also commented on on money equals power, but doesn’t realize power is more addictive than money, because he read a book in college while smoking a blunt and practicing yellow submarine on his kazoo. It’s like Quadaffi, he had plenty of power, which made him the money, and they ousted him for constand torture and oppression. That’s what we want to do here with the beatles. I bet next you will call me a fagit!

  344. James

    Only you would call someone else a fag on this site Dogshit since anything you’ve said back to me has contained some statement based on how you assume I live my life.

    And why should you care if somebody on here smokes pot anyways? It’s none of your business..

    I never went to college. But I bet you did, and now, being middle aged (either that or you’re some stupid 16-19 year old), you come to this site to argue with people half your age to escape your prison of a life. I don’t know who you are, and nor do I really care, but you have to realize that what you’re saying or trying to prove is garbage. And I did read a book on the music industry. To tell you one thing I don’t do – I don’t sit on my ass, surfing the net for Beatles hate, conspiracy, Illuminati, occult, nerd garbage which I’m sure (if I can make an assumption about your life already) you do.

    “God all these teenager simpletons are whacked out on drugs! It’s so awful!! I’m gonna go home, sit in my little prison of a house and separate myself from these whackos!!”

    What the fuck are you on? I bet Pfizer has done a great job keeping you from realizing how much of an asshole you are.

    If you truly believe in what you’re saying on this site, you’re as much of a bandwagon asshole as any of the people that walk around with “all you need is love” t-shirts.

    “That’s what we want to do here with the beatles”

    Please. You’re not doing anything but spewing bullshit. Why don’t you start up a blog and write a nice essay on how the Beatles suck instead of arguing with someone half your age.

    Finally. Dogshit comments on “Quadaffi, he had plenty of power, which made him the money, and they outed him for constand (not an actual word by the way) torture and oppression” – He probably read about this in his rotating chair in his lonely dark home, with a cup filled to the top with alcahol, dick in his hand and with his wife, too fat to fuck on the bed.
    I bet next you will call me a fagit!

  345. DogShit

    “To tell you one thing I don’t do – I don’t sit on my ass, surfing the net for Beatles hate, conspiracy, Illuminati, occult, nerd garbage which I’m sure (if I can make an assumption about your life already) you do.”

    Then how did you get here then? Hypocritical-ness should be one of the seven deadly sins!!

    And my wife is too much of a bitch to fuck. 🙂

  346. James

    Alright, I’ve decided to come back. . I told myself I wouldn’t return to this website to see how anyone responded (Particularly Dogshit) to my comments but I have.

    I’m not going to apologize for what I said but I will say that I was wrong.

    I had an epiphany.

    (This is a collection of thoughts I had this morning.)

    The Beatles were just four people.. that’s it. . Everything else is an idea, imagination, much like a lot in the world today. . A dream. .

    You are not required to listen their music, nor do you have to praise them for hear-say “innovations” in music and whatnot. .

    They were not the greatest band of all time, however, they certainly were not the worst by any means. . James, earlier you mentioned Can, this is a good example of other very interesting bands around that time (but even Can were driven by the success of the Beatles). .

    You know, everyone treats this like a contest. . Who knows the best music and all . . “Music is subjective” – Right? – you tend to hear this a lot. .

    While I do respect peoples opinions on music, this website has reminded me of friends I used to have in high school. . Friends that were always insecure and protecting themselves. . Homophobes and the like. . Always trying to find something to hate on . . I feel that it was a way for them to distract themselves from their issues. . As we all know, putting energy into hating something is never worth it though it happens to most of us every day. . You do need to vent (Ha!) sometimes – wouldn’t want you to explode, we still need people like you on this planet (for some reason). .

    Anyways, they were just FOUR PEOPLE. That’s it! The rest was a dream, an idea (a dream that became way too big for them . hence why they stopped touring. Particularly Harrison and Lennon were not prepared for such stardom as “Beatlemania would provide early in their careers”) that initially was theirs. A band. . four letters in a word that’s all!

    It’s a shame that they have irritated so many of you, however, this would not be the first time. . This band IS the most envied group in music history (in my opinion). .

    It’s also a shame that people who come on here, pent up with anger, try to defend the Beatles. . This is not a good idea as it makes you sound like a total asshole. . James, you tried well but the anger got the best of you. . I agree with the foundation of your argument, but the delivery lacked that swift execution, you lost your cool.

    Anyways, what was I saying. . Oh yeah! It was just a DREAM. . besides the music the persona’s of the Beatles were INFECTIOUS. They manifested the DREAM (with a little help from Brian Epstein.. just a little) in the minds of the youth during that time. Amazing! But towards the late 60’s they became sick of this. . They had everything at that point but realized it had had gone out of control for years. . I think the only people who truly enjoyed the bright lights in the midst of confusion (and it was confusion) were Paul and Ringo. .

    Anyways. . . what is there left to say? Anything?

    People love to lay in the wake of others . . Isn’t that fucking interesting? People love to live vicariously through other people – this is true. . Unbelievable. .

    We need to relate to people you know? It’s pretty important. I think this website does just that – connecting you (through the INTERNET! Fucking crazy) with other people who have been wanting to know that others like them exist. .

    So who were the Bealtes. . (a voice in the background says “they were just a dream maaaaan”) Yeah that sounds right. .


    -all musicians today would sound like the 50s still emulating Elvis & Little Richard.
    -A rock musician can put out a rock song and it can sound like the 60s but with higher quality and it can be a hit if it’s structured right. I’ve never heard a new rock song on the radio that sounds like it could have came out in the 50s

  348. DogShit

    Wow James, I hope you type about 65 or more wpm, because you really know how to un-gist a few thoughts.

    They may have not been the worst for a 12 year old teen garage band starting out on their second week.

    And bEATLESYES…..Distortion on the buitar was done in the 40’s and 50’s but not popular and the beatles only copied it, they invented metal in your fucking dreams, progressive is questionable but it still sucks, I’ll give you psychedelic because they were drug ridden bicurious weirdos, country musicians and even vaudeville did the first stadium gigs, Michael Jackson sold more albums so high above that mark that the beatles should be sucking his rotting balls, and I can name about 20 other bands that had at least one hit for it’s members solo.

    And without the beatles, bands would have still progressed to what they are today, and probably would be better.

    PS, your a fucking idiot coming up with false facts. I bet you also do this for your idol Obama, and your opposing Republicans. LIBTARD! Go eat a banana to ward off the THC.

  349. Das Post author

    DS: I love you man but where’s all this wacky political stuff coming from?

    beatlesyes: That’s the funniest list of accomplishments I think I’ve ever read, thanks for the laugh. Didn’t they also invent microwave ovens?

    James: Good post. One thing confuses me though, do you keep referring to yourself in the 3rd person, or are there two James’ here?

  350. M. Holland

    I have heard many songs on the radio from the seventies on up that sound like they could have come from the fifties. There was more to music in the fifties than Elvis or Little Richard.

    I am not that familiar with most of the newer Rock and Roll bands, but I have heard many songs after the sixties that have had an Elvis or Little Richard vibe to them, mainly in seventies Rock and Roll bands.
    Little Richard’s “Keep a Knockin” is all over the place in Rock music.

    Buddy Holly and the Crickets “Words Of Love” sure sounds to me like it could be released today.
    Along with “Not Fade Away”, “Think It Over”, “It’s So Easy”, “Everyday” which was all over the TV on commercials a few years ago. “Heartbeat “ was covered by The Knack in late seventies and if you listen to that record The Crickets sound was all over that record.

    The Crickets after the death of Buddy Holly released “I Fought the Law” in 1959 and if you look at the track record of that song you will clearly see it’s place in the history of Rock and Roll.

    A few other songs that quickly come to mind if they were released today with better production and were structured right as you say, “Rumble” – Link Wray, “I Could Cry” – Junior Walker (1957), ”When Will I Be Loved” (1960 I think)- Everly Brothers, “Train Kept A Rollin” – the Johnny Brunette version ,“Heartbreak Hotel” – Elvis Presley.

    Howlin’ Wolf, Sun Ra, Elmore James, Bo Diddley, Everly Brothers, Gene Vincent and others to me have a sound that can still be heard today.

    If you look at early sixties before The Beatles became popular, which many say was the lowest point in Rock and Roll, I see many songs that have a modern sound,. The Everly Brothers early sixties output should be looked at for what influenced The Beatles.

    I know there are more examples that I can’t think of at the moment

    What I typed above is not meant to say The Beatles have not contributed to the history of Rock and Roll. To deny their popularity and influence is something I would not do, but I also believe there is more to music than The Beatles. When I listen to the Beatles I hear many styles of music.
    The Song “Yesterday” sounds to me like “Answer Me My Love” by Nat King Cole out of all the versions I’ve heard.

    It is often tougher to go back in time with music than it is to hear it chorological order.

    As far as The Beatles inventing distortion on the guitar, no comment.

  351. DogShit

    Ah, sorry, I’ve just noticed that beatles lovers, most of them are not just liberal, but extremist liberals. I had to cap it off there. Bourbon also makes me an angry little bastard. I gotta switch back to Vodka I think!

  352. M. Holland

    Another non Beatles first I remembered was the playing of the French National Anthem at the beginning of a song.

    Leona Anderson’s song “I Love Paris” from the album “Music To Suffer By “ has the anthem at start of the song, long before “All You Need Is Love”

    One could also argue that her album “Music To Suffer By” is better than any Beatles album.
    Song Like “Limburger Lover” and “Rats In My Room” are classics.

    I’m listen to Elmore James right now and his song “Done Somebody Wrong” predates the late sixties blues explosion by years. I guess he didn’t need The Beatles to know how to play the blues

  353. M. Holland

    BEATLESYES, “The Wild Child” from Johnny O’Keefe was released in the late fifties and also recorded by Ivan (J.I. Allison) of The Crickets in the late fifties, titled “Real Wild Child”.

    Iggy Pop’s version, probably inspired more from Ivan’s version is a fifties song released in eighties with better production and was also a hit song

    There are more examples like this, which means The Beatles are not responsible for everything in music post 1970.

  354. They made a deal with Satan lol


  355. They made a deal with Satan lol

    I had a friend of facebook, a faggotry girl who was uploading each week like 30 photos of Paul, with that UGLY face, anti -attractive, and there was a whole bunch of girls tha used to comment and touched theirselves with that idiotical physiognomy. I just dont get it D: I only liked the girls he was with in some pics. Money and fame talks.

  356. $L.A.boy$

    all i can say is its all about the new modern great bands like The Strokes, 30 seconds to Mars, The Killers,One Republic,Cage the Elephant, Foster the People, and Grouplove…..

  357. Davey

    Oh my God… Michelle.

    The Beatles never wrote any songs without meaning? I mean… Jesus Christ, really? Are you honestly SAYING these words?

    By the sounds of it, you’ve heard “She Loves You” and therefore now believe they are just a pop band despite not listening to anything else by them and missing the fact that they’ve made the biggest evolution of any band the world has ever seen. They are “foreign”? Are you being racist here or not cos I don’t really get your point. Only American musicians are good..? Okay then. The Rolling Stones and the Beatles are constantly lauded as two of the greatest bands of all time, and they are both British. Elvis Presley, while having brilliant appeal and physical presence, DIDN’T EVEN WRITE ANY OF HIS OWN SONGS. Which is one of the reasons why I genuinely don’t understand how he can be constantly be so high in the “Best Artists Of All Time” list, because having an amazing voice is all well and good but not having enough talent to write your own songs is pretty poor in my books. I don’t really know what else to say other than I think you should go away, buy/download all of the Beatles material, listen to it for a few weeks and then come back and tell me you still don’t think they are amazing.

    The Beatles are the best band that have ever lived and ever will live, no other musical artist will ever do to music what the Beatles did, and that’s not a bad thing, it’s just that they were a phenomenon, a one-off.

  358. DogShit

    “The Beatles are the best band that have ever lived and ever will live, no other musical artist will ever do to music what the Beatles did, and that’s not a bad thing, it’s just that they were a phenomenon, a one-off.”

    Wow, aren’t you fucking deluded!? And yes, they did do things to music that we pray you are correct and no other artist will ever do again!

  359. Pingback: Why Don't I Like The Beatles Anymore? - City-Data Forum

  360. Aimée

    I was on this site months ago, glad to see you all are still going at it! NOT. I mean come too, it’s all the same names here BSing as well, do you people not have anything better to do? This list isn’t even 100 reasons, more than half of it is repeats or comments. It makes me sad to see so many idiots. I personally LOVE the beatles, go on now, shoot me.

  361. Craig

    4 guys in the right place (England) at the right time (Swinging Sixties), possessed of considerable, raw talent, which was taken MUCH further by a very gifted producer and promoted by a hugely supportive record company, at a time when it wasn’t so cool to be American (Vietnam). What really sucks, are the idolatrous fans who promulgate the mistaken idea that they, (the Beatles) ‘changed the world’ and did everything first, even down to their Hamburg rent-boy haircuts, that they did it all by themselves and that everything they did was ‘great’. They were lucky enough to be part of a cultural revolution in a changing world. It is possible to like some Beatles music as well as other stuff, but Beatle-Worship, especially by retro fans, is often quite nauseating. There again, so is fan worship of any kind.

  362. $L.A.boy$

    also i wanna know why the owner of this page hates the Beatles….like whats all your reasons Das?

  363. DogShit

    Aimee says:

    “It makes me sad to see so many idiots. I personally LOVE the beatles, go on now, shoot me.”

    Wow, you love the beatles and you call us idiots??

  364. MarkJ

    This really isn’t a serious site or discussion but I’ll wade in anyway, just for the fun of it. If the truth be known, the guy who started this discussion is actually a head over heels Beatles fan (strong possiblity).
    It’s very often the really young people, with very limited experience in making informed judgements who come up with this type of dukie.
    Here’s the point — and listen closely kiddies! Music did go through phases. I’m sorry if it pinches your arse to hear that but it’s an undeniable fact (I’m American BTW & just used the word “arse” for the fun of it). You couldn’t have an early rock artist to belt out a heavy metal or hard rock song because it didn’t exist yet (duh). These type genres didn’t start to evolve until the mid 60s but in the early 60s, rock was still “rock and roll” and it still had some of the bee-bop sound to it. The Beatles played the hardest and most energetic music among any of their peers, in their early years and they actually gave the Rolling Stones their first hit (“I Wanna be your Man”). The Beatle’s songwriting was/is nothing short of genius and they covered a huge spectrum of styles, including softer sounds on up to the first heavy metal (i.e. Helter Skelter, Happiness is a Warm Gun, etc…).
    Yeah, the people who posted, saying the Beatle-haters have only heard a very sparce number of their songs are almost definitely right. They’re also very likely stuck on a particular genre and they think degrading some of rock’s greatest artists, somehow points a better finger toward the artist(s) they like and exhalt.
    Hey, here’s a suggestion…Why don’t you try liking more than one artist or genre instead of acting like you’re a music retard? You might discover, that you like some of the other stuff more than you thought you would, including that by those who literally pioneered it. The Beatles are absolutely the most influential and greatest rock group of all time and this is more than self-evident, even if that disappoints you dukie slingers. This isn’t just my opinion but public opinion and that which is held by most rock artists, past and present. So, you Beatle haters a sad, puny minority and you always will be…but do keep trying because your absurd stance is literally comical — it really is!

  365. Carl t.

    Those genres did start to evolve before the mid sixties and before the Beatles.
    The was a lot more to music than the top forty before 1964.

    I also don’t think the Beatles played the hardest or the most energetic during or before the made it big.

    Link Wray – Big City After Dark

  366. DogShit

    Hey MarkJ….You are right, this isn’t a serious site for discussion about the beatles. Because the beatles are not important enough. This is more of a self help support group for other beatles haters trying to find other beatles hates, that are sick of being bombarded everywhere they turn, by the suckiest band on the planet.

  367. Das Post author

    Hoo boy. Where to start.
    To say that the FF created heavy metal with Helter Skelter in 1968…to say the beatles played “the hardest and most energetic music among any of their peers”….

    Do these points really need to be debated anymore, or is this just another example of an overstimulated numbskull flinging scat at the boogeyman we call reality?

    Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth.
    -Henry David Thoreau

  368. SUMMER


  369. MarkJ

    I’ll put it this way, in regard to the the volume and energy in the Beatles early songs:
    First, though you guys would pretend to base your hatred of Beatles music (and the group) under the pretense that you’ve heard a lot of their almums/songs; I would bet big that this is not the case. In 1963, the Beatles were recording songs like “I Saw Her Standing There”. Yes, of course it has the old rock and roll sound!… but for the time period, it was the loudest and most energetic of any rock being produced (listen to the guitar solo in it). If you know of louder more energetic songs in ’63, feel free to name them. Also, people who actually heard the Beatles live in ’61 – ’62, when they toured places like Hamburg Germany, to this day, still say that the energy and volume was like nothing else for that time. I just watched a documentary about Pete Best (the early drummer for the band) and there were people making this point about them (yes, they’re all old people now but they still saw the band firsthand). LOTS OF SOURCES online state that “Helter Skelter” was the first song with actuall heavy metal in it and they also say that the Kink’s song “You Really Got Me Going” would be the only rival of early heavy metal to that song and it was actually recorded a year earlier however, it meets more the definition of hard rock. The Beatles have lots of hard rock, especially on albums like “The White Album” and Abbey Road.
    As far as the claim that the Beatles toured for a very short time and then became a studio-only band; they’re touring schedule from 1962 to 1966 (five years) was massive. It was so intense that it exhausted them because they not only toured all major cities in the US and UK for each of those years but also in Europe, Japan, etc…
    In regard to George Martin writing all the Beatle’s songs, this is yet again a lie told, just for the sake of a lie and to try scoring points for the “Beatles Suck” stance.
    These claims are absolutely, flat-out, blatant lies and those of you who are perpetrating them, know this but you perpetrate them because you can’t stand on the truth about the band. Must you be pip-squeeks and not state reasons that might actually be legitimate (there may actually be some, that have truth behind them and this would give your sttance at least some legitimacy).
    Also the “gay” and “fag” claims about tthe Beatles, is yet another “grasping for straws” type stance that you’ve added-in in attempt to make your dukie-slinging about the band sond more vile. In my opinion, anyone who touts the gay claim constantly as some of you do, are most likely gay yourselves and you’re sing the ploy of accusing others of being gay, as a diversion away from yourselves.
    I’m going to make a seond post due to this one being so lengthy, to give you a bit more to chew on. Watch for it, coming next (got some important info in it for you).

  370. MarkJ

    I’m mainly directing this at this site’s creator:
    The stance of saying anyone of a certain genre — an individual or group, that contributed to their field for many years, has collectively ALL BAD contributions to it, is ludicrous. It doesn’t even make common sense. Also, you have gone beyond critique and you have entered the arena of blatant slander and attack, that very likely meets the illegal definition, even according to internet laws. While certainly this type of thing is not worth you being literally threatened over, I would be surpized if people as mentally ill as you are, haven’t already done so.
    Paul McCartney is one of the richest men in Brtiain and he’s the richest mucic artist in the world. His sister actually manages/produces music artists and one of them is a female country music artist who has a website. It would not surprize me, if the McCartney family actually gets wind of this overboard site. Then again, they might actually laugh it off, seeing the emotional instability behind it. Should you eventually reap something negative from your blatant attack on one of the most beloved rock groups in history, you now cannot say that at least one person didn’t offer you the simple avice that you should seriously consider toning down the bogus rhetoric. If you’re in this desperate a need for attention (the only logical explanation because of how overboard it is), try doing so, with a little less attack and maybe a bit more that’s positive added in. You are likely too much of a pip-squeek to take this advice seriously but I tried.

  371. Das Post author

    Hi Mark, pip-squeak site creator here. Thanks for the comment. Before I respond what are these claims and lies you accuse me of perpetrating?

  372. MarkJ

    Across the board, they’re pretty much all lies. To narrow it down so you can respond (of course with great sarcasm I’m sure), we could start with the gay and fag references to the members of the band.
    It’s a waste of time to even get into a discussion with you because I believe you enjoy the debate and have no intention of responding honestly. This is nothing but a contest of wits for you. I think you simply picked out the Beatles as a subject through-which to vent personal frustrations you have. There’s not even the remotest possibility that you believe the things you say about them or that you could collectively hate vehemently, everything they ever did. No, there’s more to this than you are revealing and it could be that you are suffering immense jealousy for the band. Of course I’m not saying that’s the case but I believe it to be something along those lines or possibly a cry for attention but either way, your hatred for them does not fit with logic — not to the extent that you portray it. And… no, I’m not psychoanalyzing you (please try to resist turning that into some type of gay reference because I assure you I don’t have a homosexual molecule/atom in my body — I’m 100% straight).
    Go ahead and post your witty, sarcastic response and have a party with it. It’s why you created these sites to begin with isn’t it?

  373. Das Post author

    Your giving me too much credit but since you’ve taken the trouble to post a reasonable comment I’ll try and muster up a witty response.
    But first, when did I call the beatles gay?

  374. MarkJ

    Via your other usernames and via some of the images that appear on your sites.

    Another quick mention: Paul McCartney in a ’65 Beatles interview did in fact state that the Beatles were not great musicians however, it’s not the perfection of playing the instrument that makes a great song (can be a factor) but it is the way a song is structured and the thought behind the sound of the guitar riffs (i.e. Day Tripper, Paperback Writer, etc…) and the lyrics (these of course all sucked in your opinion). Paul was also purposefully demonstrating some modesty in that particular interview because the Beatles played with more complication and difficulty with each passing year, as did all other groups who recorded/performed during those same years, including the Stones and the Who.

    You may say that you aren’t posing as some of those other usernames that have diirected overboard derogatories at the Beatles but even if this isn’t the case, you posted following them, with gleeful agreement. You love seeing these types of vile comments directed at them and you encourage it. A “pip-squeek”, by my definition and one that agrees generally with the actual published definitions, is someone who hits and runs. While you might stick your proverbial chest out and say “but I don’t run — I answer all comers to my sites”; you don’t have an open identity and you don’t reveal any works of your own that you’ve accomplished. This places you in a position to run down people who have publicly published/recorded their works but to not be open to reciprocal criticism. That’s why I used the term “pip-squeek”. That is far less offensive than are the remarks you allow to be directed at the Beatles — who by-the-way aren’t imaginary people but who are/were real human beings with families and the same struggles and problems you and I face.

  375. Das Post author

    Hoo boy. This is long.

    I appreciate your passion on the subject Mark. You’ll have to take my word for it that the only alias I’ve ever used on this site was ‘Dr. Lance Saugen’ for the article entitle ’12 Warning signs that you may be suffering from Beatleitis.’ 
    It might be hard to believe but I’m not really a doctor and I thought it would lend some much needed credence to the article.

    It’s true I do allow vile, homophobic and incomprehensible comments on the site, though the majority of them come from ‘pipsqueak’ beatle fans.  When this site began in 2007 I was overwhelmed by the hatred and threats directed at me but at the same time realized that I had no right to censor or delete anybody’s comments or messages (except for spam).  It goes both ways in the sake of fairness.
     I also don’t answer all comers, in fact most comments here are just insults directed towards folks who don’t share the worldview that the beatles were the greatest band in the history of mankind. I normally only crawl out from under my stone when a slew of distorted facts or accusations are posted.
    After wasting half an hour responding to your long-winded pseudo-questions I realized you’ve probably never read one word on this site. How irritating, be sure not to read the following before you respond and I’ll be sure not to read your response.

    In 1963, the Beatles were recording songs like “I Saw Her Standing There”….
    but for the time period, it was the loudest and most energetic of any rock being produced (listen to the guitar solo in it). If you know of louder more energetic songs in ‘63, feel free to name them.

    I actually do know of a song written before 1963 that had the energy of I Saw Her Standing There, though the biggest one that springs to mind is the original version which was written by Chuck Berry in 1961, please see this article: http://suckmybeatles.com/2011/11/04/how-the-beatles-come-together/#more-1154

    Also, people who actually heard the Beatles live in ‘61 – ‘62, when they toured places like Hamburg Germany, to this day, still say that the energy and volume was like nothing else for that time.

    Perhaps in beer halls in Germany where the beatles played as a cover band they really knocked them dead, I won’t debate that. To say that the beatles were the most energetic live band of that time period is really such a ridiculous argument. Do you have any clue what came before this band, or has history been re-written to erase any detractors from the heavenly beatle kingdom? I won’t go into too much detail here, and I’ll even leave what happened in the 50’s out of it, but in the years 1960-1962 you had performers like Muddy Waters, Bo Diddley, Ray Charles, Hank Williams, Bill Haley, The Shadows, Chubby Checker, Billy Lee Riley, Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash, Motown, The Ventures, James Brown, Solomon Burke, Booker T and the MG’s, Dick Dale, The Sonics….. that’s just a few people from the pop charts, let alone the greats who you’ll never hear of while shoving your face deep in the liner notes for the 17th re-release of Magical Mystery Tour.  In fact, look up the Tielman Brothers on youtube for a nice example.

    LOTS OF SOURCES online state that “Helter Skelter” was the first song with actuall heavy metal in it and they also say that the Kink’s song “You Really Got Me Going” would be the only rival of early heavy metal to that song and it was actually recorded a year earlier however, it meets more the definition of hard rock.

    First of all, Helter Skelter wasn’t released until 1968, four years after your own example. Link Wray poked holes in his amp some 10 years before the Kinks and created ‘Rumble,’ an instrumental so intense it was banned from the radio, I guess that’s kind of like getting knighted by the queen. Most people credit band like Blue Cheer’s ‘Summertime Blues,’ Iron Butterfly’s ‘Inna Gadda Davida.’ It’s well documented the word Heavy Metal was first used to describe Steppenwolf’s ‘Born to be wild.’ All of these bands were active in ’67-’68.

    As far as the claim that the Beatles toured for a very short time and then became a studio-only band; they’re touring schedule from 1962 to 1966 (five years) was massive.

    I’m not debating that, but it’s not a claim, its another well documented fact that they stopped touring in 1966, check on of the five thousand beatle biographies that are printed each year.

    In regard to George Martin writing all the Beatle’s songs, this is yet again a lie told, just for the sake of a lie and to try scoring points for the “Beatles Suck” stance.

    That lie was never told on this site, friend. I’m losing faith  that you’ve actually read anything here.

    The stance of saying anyone of a certain genre — an individual or group, that contributed to their field for many years, has collectively ALL BAD contributions to it, is ludicrous.

    Once again, read. I said the influence of the beatles has had a detrimental effect on everything it’s touched. If your sitting in a studio with Geoff Emerick, George Martin,  a great recording studio equipped with every modern device available, any studio musician you want,  access to an entire orchestra and unlimited time and budgets, it would be next to impossible not to come up with something that isn’t ‘all bad.’   

    Paul McCartney is one of the richest men in Brtiain and he’s the richest mucic artist in the world. His sister actually manages/produces music artists and one of them is a female country music artist who has a website.

    What is your point, does money make music credible? If that’s the case then Justin Beiber is a brilliant songwriter too.  

    Another quick mention: Paul McCartney in a ‘65 Beatles interview did in fact state that the Beatles were not great musicians however, it’s not the perfection of playing the instrument that makes a great song (can be a factor) but it is the way a song is structured and the thought behind the sound of the guitar riffs (i.e. Day Tripper, Paperback Writer, etc…) and the lyrics (these of course all sucked in your opinion).

    I don’t argue that they weren’t great musicians or lyricists either. Day Tripper would have been easy to write, it was already written by Bo Diddley:


  376. MarkJ


    Your intro to the reply was appreciated. To be honest, you surprized me with your down-to-earthness. Maybe I have misjudged you to an extent and if that’s the case, I do apologize.
    With this said, I still have to point to what I believe to be desperate digs at trying to degrade the contribution made by the Beatles to rock music. I see some of what you point out about the band, to be a spin taken to the most negative direction that you can muster. Let me add however, that it does appear that you sincerely believe these things you point out, to cast negatives on them. I simply don’t see it that way. For example, to supposed rip-off of Chuck Berry’s song by the Beatles, to make their own song “Come Together”, does indeed have similarities but… the these end largely, after the first few seconds of each. Did the Beatles record songs that were highly influenced by other greats of rock and did they literally borrow from them to some degree. Yes, of course they did and so did everyone else. The Beatles spoke of Chuck and his influence on them many times during their period as a group (i.e. they obtained permission to re-record “Roll Over Beethovan”, in 1963) and Lennon and Berry made appearances together, including on the Dick Cavett show. The Beatles had a largely different style from Berry but at times emulated his style as kind of an homage to him.
    In regard to the “heavy metal” issue, Steppenwolf, like many other groups of the time, recorded hard rock numbers (also: “Magic Carpet Ride) but heavy metal is not a music of certain volume but one that has a certain feel to it. It has a darkness and for lack of better term, a “raunchiness” to it. I honestly believe Helter Skelter meets that definition far more than the Steppenwolf or the Kink’s song. I also gave the example of “Happiness is a Warm Gun” but the song as a whole is not an early remant of heavy metal but rather the guitar solo it contains has that type of feel to it. I believe their song “Yer Blues” would as well.
    No, McCartney being the richest music artist (vastly more wealthy than Justin Bieber), does not in itself make him a terrific artist. It does help to demonstrate that he had the intelligence to make the business work for him and without great music to his credit, he would have fizzled a long time ago.
    In regard to the claim that the Beatles used studio musicians a great deal, this is absolutely not true (are you confusing them with the Monkees?). They used studio musicians to the extent of orchestration but the same basic instrumentation that most other rock groups use, was them playing (i.e. guitars,drums, bass). George Martin played the harpsicord solo on “In My Life” and Billy Preston played organ/keyboard on some of the Beatle songs in ’68 and ’69 but this is a common thing in music production. In regard to Eric Clapton playing the lead guitar on “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”, it was still George Harrison who invited this best friend of his to do so. It was not due to George having a lack in guitar (this would be a spin as mentioned earlier). Clapton in fact stated in interviews that Harrison was the best slide-guitarist he has ever heard and so in one sense, Clapton was emulating what Harrison wanted for the song.

    Rolling Stone Magazine lists Harrison as number “21” in the list of the 100 greatest guitarists and this is what they say about him:

    “As the Beatles’ lead guitarist, George Harrison never played an unnecessary note. In his solos and fills, he prized clarity and concision above all things. But every note made history, from the Cavern Club R&B frenzy of his breaks in “I Saw Her Standing There” to the hallucinogenic splendor of his contributions to Revolver and the matured elegance of his work on Abbey Road. John Lennon and Paul McCartney dominated the Beatles’ revolutionary course through 1960s pop, but Harrison defined the musical character of those innovations in his explorations of studio technology, tonal color and Indian scales. At the same time, he never strayed from the terse, earthy qualities of his first love, 1950s rockabilly, and his biggest idol, Sun Records star Carl Perkins.”

    Sorry so lengthy again but I promise to end my posting here. I do thank you for indulging me — I mean that sincerely.

  377. DogShit

    Wow, that’s a lot of typing for a beatles fan. And actually kind of lucid and coherent, MarkJ. You cannot be a beatles fan, you are just out of a job from the economy, and bored…..right? That’s what I thought.

  378. ZJD

    A friend who has posted here was showing me this webpage and I wanted to add my two cents which you’ll probably claim is about the worth of it. I’m a lifetime guitarist and have been a member of bands going back to the middle 1970s and I have marketed musical intruments mostly guitars. The supposed simplicity talked about in beatles songs is there in some of them but most of theirs have a lot more complication to them than might be spotted by those who have less understanding about cord changes and lead playing. Even a lot of their earliest songs have more cord changes than the average songs of most other groups during their time and now. Theres been lots of discussion about helter skelter and I can tell you that if distortion and feedback is what makes it metal it passes that test easily. There are lots of unusual sounds in the song and these are not synths but are guitars and the range of sounds they made is amazing and reminiscent of the type stuff Jimmi Hendrix was doing. If you search youtube using ‘beatles instrumental’ you can hear the instrument tracks of their songs minus the singing. Or do a search for ‘beatles helter skelter instrumental’ to hear the backing for that song particularly. All of the beatle instrumentals available there are amazing to listen to.

  379. Rollin'

    The Beatles influence was due to their popularity and not solely based on innovation.

    A staement from John Lennon circa 1969.

    “I asked John Lennon what his secret was. He said, ‘The Beatles were based on one idea – to improve our record collection. We would take our favourite records and then we would make better versions of them. We stopped being a group when we stopped trying to improve on the records that we liked.’

  380. C.C.t.

    The song“Answer me”, especially the version by Nat King Cole, also the Ray Peterson version adds a little more to the production.

    The Beatles made a nice version of it except they titled it “Yesterday”

  381. DogShit

    OK ZJD, I’ll give you some credit from your lucid and coherent paragraph and seemingly beliveable professional talent and experience in musical abilities. But why, why, if they were talented, did they play out of tune, sing out of tune, and basically write cheesy shit that Barney wouldn’t even sing to kids? Especially since most of their lyrics in the latter years the lyrics were of decadence and drug usage.

  382. C.C.t.

    Mad Mike and the Maniacs “The Hunch” , I guess they didn’t need The Beatles to know how to play Garage Rock in the early sixties.

  383. Das Post author

    There is a reason you don’t hear much about session musicians on beatle recordings. Here’s a prime example:

    Bernard Purdie, session drummer extraordinaire, was asked during a Q & A session at the end of a drum clinic he was giving if it was true he had secretly played on an early Beatles track. Bernard replied ‘actually I think I played on 26 in total.’

    Oddly enough the next month’s drum magazines were overwhelmed with outrage regarding Bernard’s claim, and he was instantly dropped by his sponsor Yamaha.

    You can find more information about this in Max Weinberg’s book ‘The big beat.’

  384. kgs13

    I believe good music is good music, whether its pop, rock, hip-hop, etc. And good songs are good songs! And The Beatles definately had some great songs, like “Let It Be”, “Hello Goodbye”, “Dont Let Me Down” & so so many more! There were a few songs that don’t really make a lot of sense like, “I Am The Walrus” and “Come Together”, but I love those songs & they are great! Everyone has their own opinions, but The Beatles definately had a huge impact on music and they were a great band!

  385. doug k

    Jealous dooshbags who can’t sing, write music or play anything LOVE TO BASH THE BEATLES! All you haters should get azzz cancer!

  386. JF_Hall

    Look guys, you’ve been lambasted and attacked for your stance against the Beatles and I’m not here to do that again but I would like to point out some things.
    First, and respectfully, you guys have no understanding about the evolution of of rock music. Don’t take offense to that but you are “laypersons” and don’t have any professional music backgound,unless you do but haven’t revealed this on your site so far.
    The Beatles were, without doubt, a huge influence on the direction of rock music. They absolutely were not just one of the many garage bands that made a few big hits but the Beatles were a notable rock group who were largely responsible for the evolution of rock music as we have it today.
    I’ve read your messages about comparisons of songs like Yesterday, to that of songs by Nat King Cole and others that preceded the Beatles and you are making a huge stretch in trying to show that they copied these other songs. Yes, they followed the obvious changes in pop and rock of that time, just like today’s artists follow the changes of their forerunners but the songs you try to make comparison to are not copies or ripoffs but are original and a progression of those styles, from that time to today.
    In short, you are individuals who for some reason have decided to attack one of, if not the most important influential rock group in music history and you are using very inaccurate information in trying to do so.
    To put it simply, if the Beatles were the ripoff group you claim they are, this would have been obvious a long time ago but instead, the most important critiques of pop and rock, have always listed them as one of, if not the most important rock group in history.
    WHO ARE YOU as laypersons; meaning non professional music critiques, to say the Beatles “suck”. Why would you go against the mainsteam opinion that says they are the most influential rock group in history? Are you purposefully going against the grain because you think it will gain you some traffic to your webpages that make no sense whatsoever??
    I would like to hear your response as to why you think you can degrade the Beatles as the non professional music critiques you are. Please ty to avoid saying it’s because you “listened to their songs”, etc… and try instead, to give some meat to your argument. So far, you have never done this although I know you think have.
    Instead of the Beatles suck, I think in reality, your website sucks and on top of that, it makes no sense at all that you goes against the populace and the opinion of the majority of professionally recognized music artists who still recognize the Beatles as one of rock music’s number one innovators.
    It’s tantamount to saying that football is not popular in the US!
    I mean really, are you okay? Maybe you should seek some kind of counsiling to find out why you would claim something sucks, that is so highly favored by the general populace, including professional music artists? Maybe you need professional help; have you thought about that?
    I know you’ll likely say that I’m the one who needs professional help but keep in mind that I agree with the general populace while you do not. I think it’s obvious that you’re the one in need of professional help but it’s pretty typical for those in your position to deny the obvious.

  387. C.C.t.

    In one of the liner notes to an Everly Brothers albums they state that when they toured England in the early 1960’s they were asked if they had heard of the Beatles. They replied no and then they were told well you sure sound a lot like them.

    The Everly Brothers and Bo Diddley toured England a few times in the early sixties. If you listen to the Everly Borthers you will hear The Beatles and if you listent to Bo Diddley you will The Rolling Stones.
    Which I believe The Rolling Stones were on the same bill as Bo Diddley.

    The Everly Brothers’ “Cathy’s Clown” was one of the songs that set the tone for the Beatles early music.

    I didn’t type this out of any dislike towards The Beatles, it’s more about knowing a little bit of the evolution of rock music and appreciating music beyond The Beatles.

  388. C.C.t.

    Jimmie Webster release an album in 1958 (if I remember correctly) that use the guitar tapping technique, I’m sure he was not the first to ever tap on a guitar but he did record before the popularity of The Beatles.

    If The Beatles are the starting point for all rock music and tapping can only be attributed to The Beatles,
    where does Jimmie Webster land in the evolution of rock music today?

  389. DogShit

    @JFHALL…..You said it in a nutshell of why we are here on this website without realizing it yourself.

    “>I know you’ll likely say that I’m the one who needs professional help but keep in mind that I agree with the general populace while you do not.<"

    People are sheep and will follow and be hearded everywhere, and clearly, you are in the rear of the pack.

  390. R


  391. JF_Hall

    DogShit (your name does fit you well), you answer seemingly for Das more than he answers for himself (I think you are him). If you ask me, he’s already burnt out with these pages he created. I think he got in far deeper with opposition than he thought he would.
    You used one of the many tricks people with message boards resort to that want debate but then when they really have no reply to offer when put on the spot they’ll “tout their individuality” and claim everyone else is just “following the herd mentality”. In reality the individuality you claim you have, is exactly what I said it was in my earlier post… a strange complex you’ve developed in wanting to go against the obvious.
    I’ll use an example (maybe not the best but good enough) to make my point.
    As you know, hamburgers are one of the most highly consumed foods in America (some sources say 200-billion are consumed each year). Someone of your type persuasion (who likes to bebate against the obvious for whatever warped reasons) might debate against hamburgers saying that in reality, most people really don’t like them, they’re just influenced by the populace to eat them.
    DogShit’s answer to me saying I’m at the back of the herd” (oh the pain I felt from that “witty” remark) among people who like the Beatles music, likely said to himself after posting that: “heehee, see how I silenced by opposer with just a sentence or two…wow I’m good!” In reality people don’t come back to respond to your cut-down remarks because it clicks in their minds that you are either purposefully going against something very popular for attention or you are in the tiny minority who really do hate the Beatles but most of whom would never make webpages to express it (very neurotic and weird). Of course you might say “then why are you here commenting…you must have a problem too.” No, I can say with complete honesty that I do not enter into debates over any subject; I just let people have their own likes and dislikes and go about my own business. These posts are unusual for me but the absolute strangness I saw in someone literally making webpages for this type purpose, is what drew me in to comment. Maybe that’s what you’re shooting for heh? If my posts helped at all to fulfill the urge you have to debate something popular or whatever the neurotic complex is that you’re trying to soothe, I’m glad I could help.
    BTW: Any contributions George Martin made to the music or lyrics on Beatle songs was always credited to him. He was/is a shrewed businessman and involved with lots of other projects besides the Beatles. Rest assured that he didn’t martyr his life and bypass and credit due to him so that the Beatles could gain popularity. If he did, that would make him as psycho-neurotic as you are.

  392. DogShit

    Lemme see if I got this straight JF. You think I may be Das, and maybe even someone else at that from your armchair paranoia, and you call me psycho-neurotic? Wow, now that is classic. Put down the bong and White Album, and walk away slowly.

  393. JF_Hall

    But you see, you have to be him and it doesn’t require even the smallest tad of paranoia to think this about you because you see….you are the one who answers first and most often. The only alternative to you being him and also being psycho-neurotic, is that you are the biggest brown-noser that has come along on a message board in the history of the web. If you are not in fact Das, this actually WOULD NOT make you a split-personality or schizophrenic but a hide-behind type personality (you do know that there’s a difference between being “neurotic/psychoneurotic” and “psychotic” don’t you?).
    With neuroses, comes those obsessions like you have here, in attacking the four real-life men who made up the Beatles (two being dead) and severe jealousies can be a part of that as well. You happen to have both. You might also look back at all the previous posts and notice that other people believe you two guys to be the same person. You’ll try to say it’s because they’re all Beatles fans and that we’re all crazy but that would just demonstrate once again that these type answers are all you can resort to because these websites against the Beatles make no sense whatsoever to start with.
    Get some professional help DogShit/Das and maybe you’ll start accomplishing something positive on the web. You might even eventually become a spokesperson as a former Beatle-hater, to help the very few others within the populace who have this bizarre neurotic hate obsession!

  394. Das Post author

    DS: It seems to be the new fad in anti-anti-beatlites. Maybe we should both start posting as Tyler Durden.

    JF: Please resubmit your concerns in 150 words or less, don’t expect me to read novelette length diatribes when you obviously know nothing about this website, or apparently music other than the FF.

    Also realize that attempting to put the most over-saturated, over-hyped band in music history in perspective has nothing to do with jealousy or neurosis. People like you are extreme musical fundamentalists, if I don’t believe that John Lennon is the one true God you and your kind will happily push a brick wall over on my head and declare a fatwa on my family. Don’t forget to burn the books and destroy everything else that reminds you that the FF didn’t invent music.

    Finally, using the hamburger analogy to defend the McDonald’s of the music world is pretty funny.

    Yer pal,
    Dogshit Das.

  395. JF_Hall

    In submitting my last reply (pretty sure within 150 words), I actually find grounds to agree with you. I do indeed believe there is over-glorification of not only the Beatles but lots of other celebs (does that surprize you?). Yes, it is taken too-far and people are made into gods by their admirers. I am and will always be appossed to this. At the same time, I don’t believe that gives us grounds to attack those who have been enshrined by the public…I really don’t. The Beatles did contribute greatly to music but are they worthy of a type of worship? NO! (neither are sports heros or any other humans).
    In this fact, I completely agree with you.

  396. DogShit

    But you see JF, you are missing the point. Most of those other people have had talent to some great or small inkling of a level, wherest the 4 beatles combined had NONE!

  397. DogShit

    Ah, I also missed this.

    “If you are not in fact Das, this actually WOULD NOT make you a split-personality or schizophrenic but a hide-behind type personality”

    We are actually twins, and I’m the evil one, and whenever I find out DAS’s passwords, he will bow to me. MOOHAHAHAHAHA!”


    “You might even eventually become a spokesperson as a former Beatle-hater, to help the very few others within the populace who have this bizarre neurotic hate obsession!”

    The Chinese would have to scrub me down with lime and a steel scouring pad, then stick hot bamboo underneath my fingernails while giving me the drip torture test, and I would still not give in! MOOOHAHAHAHA!

    Hey DAS, on another note, how do you font shit on here, and how did you draw a line through your name? Or should I ask myself? Really, how?

  398. DogShit

    I also just had to Google Tyler Durden. I just pulled myself off the fucking floor! Thank you. My day started out shitty.

  399. E. Cobain

    Dude you’re so fucking stupid. I mean seriuosly, get a life & stop writting about how much the Beatles suck. Everyone listens to different music, & if you don’t like them then just don’t listen to them. Don’t be a bitch about it. & those weren’t even good reasons & most didn’t have to do with their music. & you know what, THE BEATLES ARE & WILL ALWAYS BE THE BEST DAMN BAND EVER!

  400. John smith

    You guys are all a bunch of pricks the Beatles work harder than all you little pieces of shit and can actually make greater music than anyone in this century. Music died when hip hop came and the Beatles were labeled as pop you assholes but they are Rock all the way no matter what you say. If I ever run into you douchebags I will kick your asses so hard you will never exist. Good bye mother fuckers with no taste in real music. See you all in hell ass holes

  401. Das Post author

    JF: I knew we’d see eye to eye on something! Thanks for the condensed comment, I read it in one sitting.

    DS: You have to use html,
    (strike)(/strike) = replace the () with <>. Glad I could cheer you up. ‘I am Jack’s raging bile duct.’

    E.Cobain and John Smith: please tell me you aren’t real people.

  402. DogShit

    Well, E Cobain called us stupid and wrote “writting,” and John Smith said the beatles “make better music” which should be “made.”

    But enough of the trolling for spelling, timeline breaches, and brains; I just wish I understood and spoke “Retard” so I could tell them off in their own language!

  403. Janson

    Youre full of inaccuracies as others point out but you are not really about hating the Beatles or seeing them as a no talent group [thats a front]. I would recon you knew practically nothing about them when you started but as you saw your mistakes you kept the thing going to not look like as much of an idiot. Its likely a plan to sell ads by knocking something with huge appeal for nearly 50 years; Beatle’s music.
    You’ve compared the Beach Boys to Beatles and BOTH are great groups but the success of the latter was always much greater. Brian Wilson was quoted on several occasions regarding Sgt Pepper album that McCartney admits was inspired by Pet Sounds that he feels honored by that and that he feels their own albums never reached the level of Sgt Pepper or the Beatles in general.
    You’ve tried to show a Beatles song Come Together as being a Chuck Berry rip off but it was far less inspired by Berry that were other of their songs. Berry would not put up with rip offs of his music. THE BEACH BOYS were sued by Berry for Surfin USA and it required them to list him as composer and shift royalty payments over to him. Are you even aware of that fact or of the fact that Berry never saw reason to accuse the Beatles of ripping anything off from him? You will again answer with inaccuracy but I’ll ask it anyway.

    BTW DAS if I were you I would discourage Dogshit from posting as much. He tries to be cute but his “moohahaw” etc… after about the third time just about made me hurl. He’ll have something cute to say about that too but try to calm him down because he is ruining any chance in making your arguments appear to have substance to them.

  404. DogShit

    Sounds like a tactic from one of the few beatles fans that actually said no after the first couple of joints or peyote buttons. “Divide and conquer” like when the Turks sacked Smyrna.

    Yes Janson, I read and care about real history and real literature, not a bunch of horseshit about drugged out Berry and the drugged out beatles and Beachboys.

    CARE, is the keyword, and that is the whole purpose of our speech against defending the candy corn shit that you care about. But, YAAAWWWNNNN, you will never listen, like all the rest.

  405. Das Post author

    Dogshit is a decent fellow as long as you don’t happen to be a dirty hippy, smell like patchouli, do drugs or like the beatles. Moohahaw!

    Thanks for the comment, I’m impressed you went through the site and read a few things before slandering my good name. We here at SMB strive for accuracy, though it’s true at times we fall short of the mark. I’ll admit the beatles didn’t belong to a moustachioed cult which caused the creation of the Village People.

    You will never find an ad on this site, unless it’s a beatle diaper commmercial. Advertising is the only reason the beatles exist, and we’ll leave that to beatlemart. This is a Fact.

    This site started as a radio show in response to the two month advertising blitz sponsored by car companies selling crappy automobiles by humping Lennon’s corpse. The reason the earlier posts were shorter and goofier is because they were written and recorded as 60 second jabs. You can hear a couple on our old myspace page. Needless to say they never made it to air.

    You’ve compared the Beach Boys to Beatles and BOTH are great groups


    but the success of the latter was always much greater.


    Brian Wilson was quoted on several occasions regarding Sgt Pepper album that McCartney admits was inspired by Pet Sounds

    Why is Brian Wilson forced to admit what McCartney is inspired by? Where do you get this crap?

    he feels honored by that and that he feels their own albums never reached the level of Sgt Pepper or the Beatles in general.

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I don’t know what level he’s referring to, but I feel that having a mental breakdown and withdrawing from the public during the peak of his creativity might have had a negative result on his opinion of his own accomplishments.

    You’ve tried to show a Beatles song Come Together as being a Chuck Berry rip off but it was far less inspired by Berry that were other of their songs.

    I guess their other songs ripped him off more, your right.

    Berry would not put up with rip offs of his music. THE BEACH BOYS were sued by Berry for Surfin USA and it required them to list him as composer and shift royalty payments over to him. Are you even aware of that fact or of the fact that Berry never saw reason to accuse the Beatles of ripping anything off from him?

    The Beach Boys blatantly ripped off Berry when he was at the apex of his career, and they were sued accordingly. The reason Berry didn’t sue the beatles was because at this point in his career, like the early beatles, he didn’t own his own songs. Morris Levy owned most of Berry’s catalog by this point and he successfully sued Lennon. Fact.

    Yer pal,

  406. Janson

    DAS are you in fact also Dogshit? This ocurred to me from comments you gave back to me. I look through other previous ones and people have asked you the same thing. I think you are him and you contrive answers like the one you gave me using double talk; none of which makes sense. I realize now I should’nt have humored you but not being careful I didn’t read enough back posts and now realize you’re mostly likely between the ages of 12 and 18; probably closer to 12. That’s not a cut down remark at all I really believe that. The site host should ask you to prove your age because it’s probably illegal for a child of your age to be running a website.
    You are the first supposed male I’ve ever seem post “moohawhaw” repeatedly, so I wonder if you are in fact actually female or something similar.
    Example of your double talk; you also compare a Nat King Cole song to Beatles yesterday and the ONLY SIMILARITIES is that they are both slow ballads; thats where they end in comparison.
    VH1 and other music media has placed Beatles #1 for years running. They have interviews accompanying the results by metal players, hip hop and rap artists, other rock groups like the Eagles and the list goes on; who all call Beatles the greatest and most influential rock group of all time. Your child mind of likely 12 years tells you that we are to suppose to believe some gender confused boy over all these music authorities. All I can say is that you’re not only a little kid but a funny one at that. Your alter ego Dogshit fits you best and you shold go by that name all the time.

  407. Das Post author

    I don’t suppose it occurred to you that I quoted ‘Moohahaw” directly from your comment, or that I avoided double talk by addressing your points and backing up my responses with actual facts which you have avoided acknowledging.

    Perhaps it would be wise for you to continue getting your knowledge of the world from VH1. If resorting to calling me a 12 year old girl is your way of dealing with the harsh realities of life I completely understand, but please find a forum where your talents will be appreciated.

    Yer pal Das, age 12.

  408. C.C.t.

    Michael Sigman the son of Carl Sigman, writer of the English version was quoted in Billboard magazine saying there was a connection between Sigman’s “Answer Me” and The Beatles “Yesterday”.

    Didn’t Paul McCartney say he thought he had heard the melody for “Yesterday” somewhere before, maybe in a dream.

    “Answer Me” has the line “Yesterday, I believed that love was here to stay, won’t you tell me where I’ve gone astray,”

    “Yesterday” has the line “Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away, now I need a place to hide away.”

    The phrasing of these two lines and others have similarities.

  409. Janson

    Okay DAS,

    Let’s see what your whitty 12 year old mind can do with this one:

    NBC News Archive-Year 1970-An interview with Robert Plant and Jimmy Page:

    “REPORTER: “How do you feel about the Beatles?”

    JIMMMY PAGE: “I think they’re great.”

    ROBERT PLANT: “They’re an inspiration for every performing group in England and I suspect for every group in the world.”

    (From the movie titled “Led Zeppelin: On the Record” – Air date: 02/01/2012)

    You have so far placed a twist on everything regarding positive recognition of the Beatles and of course you’ll do that again with this information. Each time you do this you dig yourself deeper into that hole of looking like an utter fool. I’m pretty sure thats what youre aiming at and you definitely accomplished it for yourself. I’m just not sure why you would get off on such a thing.

  410. DogShit

    You said whitty for witty in the beginning sentence and you make a statement like this. Isn’t that like calling someone sarcastically a genious? Oh, the irony.

    And in 1970, Robert Plant couldn’t find his way to any stage door without assistance, because he was ganked on drugs like a lot of other musicians. Now he’s feeble and old, takes prescription drugs, and requires assistance finding the door to the backyard by his personal home health care nurse.

  411. Das Post author

    Wow, your pulling out the big guns now Janson. You win, the beatles rule!

    But seriously, I’ve never heard the name Janson. Swedish?

  412. Janson

    DAS, Im no more Swedish than you are Dogshit (the username that is). Actually my ancestry is French and Irish but Im American first. As per the comment by your faithful puppydog follower who I believe to be closer to you than a brother; lots of musicians from all types of styles were and are abusers of drugs and-or alcohol including some of the writers of great classicals. The same goes for famous authors of classic books. I can enjoy the product of someones profession without appreciating their lifestyles. I like several pro football and baseball teams but that doesnt mean I like what they do off the field in their personal lives even if indirectly crosses over into their professions. You use every bad point you can dig up about people you arent a fan of like drawing a sword to cut them down with. Do you not have faults and sins of your own?

    I leave it up to you to answer that last question and Ill let it stand as it is.

  413. Das Post author

    Interesting, it’s an uncommon name though to be sure.
    Speaking of authors, the name reminds me of the Norwegian writer Hamsun which is why I guessed Swedish.

  414. jezzer

    OK, first off, yer, you may be sick of the Beatles, sometimes i get embarrassed for liking them, but then you listen to their music, and you realize just why they were famous. yes, they took other people’s music in some cases. that’s nearly impossible not to do that, they just made it open for the whole planet, not an easy task in the 60’s.
    i listen to tons of music, i do music in school. and no matter how whacked out i get with my music, no matter how far away from culture i fall, i can always get a ride back in a yellow submarine, meet the sad and lonely Elanor rigby and listen to the band which has been named the number 1 band in the world by millions of people. enjoy rebacca black owner and haters

  415. DogShit

    I don’t listen, I just hear their music from time to time everywhere I frequent, and it makes me want to vomit. It has periodically ruined outings, dinner in a nice restaraunt courtesy of uncontrollable satellite feeds, and even a few ruined buzzes from cocktails at the bar.

    And people don’t name number one bands. They start cults from mass drug use that has depleted their gray matter, and the corporations watch closely what they fall for, and name the number one’s of everything they think may sell the most. And when I say sell, I mean over and over and over, only remixed, watered down, revamped, salted, roasted, toasted, and with a different name and cover everytime to make it seem a little different and newly released.

    That my friend, is the NUMBER 1 lesson in marketing. Especially to ganked out hippies on THC and Mescaline.

  416. jezzer

    ok, so your going to ignore what people (beside your tiny group) say and think that the people who are named the best band to have made music suck? thats fine. with a band as big as that, there has to be a few haters. i can tell you dont play music by the way, and if you do, whats wrong with you justin bieber kisser

  417. DogShit

    As usual, all hype and no statistics to back up your claims. And as usual, I, and we, are faggots!

  418. Kylie Shea

    alright well you h ave 100 reasons why the beatles suck and i was actually taking the time to read them and at least half of them didnt even make sense or barely made sense. and lets see there are now over 500 reasons here why they dont.
    apparently whoever made this is a headbanger which obviously shows their inability to listen and respect other music than heavy metal or w/e the hell youre headbanging to.

    alsooooo, how can you hate the beatles when all their doing is promoting positivity, love, and good vibes. if you’re against them then your against anything happy or positive. i feel bad for whoever you are.

    p.s you have no life if you spent tryint to make up pathetic reasons that dont makes sense for why the beatles suck when they dont.

  419. Das Post author

    I think it’s funny you took the time to read half of this list and started insulting us, without taking the time to read that we didn’t write it.

    Anyway, I’ll settle for 10 reasons.

  420. M.

    This site is lovely. So much butthurt from Beatles fans. I like most classic rock, and I even like some newer music, but the Beatles are highly overrated. They created bland music “Yesterday” makes me murderous. It’s funny how people always think they need to convert you to their way of thinking. Beatles fans do it to non Beatles fans, parents do it to the childfree, religious people do it do atheists…

    It’s cute how these ardent, “inspired” fans resort to coarse insults coated in racism, homophobia, and smugness in the same sentence as “Give peace a chance” or “all you need is love.” They overdosed on the Kool Aid.

  421. M.

    The last person who lambasted me for my strong dislike toward the Beatles also thinks that the phrase “haters gonna hate” is the peak of all philosophy. I wish I were joking.

  422. Das Post author

    Thanks M, glad you found a safe haven. The beatle extremists have no respect for life, liberty or decent music. If they can’t get you to agree with their subjective and biased opinions on music, they will push a wall over on your head. In all honesty, it’s better than having to listen to the long and winding road.

  423. DogShit

    Sounds like liberal politics Tyler, I mean Das, and they both run hand in hand. But I am not going to go there since I know you hate it and it doesn’t belong here.

    I wished you would also teach me hypertext. Send me a list with instructions or a good link. I can do a lot of things, but I’m a retard when it comes to that.

  424. DogShit

    Ah, I won’t use it that much. But I looked at the site and it’s like chemistry to me.

  425. Tertius Fourie

    I am SO GLAD that there are actually people out there who KNOW that the Beatles suck. I am so tired of the popular trends out there that are worshipping these fuck-faces.

    John Lennon was a wannabe-buddha. Paul McCartney is the biggest cunt of them all!!

  426. Christina

    you guys are immature. The Beatles were freaking amazing, John wasnt a wanna be Buddha and Paul was not a cunt!
    Learn to state your opinions with RESPECT AND STOP HATING ON THEM. without them, todays music would suck more ass than it does now. Learn how to spell by the way. -_-
    And many of their songs had a beautiful meaning!!! Give them a chance, immature ass faces….

  427. DogShit

    First off Christina, the music today sucks ass because you openly admit that the beatles influenced it and artists.

    And secondly, you call us immature, then immature ass faces.

    Pardoxical two faced ironic double, and possible triple entendres in your entire rant with a pun thrown in.

    I think you just wrote a fucking beatles fan masterpiece! Hey Das, frame this and throw her an award!

  428. Josh

    The Beatles are the greatest, not because of Come Together or Hey Jude or anything else, they were geniuses in their field, without them music would be shitty. Elvis was an overrated fat ass who never grew as an artist, unlike the Beatles.

  429. DogShit

    OK Josh, Christina said music today sucks ass but would have been worse without the beatles, and you say music today is not shitty because of the beatles! You beatles fans need to get on the same boat.

    And as far as your quote to being geniuses and making music good today, has no facts to back it up as usual with a beatles fan. Barney the dinosaur could write music at about the same level.

    TbFC-Typical beatles fan comments!

  430. Steven Tyler

    The Beatles suck? Wow!

    The Beatles were the best band in history and NO ONE has ever topped them. Comparing them with Elvis? Are you all idiots? Lennon looked up to Elvis (not sure why, he didn’t even write anything). Elvis repaid him by trying to get him thrown out of the country!

    Compare them to the Stones?

    The Stones never would have existed without the Beatles who wrote their first 3 hits for them. You people are morons. Go listen to michael jackson, that’s more your speed!

  431. DogShit

    Um, Michael Jackson topped them in hits and record sales by far, even though he sucked also. And at least he was talented in a way, moron. The Stones also kind of sucked, maybe that’s why if you speak the truth, and even Elvis outsold them in albums, moron.

    Where do they come from Das?

  432. Das Post author

    Try not to be too hard on them DS. It’s sad really, they’ve been forced from an early age to accept that The beatles made good music. Growing up brainwashed, without the opportunity to decide what’s good and what’s awful, without the freedom to create an informed opinion, to be open to listening or appreciating any other music or point of view… Then again, maybe it’s just a big bunch of morons.

  433. MoneyForDrugs

    Comparing Beatles and the Stones is like comparing cats and dogs…You cant compare pure rock and a band that tried out every music genre>.>
    Im a huge fan of the Beatles and yes, first music I have ever been introduced were the Beatles and Im proud to say that Im their fan.

    I dont really find Elvis better then the Beatles, simply because I find their songs more fulfilling for my mind…

    Also, I dont really understand how the Beatles made todays music better, all I see is transvestite Lady Gaga and gay Justine Beiber…Its just one glitch in the history:)

    I dont see any reasons above that prove why the Beatles had bad music or were bad…Can you prove anything against them?

  434. Das Post author

    Duh, if ya ain’t convinced by a joke clipped outta Classic Rock magazine I guess you is a reel fan.

  435. Charlie D.

    Anybody hear that the Beatle Museum in Germany will close at the of month due to lack of visitors to the museum.

    It’s location is very close to the clubs they played early in their careers.

  436. Das Post author

    I imagine they put it in the red light district to get some trickle down traffic.

    Seriously though, who would pay to see thousands of beatle nick-knacks when you can see the same quantity of low quality crap in your local gas station or coffee shop?

  437. Kailey

    Why on Earth do people bitch about music and culture in general?Everyone has their own tastes and if you happen to think that the Beatles are not the greatest or even good at all,there is no reason to beat the shit out of it.Name a person or group in music or anything else.I may love them or hate them,but why bitch about.Keep it to yourself,people.No one,I mean no one wants to hear that shit.

  438. DogShit

    Here is why Kailey. And I going to put it to you in ways DAS hates, but he is my liver, and he can kiss my Tyler Durdens kidney.

    People don’t care about religion like Christianity, Judaism, and even Muslimism, as long is it is not imposed on them in the general public venues every single fucking day. Same as homosexuality. But, these days everywhere you go you see it and hear it, and you can do nothing about it. OK, but people are sheep and eventually and complacently give into it being the mainstream, the norm, and then the new wave craze. But, if you do not bow to it, and simply say you don’t care for it, then you are now the craziest abnormal amoeba to ever swim in the dirty pond we all live in.

    Make sense? We are only questioning what people should question, to the executive office of America, that a plethora of people think is so great, especially when Michelle Obama spends ten million in three years of the taxpayers money for vacations. But it all falls on deaf ears, and never changes, until there is an actual revolution, Yeh, You know!

    Our biggest problem is, it was a craze of the era, but it won’t go away, and they beat it like a dead fucking horse who’s bones are now bleaching in the hot desert sands. And just like you said, nobody wants to hear that shit, especially us, anymore.

  439. NoobyTuberson

    Music changes with every generation. In the late 60’s early 70’s The Beatles where a fan favorite. The sound was amazing to a lot of people. They did a lot of things no one else did lyrically. Today the sounds and the way music is produced has changed the generations a lot and the way they hear things. It takes a open mind to really enjoy The Beatles if you are starting to listen to them for the first time when you turn 20 or older. For those that truly loves music will appreciate it.

  440. DogShit

    I think you said it best NoobyTuberson. But, they did suck, and at one time I kind of lightly enjoyed them here and there. Our point is, is they won’t go away and are played at any given time of the day ten thousand times everywhere, and they hype them as being the best ever and influenced everyone else.

    Look at it this way. I used to get drunk a lot and hit Krystal burger joints every night. They were shitty little greasy burgers that hit the spot and tasted kind of good. But after a couple of months, even today twenty years ago, I can barely stand them.

    The media and public venues try to shove those beatles burgers down your throat every day.

  441. Evan

    Whoever made this site is plain dumb. If you knew anything about music you would know that the Beatles are one of the most inspirational bands. I bet you like crap music like Justin Bieber and Hannah Montana. Enjoy your Disney channel music while I listen to music that is actually not auto-tuned and was made for a reason other than money and fame

  442. DogShit

    HAHAHAHAAHAHAHA! Evan said the beatles are not auto tuned! HAHAHAHAHA….He or she doesn’t sound brainwashed! HAHAHAHAHAHA…………..He or she said they did it, the beatles that is, for reasons than for money or fame! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA……….Cough……….Sniff.

    Thank you Evan, whatever gender you may be, and even though I get tiresome of idiosy, at the righ moments in time it cracks me up.

  443. Melissa

    I agree with Kailey. Its just music with a message. If you don’t like the message then don’t listen to it. I love them. My mom who grew up in the 70’s and 80’s doesn’t really like them because she did have them shoved down her throat but she’s just sick of them. She doesn’t hate them. My friends could care less.

  444. Stella

    What the fuck is wrong with you people with out the Beatles their be no beach boys lmfao black eyed peas green day lady gaga and no one direction so if you hate the Beatles than you hate music in all best band lists the Beatles are number one every one who hates the Beatles should go fuck themselves Paul McCartney makes more money in a day than all you do in a life time and he has the balls to give it to charity if you hate the Beatles than SHUT THE FUCK UP BITCH

  445. DogShit

    Yes Stella, and there would be no light bulbs or air conditioning.

    And I find it amazing how you relate the black eyed peas and lady gaga to the beatles style. Ps. They suck also.

  446. Ziggy

    After recently having a conversation where the Beatles were put on a pedestal with Bach and Beethoven and Chopin, I had to do a google and see who hates the Beatles besides me. I guess I don’t really hate them, I have listened to all their albums and have even owned a few, but they simply were not that good then, and they’re still not that good now. I just don’t get the infatuation with the Beatles after all these years. Similarly with the Rolling Stones (seen them live a few times), Beach Boys (same), etc. I guess that’s why I’ve always prided myself in not being a sheep. What do I like? Lots. I know it when I hear it and feel it.

  447. RagooLoveBeatles

    Whata f***k wrong with you guys? When I first time saw that someone hate beatles, i just said “WHAAAAAAAAT???!!!” Then i read all comments and decided to write myself. SOOO, what wrong the beatles did to you?- i guess nothing. what gaga, bieber, other shit did to you?-sneer at music. NEXT,last weak i was chating with people who live in new zeeland and australia. we started talking about music. when i said i like linkin park, coldplay and red hot chilli peppers, they said that they don’t know what i am talking about.. when i said that i’m also love the beatles, they say- oh! we love them too.. conclusion? about the beatles know all the world, so they did SOMETHING who touched all ao people hearts. p.s. sorry for english. i’m from lithuania. PEACE FOR WORLD :))

  448. DogShit

    Obviously Ragoo, you are also watching re-runs of “The Andy Griffith Show” and “The Waltons” and think they are very recent shows. I also bet that in ten years from now, that you will be shocked to learn that Andy Griffith died ten years ago, almost to this day of your post.

    Slaves, you are all slaves.

  449. RagooLoveBeatles

    No, i’m not watching this o.0 Ok, we slaves, but we know what is REAL music and real sincerity 🙂

  450. DogShit

    Real music = just about anything other than the crappy beatles. May as well be listening to carnival music.

  451. RagooLoveBeatles

    Oh really? :O i didn’t say that only beatles can do real music. But they can do it really good.

  452. James Clay Garrison

    There is not now, nor has there ever been, nor will there ever be a more musically, lyrically and harmonically prolific band or musical group of any kind than The Beatles. End of story. Anyone who disagrees with that statement is musically challenged.

  453. James Clay Garrison

    DogShit has adeptly and accurately named himself. Never were more ignorant comments made regarding music in general. The Beatles are safe in his laughable attack.

  454. Reason

    “There is not now, nor has there ever been, nor will there ever be a more musically, lyrically and harmonically prolific band or musical group of any kind than The Beatles. End of story. Anyone who disagrees with that statement is musically challenged.”

    Because someone has a different opinion about music they are musically challenged?

    Why are people not allowed to like any other musical artist more that the Beatles?

  455. DogShit

    Maybe when you are high as hell on that weed you smoke. Listen to them, especially the harmony stone cold sober sometime.

    But, you cannot lay the bong down for more than 5 minutes.

  456. Allie

    Most of that list is purely opinion-based, the “reasons why they suck” are frequently repeated (which is most likely due to the obvious lack of them), and it should ultimately leave the reader unswayed. The only people who could find this entertaining are the ones who are completely ignorant regarding the history of music, for The Beatles played a huge, momentous part in it. If that is something you cannot accept or begin to realize, that is your own fault– nothing to blame The Beatles for.

  457. Joe

    you know what i find funny about beatles fans is that deny anyhting thats better than it even when its true i dont like the beatles because its so old my grandparents listen to it and hardly like it. yeah they made fame in music history, but lets face it music is getting better and better now a days and pretty soon well just look at the beatles as some british dudes who made music.plus another reason why i dont like the beatles is becuase they never alternated thier music they just stuck with the same thing over and over again. thats mainly why i like linkin park because thier music changes every album as compared to the same voacls and acoustics the beatles play every song. if you ask me who is going to be more known in the future its linkin park because they are making musical history right now. and im going to expect the usual “oh they wouldnt exist if it werent for the beatles no they would be better actually.so stfu beatles fans and deal whats going on right now.

  458. DogShit

    Allie thinks she is a psychologist, when she wasted her four years of college on a psychology degree, listening to the beatles, and is up most nights on sites like this because she can’t find a job that’s more than waiting tables or McDonalds. Poor Allie.

  459. Baron Bricks

    The Beatles were nothing more than a product of hype, the type of hype teenage girls are susceptible to. They were a group of mopheaded mummies boys who wrote twee, plinky plonky music for little girls. It’s a shame they weren’t walking in line, like in the abbey road photo, when lennon was shot. Might have got them all in one go.

  460. James

    THIS WEBSITE IS AN ABSOLUTE DISGRACE!!!! This website was obviously started by some narrow minded little twat who just does not appreciate good music. im not saying all people have to worship them, but come on…for fuck sake.. you have got to admit they were a great band, full of talent, and with alot of great songs and albums that changed the music world forever!! most of the band today have been massively influenced by the beatles, and play tribute of how much of an influence on them they really were. Also i bet that the person who created this website has not heard even 99% of the beatles music…sure the person has probably heard a few songs such as “let it be”, “hey Jude” “she loves you” which are great songs by the way!!! But there is so much more to there music, especially the album “sgt pepper” they just got sounds, harmony’s, lyrics that no other band at that time could even dream of doing! also i dont know whats coming to the young people of today, hearing something from a “friend” and imediately agreeing with them and spreading there “friends” opinion and claiming it to be their origional opining, WITHOUT EVEN HAVING A CLUE ABOUT THE BEATLES MUSIC! Its like, saying “that dog is a cat” “why” someone asks “becuase my friend says it was” the person replys hahahaha the some people really make me laugh!! Also everyone keeps going on about stuff like the “we are bigger than Jesus” comment, and having fit over it because it was so controversial, for fuck sake, do you think the beatles are the only band/artists that said some stuff that upset people, or took drugs, or did some controversial shit? Thought not! infact its worse than ever, bands and artists these day are just as bad if not worse. any way im gonna finish this with posting some lyrics —-

    “When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me
    Speaking words of wisdom, let it be
    And in my hour of darkness she is standing right in front of me
    Speaking words of wisdom, let it be
    Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be
    Whisper words of wisdom, let it be

    And when the broken hearted people living in the world agree
    There will be an answer, let it be
    For though they may be parted, there is still a chance that they will see
    There will be an answer, let it be
    Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be
    There will be an answer, let it be
    Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be
    Whisper words of wisdom, let it be
    Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be
    Whisper words of wisdom, let it be

    And when the night is cloudy there is still a light that shines on me
    Shine until tomorrow, let it be
    I wake up to the sound of music, Mother Mary comes to me
    Speaking words of wisdom, let it be
    Let it be, let it be, let it be, yeah, let it be
    There will be an answer, let it be
    Let it be, let it be, let it be, yeah, let it be
    Whisper words of wisdom, let it be”

  461. Uncle Meat

    The Beatles had the historical function to serve as champions of the reaction. Their smiles and their choruses hid the revolution: they concealed the restlessness of an underground movement ready to explode, for a bourgeoisie who wanted to hear nothing about it.

    They had nothing to say and that’s why they didn’t say it.

  462. Opinionated

    In glad I found this page, I made a comment at work ‘I think the Beatles are shit’ and got told I wasn’t allowed to say that!

    I said that it was my personal opinion which u am entitled to but for some reason a Beatles fan felt they had to point out everything the Beatles did for the music industry!

    I am British and proud of British music (majority of it anyway) but I personally do not like they type of music the Beatles ‘created’! Tell me how the Beatles influenced Motown and reggae!

    I think it is brilliant that we all have different tastes and opinions makes for an interesting world! But I have never liked people who think there way is the only way and I have noticed Beatles fans always feel they have to defend them and prove they were the best thing to happen to music!

    I can appreciate why some people think that – but you’ll never convert me!

    I like a wide range of music and I have a few covers of Beatles songs but I’ll never listen to macca sing!

    I just wish Beatles fans could take critisim and understand:

    Thank you

  463. Paddy

    Okay…some how i came across this realyy really opinunated website….this website is full of people stating their opinions, which is fine, BUT to come across like only your opinion matters makes me so angry, you could atleast respect peoples music tastes. Probly alot of you will have a right rage if i put up a website which states that linkin park are shit, (i dont think there anywere near the beatles standard of creativity!! Just rap metal!!) ive read a few comments on here that really make me laugh….”i hate the beatles because their old” hahahahahahaha i dont understand that statement at all….so are you telling me you hate your grandparents to because they are old??? When i pit it like thats its sound even more ridiculous lollollollll!!!!! Also there music is timeless, the amount of beatles fans there are today (including myself) shits on all of your hatred!! LOL. Another comment which made me puzzled was a comment that said “the beatles music never changed, they always stook to the same type” well obviously someone hasnt listend to the beatles, they went into loads of different music, such as indian, a much heavier side of the beatles, and some even claim they did the first drum n bass song and the first alternite rock song (tommorow never knows, and shes so heavy) so that statement whoever said it is talking out their arse and said it with nothing to back him up, here for example, compare the album “with the beatles” to “sgt pepper” if anyone says that the music is exacly the same must be tone-death. One more comment that made me laugh was that “music is getting better and better these days,so much better than the beatles”, wow…just wow, have you turned on the radio recently? It is absolutely terrible, if you ask me alot of music is becoming faker, more to do with style than talent, and is genrally getting shitter than ever. So dont know how that person worked out music is getting better these days….
    Anyway rant over, i just feel that this website is full of brainwashed little children, who need to get a good taste in music and have an opinion for themselves, not being a sgeep and saying what aload of other sheeps say.

  464. Robert

    The creator and the haters on this website are obviously very very strongly jealous of the beatles fame and fortune!! Also, John, Paul, George, and Ringo have/had more talent in one of their finger nails than any of you haters have, so stopping covering it up, your stone wall jealous.

  465. DogShit

    Where do I start? Ah, James, Just another long ass painful read with no statistics. Oh, and thanks for the lyrics, I don’t ever think I’ve heard that song before. But I’m sure it’s been played on the airwaves 200 million trillion times. Uncle meat, I have no clue whatsoever WTF you just said, but it was neither positive nor negative I’m guessing. Opinionated, well said! Paddy, I stopped around the first paragraph, then just kind of bounced around your drivel for a minute and then moved on. Go back to the pub, or maybe you should just go home and get some sleep. And lastly Robert, That’s the most compelling and common argument in it’s blatant simplisticasy (is this a word?) with the least amount, wait, no statistics false or real whatsoever that beatles fans have in their pc’s and simply copy and paste as a response. Go hit the bong again.

    I’m bored now. 3 beatles lovers, 1 questionable, and 1 logical middle of the road. So 60% of the world is retarded, 20% may need to see a Psych, and 20% are normal? Sounds about right.

  466. James

    Erm dog shit, where the fuck are your statistics? You are just another person who thinks only his opinion matters and will not even listen to others or even give them a chance tbh! How about you get an origional position in life instead of copying loads of other idiots in the world that go down the route of being self centred, wont get you far and one day you will get the message that other people matter too and that not your opiom is the be fucking all and end all.

  467. James

    Oh and also, normal? Who the fuck is normal, know one what so ever, we all have are faults and failings, so if you think your in your imaginary statistic of “20%” normal, then your talking bull crap. Also im arguing my opinion just like you are, you cant fucking deny me that, who the fuck are you???

  468. Me

    “Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us, and the world will be as one.” – John Lennon

    Why you all so full of hate?

  469. Not Important

    You guys should all go to hell. I respect your opinions on music, but really you should not start a website to try to convert people to not liking the Beatles like a fucking Jehovah witness. REALY. Do you know how many die hard Beatles fans go crazy and maybe even be violent from shit like this? I hope all of you bastards go fuck yourselves along with the One Direction and Justin Beiber shit you listen to know.

  470. DogShit

    Um, here we go again, the pitchers pitch, and he swings. @ James, you are right. I made a major error. When I said 20% normal, I actually meant 20% logical, or standing upright bipedal human. I applaud you, maybe you are the first of your generation to be doing this. But you are FAR from perfect. Check your last three posts, a ten year old knows how to use spell check. Granted, an occasional one is accepted, and in cases like yours of the first generation I guess we have to waiver it under laws of the ACLU. @Me, why are you so full of THC? @Mclenharstar, whatever that name means; I just don’t know what to really say about that, it’s vast, like the galaxy, so I will just leave it alone. And finally, @Not Important………….We should all go to hell, but you respect our opinions on music?!! Then, we really don’t have a clue how big and violent the Kiss Army……wait……..I’m sorry, beatles fan army is and how they will kill us and rape our children……..are? Peace and love and far out man….dude….man! And I don’t listen to Bieber, even though he is way more talented than the four moptops combined, he still sucks. That should tell you how much your gay four sucked. Peace out dude………..don’t forget to return my wife and 13 year old daughter after you commune with them in the make believe communist camps of America.

  471. DogShit

    Wow man, I hitchhiked all the way from NY to camp out in the Oregon forests and be one with nature. I brought all of my beatles records with me, but forgot to bring a lighter for my campfire and my Mary Jane. Anybody got any D sized batteries for my CD player man?

  472. robert

    @dogshit. You think Bieber is better than the Beatles??? wtf well that makes sence, just shows you cannot judge music and that you have got shit music taste, i fucking agree with james! you dont respect any one elses opinion at all! i also bet your the type thats racist as well, can imagine you hating on anything when really you should just not say anything. people like you will get whats coming to you down the line. Think i care that some arrogant twat dosnt like my opinjon hahahahahahahahhahahaha middle finger to you!

  473. robert

    @dog shit. did i ever say i was perfect? errrm no don’t think i did, i don’t know where you got that from,i said that WE ALL have our faults and failings,please don’t ever try make out i said something which i never did, cheers! and id rather be shit at spelling than have shit taste in music and who is also the most arrogant,selfish, ignorant, person i have ever come across. come back when you qualify from clown school, you would pass it with flying colours.

  474. Opinionated

    Wow,just wow.

    I think a lot of people here just want to be able to voice there opinions regarding the beatles and many of the fans on here have proved my point that you can’t take any critisim at all.

    Not Important: Why do you feel the need to bring religion into this? My in laws are Jehovah witness and they have never tried to push their religion onto me they know I am Christian and they respect my choice and opinions. So I would much rather be compared to a Jehovah witness than you Beatles fans who think everyone needs to like and respect their music.

    the majority of people on here just want a place to have a rant because of talking to obnoxious narrow minded Beatles fans.

    As I previously stated I understand and respect fans of all music. I can see how you beleive the Beatles influenced the music industry. All I am saying is people who do not like the Beatles should be able to discuss their opinions without the fear of having a lecture from fans.

    I often hear people criticise some of the music I like, I understand what I enjoy is not to everyone’s taste, so I listen to them and leave it alone.

    Variety is a wonderful thing, and so is freedom of speech! Fans wouldn’t be so upset and feel the need to defend the Beatles if they didn’t search/ click and read sites like ‘100 reasons why the Beatles are shit’ but some feel they have to, just to convert the way some people think.

    It’s pathetic!

    Just let the people who can’t air their opinions in public, because of the status quo, have a voice on here.
    No one is getting hurt and people are finally able to vent!

    Not everyone on HAS to like the Beatles, let us have opinions too.

  475. DogShit

    James, I’d go to clown school, but they don’t accept convicted felons. I’d rather start up a fight club in my basement!

    And if you don’t care, then why are you here? Did your Bronies convention get rained out again? And just like a liberal you throw in the race card when you get mad. Yawn! NEXT!

  476. Dogshit

    I’m 47 Steve, and I lived that era, and that’s my opinion on the beatles. And what the hell is a weem Steve?! We could have done without the link. I scanned thru it about 1 minute then closed it out.

  477. steve

    you were about 5 years old when the sixties ended. Hardly living the era, didn’t really experience much of it tbh. A weem dogshit is a wanna be emo, basically alot of you are acting like weems, getting dead upset and angry at Beatles fans and the Beatles, being so “brutal” surely there is more to life than having hatred for one band and its followers. sure you dont have to like them, but is there really a need to create a website and insulting many fans of the Beatles, calling us “retarded” and “stupid”, how is that even justified?? really don’t know what the worlds coming to! if most of you put half of your energy from all your hatred towards caring for people and being peaceful the world would would be a much better place.

  478. James

    Magical Mystery Tour is a good album
    Rubber soul is decent
    Sgt Pepper is good
    I like Revolver
    Their music is ok .

    I can’t listen to their music anymore because I’ve completely worn it out . There are groups that interest me more from that time period who created music that I find to be more important than anything The Beatles ever did .

    They happened to influence a lot of great groups ( and a ton of bullshit unfortunately) but in terms of advancements in music I don’t think it’s safe to credit any of them besides George Martin .

    This website is funny .

  479. DogShit

    Steve, you can calculate math! And I was close enough to it, the era that is, to remember it, and how sick it made me listening to my older sister blare that garbage.

  480. DogShit

    It was a fact I lived the era. And wasn’t garbage a girl band in the late 90’s? Yes, they were much better than the beatles even though they kind of sucked. Maybe they were influenced……….aww fuck it. I’m talking to an antiquated burnt out hipster. My dog listens more…..cya.

  481. DogShit

    Wow, the only point to this was winning an argument????!!!!! I was looking at it as a debate till you came out with that childish shit. Don’t get too drunk on the internet dollars you just won down in you Grannies basement bronie boy.

    Sniff, I lost an argument with a 14 year old! DAS, Please hold me now.

  482. Das Post author

    Ok Steve, you win. You may now listen to Magical Mystery Tour unhampered by worries that someplace, somebody might not share your musical tastes or agree with your list of reasons to love the beatles. It’s hard to argue with points like:

    6. The adorable faces Ringo makes when drumming
    25. Them in their tiny swim shorts 😉
    49. Paul’s femininity

    I…I think I’m becoming a beatletron….

    DS: Walk it off man, tomorrow is another day.

  483. Steve

    Really dunno who your ranting at anymore, also an argument is a debate :S and 14 lmfao im way older than that, now you instantly know peoples ages as well as hating on other peoples opinions, and also my grand dead, id appreciate it if you wouldnt use her in one of your shitty jokes, she was a great woman and youve got nothing on her!

  484. DogShit

    Debates are open minded. Arguments are one sided. You may wanna sign back up for high school and finish out English courses.

    And my point has been nailed to the wall with your last comment. Just because I mentioned you were probably living in your Grannies basement, doesn’t mean I was busting on her. That’s exactly how beatles fans think.

  485. Steve

    Well then your arguing because you only think your opinion is right and shitting all over other peoples opinions unless they bow down to dogshits almighty opinions, stop contredicting yourself. And thats not how beatles fans think, i just cant stand people joking about my family that has passed away, why dont you comment back when you have human feelings, you might understand then why people like you iritate people so much. And btw i got a B in english language and A in genral english so hahahahahaha!